Why soccer is fun to me

Why soccer is fun to me
Soccer is a fantastic game that offers so many positivities. The unity that is seen during a soccer match is unmatched and truly is a reminder of why it is called the beautiful game. The game is beautiful, and I have been blessed to have played the game for so many years. Because of this, I always want to spread my love for the game with others through my experiences.

1. Competing is the best.

Competing is the best

I love to compete in Soccer. Competing was always something I prided myself on because I wanted to be the best. Competition is good because it brings the best out of people. Being a part of a team, you want everyone to perform at a high level. If everyone is performing at a high level, it helps the team and helps players stand out to coaches and scouts. No matter what was happening, I tried my best always to compete and do my best. 

2. I loved the challenge

Challenges are something I yearned for. I enjoyed a good challenge because I knew it would bring the best out of me. Life is tough, and things aren't going to be perfect. All you can do is try your hardest to change the circumstance. The circumstance might be challenging, but a good challenge can show you want you are made of. Do you quit, or do you get pushing forward? It's up to you!

3. It’s a game of chess

Soccer is like chess in that every move matters. Strategy and exploitation can be seen in both games. In Soccer, you're trying your best to gain advantages. Advantages are challenging to obtain because the other team is doing their best to prevent you from having success. Once you wear down your opponent and think a few plays ahead, you'll find yourself gaining the advantage and ultimately winning. 

game of chess

4. Winning is fun

I love winning. The victory gives you a sense of accomplishment. There were times in my life where I still felt accomplished without winning, but winning is fun and contagious. You want to have a winning mentality because it will help you in life. Winning is important, and you have to understand that you need to put yourself in the best positions to succeed.  

5. The friendships

The game has afforded me lifetime friends. You meet people along the journey, and you find yourself grateful for every one. It allows you to reflect on the memories that were shared and that is powerful. The memories are all experiences that shape you into the person you are today, and that is an unbelieavnle feeling. Friendships made on the field that carries off the field have been a blessing, and I'm appreciative of the opportunity to play this excellent game with, and against some extraordinary individuals.

The friendships