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Hi, thank you for checking out our site!

I know, you may be wondering...

How the heck are these premium soccer products here priced so low and with a lifetime registered warranty?! There must be a catch, or they must just be crappy, cheap products...

Well, that couldn't be further from the truth! Allow me to explain... 

My name is Quincy Amarikwa and I am Owner of Perfect Soccer. But more importantly, I'm a currently an active professional soccer player in Major League Soccer for the San Jose Earthquakes.

That's me :)

I started this company my with best friend, teammate and business partner Ross Labauex, selling digital soccer training products. 

This went really well and has since helped a lot of parents, kids and coaches improve every possible aspect of their game.

But after a while of doing this, I wanted to start offering affordable high quality physical soccer training products to have in conjunction with my online trainings (i.e soccer balls, soccer goals, agility training etc.)

I hit the streets and started reaching out to training equipment distributors, but found that even buying large quantities of high quality soccer equipment wholesale from local distributors cost an arm and a leg!

(Which meant it would cost YOU, my customer an arm and a leg)

It was either... Get low quality, for cheap. Or high quality, for way too much.

I kept at it and finally learned that the only way I could get the best of both worlds (Affordable + Highest Quality) was to go directly to manufactures and have the equipment made and branded myself.

So that's what I did.

And learned all about importing, exporting, product design, manufacturing, quality control (and whole lot more, but I'll spare you the details.)

You might now be thinking,

"Cool Quincy, you know how to manufacture products, how the hell does it help me?"


The best part about me learning and doing all this is that through developing these relationships directly, I'm now able to negotiate getting the highest quality products for the same (and many times for much less!) than the local distributors were offering me the low quality stuff.

Which equals to much lower prices for you, but without skipping out on the high quality I always want to provide you. 

"That's sounds great, but some of the products in your store are FREE. Is that even real? And how do you make any money selling or giving away these products?"


Glad you asked!

Like I said earlier, I started out selling digital products. And I still do.

My sinister, grand master plan is to offer you all my physical training products at my cost to get them in to your hands (many times below cost)

With the hopes that after you receive one of my soccer products, and experience how awesome they are, you'll think of me when you need soccer equipment in the future.

And hopefully one day you'll also want to purchase one of my digital soccer products....

Oh the trickery >:) 


That's pretty much it.... but a couple more things.


Every item in the store has the option for a standard shipping rate ranging from $2.95 to $8.95 each. (This shipping option can take up to 2 weeks to receive, but usually much sooner. This is the cheapest shipping option I can find currently for those of you who don't mind waiting a little bit to receive your products.)

So to make sure everyone can take advantage of the at cost prices, shipping is calculated on a per item basis. 

I've also added additional shipping options (2 Day shipping) for those of you who would like to receive your items much sooner, these pricing options will show on the checkout page based on the weight of your order and the rate I get quoted from the many different shipping services.

If you placed an order for one of my soccer packs: please know that though the pack has been greatly discounted because it is being sold as a pack, the items within the pack may be sent to you in multiple shipments. You will still receive everything as advertised in the pack, but it just might not all come at once.

This may also apply to any other order: My products are housed in multiple fulfillment centers all over the US. As such, not everything is sent together. For example, if you have ordered a soccer goal, soccer ball and an air pump all at once. All three items may not be housed in the same place. You may receive the goal and pump together and the ball separately. It really all depends on what you order and which part of the country you're in.

How long will it take to receive my order?

All orders are confirmed and processed by the beginning of the next business day. For example if you place an order on Thursday your order will be proceed Friday morning. If you order on Friday I may not be able to process your order until Monday morning. (This is usually not the case as I am usually always near my computer and process orders the same day, regardless of weekday or weekend... But please allow up to 24 hours after you place your order to receive any information about its status)

Standard shipping: After your order has been processed, please allow up to 10 Days to receive your order after processing (This is a maximum, most standard shipping orders are received within 5 to 7 days after processing, but again this all depends on the volume of your order and where you are located.)
2 Day Shipping: You will receive all goods (sometimes in multiple shipments) within two days of processing (Not counting Sundays)... If not, I will happily refund you the difference in expedited shipping :)
If you have any questions before or after you order, please feel free to reach out to me directly at: and I'll get back to you ASAP.

So, now that's officially it. Thanks again!  :)






You can learn more about Quincy on his official website by clicking here.

You can trust any product backed by the PERFECT SOCCER brand because unlike other soccer equipment brands, each and every item has been approved by currently active professional soccer players of Major League Soccer

PERFECT SOCCER is the only full soccer training equipment and video skills training brand online. Our goal is to provide all players with everything they would ever need to become the Perfect Soccer Player.

We strive to only provided the highest quality digital soccer skills training programs and physical soccer training products. We manufacture and are the sole distributor of every product in our line. We also host, craft and recored every skills drill you may see on our site or in our membership areas...

Check out our full YouTube Channel here:

We know soccer.

And we do this because we're PASSIONATE about soccer!

So if you ever have any questions, concerns, feedback, wholesale inquires or need help with anything please feel free to reach me/us directly at:

Thanks and happy training!

Quincy, Ross and the PS Team