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Soccer Prizes & Giveaway Email List

Soccer Prizes and Giveaway Email List

Quincy Amarikwa

Hey Quincy Amarikwa here...

(That's me in the photos above)

First I want to thank you for taking the time to join my Soccer Giveaway Email List. 

Before I get to all the details for the weekly PERFECT SOCCER giveaways you just joined my list for,
please take a couple minutes to read everything below so you have all the information you'll need to win and be eligible for everything moving forward... 

I started Perfect Soccer a few years ago because I kept getting questions from kids, parents, soccer coaches, family members and everyone in between about what it takes to take their (or your) soccer careers, skills and abilities to the next level.
perfect soccer careers, skills and abilities
Some players just wanted to be better for themselves personally. Others wanted to know what it takes to play in college and many more wanted to know what it takes to go PRO.

They would ask me about what it takes to go pro because I've played in the MLS - Major League Soccer for over 11 years now... but I don't want to get too far in to that right now....

So I went to the drawing board to create a complete Soccer business that would teach and show every soccer coach, player and parent interested, not only how to become the best player on their team.
But more important than that... 

How to be able to leverage soccer to create a mindset that will not only serve you in your soccer development, but Life.
What I wanted to let you know before you got started on this journey, is that I plan to provide you with a platform and the tools necessary to use soccer as a vehicle to follow your passions and dreams.
So you will 100% want to stay on my soccer list...literally forever.

It might not make sense now, but it will. And I'm happy to have you along for the journey.

NOW, on to the details for the weekly Soccer Giveaways....

Up until recently, I would do giveaways as one offs from time to time.

But I've been getting so much positive feedback from fans and followers that I've decided to turn it into a weekly event!

Now, I can't promise that I'll be doing a huge Perfect Soccer 555, over $1500, 5 day in a row giveaway every week, like I have in the past.
(For those of you who may have missed that one you can see the old post I did by going here.)

But I can promise that I'll be doing unique and fun giveaways as often as I can. So this is how things will go moving forward...

Once a week you'll be receiving an email from me letting you know what prize (or prizes) are up for grabs. 
Sometimes I miss a few weeks in a row. Busy being a professional soccer player and all, so cut me a little slack ;)
But I ALWAYS make up for it. Which is why some giveaways I do multiple prizes at once.

Most giveaways will have some type of small task that you must do in order to enter to win.

Don't worry, it’s never anything crazy and you'll never be required to buy anything in order to enter to win.

Tasks included things like, liking a post, tagging a friend or leaving a comment. 

And sometimes I even include fun "scavenger hunts" where I leave clues in some way for the most dedicated giveaway entrants to participate in. 

Again, these are meant to be fun and give people who might not otherwise have a chance to get some awesome soccer products, the opportunity to do so.

I’ve been refining how I do these giveaways to make them as easy to participate as possible, as well as not overly spam you with an insane number of emails.
As of now, this is the process for how I do the giveaways...

Giveaway Process

Giveaway Process:

  • I announce ALL giveaways (prize up for grabs and how to enter to win) through the private youtube video link that you will ONLY receive EXCLUSIVELY through this email list! (So if you ever unsubscribe, you’ll no longer be eligible to win prizes)
  • The emails you will receive will look something like this:


Subject: “This week’s prize up for grabs!”
Thanks again for being such an awesome subscriber and follower! Here's the private video link to this week’s prize up for grabs:
(Example of a previous giveaway video)
As always, I'll announce the winner later this week publicly on the YouTube channel, so make sure to subscribe and turn on push notifications to see the winners.
Thanks :)


  • That’s it, SUPER SIMPLE!


  • You’ll get all the info you’ll need to enter to win by watching the video I provide in the weekly email. (The link above is just an example of an old giveaway)



  • I announce ALL WINNERS PUBLICLY VIA THE PERFECT SOCCER YOUTUBE CHANNEL. To avoid having to send you an additional email like I did in the past (like I said before, want to send as few emails as possible) the best way to find out if you’re a winner is to SUBSCRIBE TO THE PERFECT SOCCER YOUTUBE CHANNEL


  • Here’s an example of how I announce winners:   
  • Since I announce winners through the youtube channel, subscribing and turning on your push notifications is the best/easiest way to see if you win and additional videos, content and prizes I post :)

I also use this list and the Perfect Soccer Team Members Area as a way to provide you with awesome soccer content, webinars, book reviews, player exclusive interviews, discount codes and more! So be sure to become a PSTM now if you haven't done so already:


Finally, you're also going to get a few emails over the next couple of days (One a day for the next 7 days) about me personally, how I got to where I am in soccer, and tips you can use to improve your game and become a better player.

So make sure you stay on the lookout in your inbox for those. 

This email is starting to run a bit long, but a lot of my emails will, because sometimes it takes more than a paragraph to get you guys all the info you'll need :)

Thanks again for joining my list and participating in future giveaways.
I'm super excited to be doing this because this is the first step in everyone participating in the future largest soccer education brand online! :)

You'll be hearing from me soon!


Quincy Amarikwa

ps. Some of you may be interested in getting a FREE copy of my book, The Perfect Soccer Player Blueprint shipped to your house. You can get yours by going here.
soccer blueprint
pss. Some of you may also be interested in learning a little bit more about me and how I've used soccer, entrepreneurship, and mindset to play pro and build businesses. You can join my life, mentorship, and self reflection email list, and learn about EVERYTHING I FAILED AT IN 2014 by going here.