Should Hate Speech Be Protected As Free Speech? I #AskASoccerPro Show Ep 083


11-year MLS veteran Quincy Amarikwa welcomes you to episode 83 of the #AskASoccerPro Show! This week Quincy discusses what comprises good game nutrition and recovery, why sports are becoming politicized, his funniest teammates, why you shouldn’t sleep on Bradley Wright-Phillips, and more!

Check out what Quincy covers this week: 

00:00 – 05:44: Welcome To The #AskASoccerPro Show Ep 83!
05:47 – 11:06: What Is A Good Nutrition Plan And Routine For Games? @alex_paul30
11:09 – 15:25: Should You Visualize Your Game Every Day? @joe.jackson11
15:31 – 21:09: What Does Quincy Really Think About Players Getting Booed For Kneeling During The Dallas Vs. Nashville Match?
21:11 – 24:48: Why Sports Are Becoming Politicized Right Now!
25:01 – 28:36: Do Sports Organizations Have A Responsibility To Use Their Platform For Activism?
28:37 – 32:32: Don’t Underestimate Bradley Wright-Phillips!
32:37 – 38:59: What’s New @perfect_soccer ?
39:00 – 42:16: Should Hate Speech Be Protected As Free Speech?!
42:18 – 45:27: Why You Should Learn Something From Every Player You Play With Or Against!
45:35 – 49:27: How To Keep Your Cool In Front Of Scouts! @MLSfanpage
49:30 – 54:57: Who Is The Funniest Teammate Quincy Has Ever Played With?

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Quincy Amarikwa (00:00):

We're all here to ride the MSL wave. The Mental Strength League! I'd like to welcome you to another episode of the #AskASoccerPro Show! It's a FLATE today. You guys are right in my setup, you and everything set up. And then also getting screenshots as to what's been going on has been like a big news day. So like, we've got a couple of things that I know we'll get into a Pope, but junior what's happening. Frankie. Verse the world. I don't think I've seen you join in a live welcome for the first time. Soccer dad for life becoming a regular love senior, a nurse what's happening. Katie's joined in, Popa dropping the I'm in your head. A mode use jazz. Maricio official coach Edgar. What's going on, brother. Great to see you. And this is that the MLS all-star Jersey, I think, or I don't know if this was our DC United.

Quincy Amarikwa (00:59):

What was this? Our training top or Jersey? I don't know. I think this is our training top. Oh, it was like this training top. I was also realizing I was thinking like, I was like, man, I got a lot of jerseys and training tops and stuff. Let me start rocking them a little bit here. But I went for my run earlier in this and I like these because they're they like I forget the fiber or the, the material of it is pretty good. Official Edgar gave me a way of what's going on. Sin say Quincy would up headphones. Can you guys hear me? Okay. I think my headphones got connected by mistake. What should my, okay. Alex started getting straight into the questions.

Quincy Amarikwa (01:51):

Love that. So welcome everybody. Welcome. Welcome. Welcome. Welcome. So let's hear me. All right. All right. Can I get a thumbs up or spam that heart button if you guys hear me? Okay. Cause I don't know if I was getting some technical difficulties. I think my headphones were connected connecting there, but we should be good to go. Okay, great. I'm getting the, the span of the heart. So that's always going it's lit tonight, you know, it's lit yeah. Welcome everybody to another episode of the hashtag, ask a soccer pro show with your host 11 year MLS veteran, Quincy Amarikwa, as you guys know, MLS stands for major league soccer, but here on this show, we talk about the MSL or the mental strength league. Joe Jackson knows dropping the I'm in your head emojis because

Quincy Amarikwa (03:03):

So I mean your head, but on the,

Quincy Amarikwa (03:06):

He asked a soccer pro show. We break down the MSL, the mental strength league. It is a game, a mentality, a mindset to help you accomplish your goals. We talk about critical thinking, philosophy,

Quincy Amarikwa (03:17):


Quincy Amarikwa (03:19):

Quantum physics four dimensional, chess,

Quincy Amarikwa (03:23):

A mustache.

Quincy Amarikwa (03:25):

Yeah, mustache Lee gang stuff, latest dance moves trends what's going on in the MLS world how to accomplish your goals and how to overcome self doubt and everything else in between. We'd like to have a lot of fun here. And we also like to put in work and pick responsibility for the progress that we see on a day to day basis and work together collectively as a team to get to wherever we want to go. Cause you guys know what it is here. We're here to sell you on the idea that you and the team you build is all you need to get to wherever you want to be in life. And soccer does a perfect soccer brand and the last soccer pro show. That's what we talk about. So there's a lot to cover today as always drop your questions in the question box, we will get to everybody's questions as quickly as we possibly can. And we also will do our best to get to recent event and news that's going on. So I like talking about, obviously we like talking about the MSL and mentality and answering everybody's questions. The one known as Anthony what's up, brother. I feel like I haven't seen you in quite some time. Where have you been? What's been going on?

Quincy Amarikwa (04:32):


Quincy Amarikwa (04:33):

Yeah, we'd like talking about a lot of things and I love seeing the community grow and and join us here over time.

Quincy Amarikwa (04:43):


Quincy Amarikwa (04:44):

A lot of the MSL mentality and things that we are we're learning, we're applying is as a result of current events and like kind of what's going on, especially in the soccer world. So I figured I could probably do a better job of talking about current events what's going on, especially with the progress and the work that's going on with black players for change organization that I've been a part of I've been a large part in helping organize the group and, and keep things here going and moving along. So I'm, I'm proud of the work that we're doing, but also I need to do a better job of letting you guys know what's going on. And especially if you've got questions, moly, 2001 said, heck once a year hope you're doing well was waiting for this in the UK.

Quincy Amarikwa (05:24):

It's 2:00 AM yo shout out a secondary UK follower joining in, I in England joins in at 2:00 AM every week. And I love the dedication. You guys are you sending push notifications to join in? Are you already up at two in the morning over there in the UK? What's going on? I need answers. But yeah, let's jump into a couple of questions came in and then we'll go over a little bit of the recent events that's been going on. So let's see Alex underscore Paul 30. What should my routine be for my game Saturday when it comes to foods and such?

Quincy Amarikwa (06:05):

I think your routine.

Quincy Amarikwa (06:08):

So when we're breaking it down, I think most people are thinking only on game day. Like what's the game day

Quincy Amarikwa (06:12):


Quincy Amarikwa (06:15):

But I like to start with what's your routine leading up to game day. So how far back are you taking control of your nutrition and you know, your nutrition and recovery regimen? The more disciplined you are throughout the week, the less you need to have a special routine on game day to make up for like the stuff that you weren't doing doing during the week. So I like to focus on creating good habits so that on Saturday or on game day, you don't have to do anything special. You just do what you always do, which is what you're supposed to or better yet. What you know is best for you as an individual. So for me, I like I'm big on carbs. I, I lied. I like a lot of breads, breads are a large source of my, of my calories, especially in during season and lean, lean proteins. So, you know, Turkey ground Turkey, obviously, you know, chicken, I prefer ground Turkey. And then proportions. So depending on your, your physique depends on the proportions and sizes that are good for,

Quincy Amarikwa (07:27):


Quincy Amarikwa (07:29):

That's what I stick to you. I think a good sources also, I transitioned from, I transitioned over to almond milk a while ago. I just think if you really think about it, humans are the only animal that drinks the milk of another animal, and we're the only, we're the only animal that drinks milk after adolescents like infancy. So, so I think if you go and do kind of your own research into that, we're not necessarily meant to you. I think lactose, lactose we're not meant to really process that after the fact. So I think there's a lot of like inflammatory issues that the population deals with as a result of drinking and eating dairy products. And I love ice cream. So like I'm not knocking dairy products. I like dairy. I just realized that, you know, you can find alternatives and Tran in transition there.

Quincy Amarikwa (08:23):

So I think a great person who came on and spoke about that at length was Earl Edwards, jr. I forget which episode it recently was like 79 or 78. He really broke down how he got down from, you know, 13% body fat to, I think he's below 8% body fat now and how he's maintaining that. So definitely go check out that episode. That'll be more helpful. So, you know, give them more context. I don't want to just say, go watch something else to know. That's a little bit for me, but everyone's different there's alternatives and that's how I approach it.

Quincy Amarikwa (08:52):

I'm loving that. If you guys are liking that, please continue spamming

Quincy Amarikwa (08:56):

The heart button. So I can see that. No, if that's the type of information you are looking for I think once you've been approved for so long, there's a lot of stuff that you just know to be true and you integrate into your own process. And you know, you forget it's something that you learned in the past. So, so it can be news or new information for, for you guys. So please keep them coming. Let's see, John. Hollinger welcome, brother. I can hear you. Okay. Perfect. Oh, Joe Jackson said got my perfect soccer ball yesterday. I love it. Three jesus' hands. Congratulations, my friend. Thanks for grabbing yourself or thank you for all the support in the community. And I'm glad you caught yourself a ball of see some video of you using it at a, at a socially distance place.

Quincy Amarikwa (10:01):

Let's see, Shannon, welcome into the live. Yeah. Connor McCormick said I'm here at 2:00 AM in the UK as well. So we've got a cup shout, shout out a couple of you joining in from the UK. Joining in at 2:00 AM, showing that dedication said it's been hot this week. That's funny. Our Facebook ads team is based in the UK they're based out in the UK and they were saying the same. They were saying, you know you guys complain a lot about not having great weather or good weather. It's usually overcast weather and it not being hot. And this past week it's been hot. Now, all you guys are doing is complaint complainant about, about the heat. So that's pretty funny.

Quincy Amarikwa (10:46):

The one known Anthony said, sorry for my absence been putting in that work with training so far, my fitness has been improving drastically. That is great to hear. Brother, what have you, what have you been working on specifically and what's been, what's been most helpful for you? What have you found to be the thing that has helped you elevate your game? Joe dot Jackson, 11 asks, do you recommend visualizing your game daily along with the practice that you get in? Yeah, I do. I think if you can you know, especially if you're earlier on in your career, like someone, obviously I've got, I've got a wife, I've got two kids. I, you know, I'm in my free agency, we run our business. We're basically managing and operating, you know, an organization, excuse me, over a hundred black players in MLS with black players for change.

Quincy Amarikwa (11:35):

So there's a lot of stuff going on. But even during that, during all of that, I still find time to train. And in between, you know, in between calls and in between preparation, I'll even be doing visualization of you know, skills, drills and training. So visualization is very helpful. The clear you can see it in your mind. The, the more in tune, I feel you, you align yourself when you're, when you're there in person. Visualization is is very, is very beneficial, but only if you're also doing the work physically to, to, to match, to match it underscore P O G B a junior as, is it normal that before a competition that you don't eat, because some reason I can't eat before a competition, I'd say if you're experiencing kind of nerves or usually before competition, you might speaking to visualization.

Quincy Amarikwa (12:46):

Sorry. So speaking to visualization, if you get really good at visualization visualization, you can actually manifest the physical responses that you would if you were actually doing it in place. So like I would, I would, I would think that you're probably experiencing that because as you start to get into game mode and thinking of game mode, the blood in your body from your, from your heart and stuff starts leaving your gut and starts getting out to your limbs and your extremities, right. Cause your, your body's not thinking about digesting food, digesting food is a process that takes a lot of energy and time, right. And and get slow. So if you're starting to get into game mode, that's probably what's happening, you know, the bloods leaving, leaving your gut and going out to your limbs because that's what you're going to need to compete and to, and to sustain the game.

Quincy Amarikwa (13:29):

So if, if you're kind of getting into that mode a little bit too early and you haven't eaten, you want to make sure that your regimen accounts for that. So if you know, you tend to get nervous and then you don't get hungry. You'll want to start making sure that you're getting enough food, enough, carbs, enough calories, very early on. And if you know, you, you do that and you feel you haven't gotten enough, you know, food or calories you want to at least have some type of a, I would say like, I'd recommend like a protein, protein shake, like a plant based protein shake to at least give yourself some calories so that you're not going fully into the game on an MCC empty stomach. I know everybody's a bit different. Me personally. I could eat, I could eat food at halftime.

Quincy Amarikwa (14:12):

And sometimes I have, you know, I've got to eat like a whole meal at halftime just because, you know, I burned a lot of energy or calories and and yeah, my body needs it. And I know that that's what I need, but I know other guys can't do that. They'll throw up after a result of it. So, like I said, it's, it's specific to players specific to yourself and it's trial and error. You gotta, you gotta just test a lot of things. And the more you test, the more experience you get and the higher chance you got to make it to your 10 professional and beyond, but let's see, hopefully that's helpful England, 2130 joined in and dropped them in your head. Welcome England. We've got two other UK UK followers in, on the live as well to you. So I think you're setting a trend over there, man. Welcome Emilio. What's going on. Welcome everyone. CE five 46. I believe that's the first time I've seen you welcome in no context. Dylan dropped in everyone. I am. Let's see. So let's answer another question or two and we'll get to a little bit of a recent events and then give you guys a little bit of time to drop a couple more questions. We can keep it going. Let's :

Quincy Amarikwa (15:31):

The one known as Anthony said, I'm currently at 160 pounds. Now. I was at one 68 in March. I'm aiming for one 55. Congratulations. That means you work. You've been putting in that work during quarantine while other people were waiting to see what happens. You were putting in the work. And that's good, man. That's good putting that away. All right. So let's see what we had gotten over here. So I don't know if you guys had seen the, the response Reggie cannon had talked about today, or, yeah, I think it was today or yesterday, today. I think it was today, earlier this morning after the FC Dallas Nashville match or before the match they had they had kneeled during that and they had gotten themselves a lot of boos. Reggie gave a pretty in depth response to all that.

Quincy Amarikwa (16:38):

And I think I think it has been a very hot topic amongst the community. There has been a lot of there's been a lot of engagement, a lot of a lot of opinions and a lot of suggestions from the community. So it's, it's, it's introducing to see how polarizing all of this is, is becoming and how you know simple phrases and simple gestures can, can evoke such strong emotions out of out of everybody. But I think these are, these are necessary conversations that need to happen and ones that are only happening because the language that is being used to describe things forces people to pay attention. So, you know, so I don't know if, if everybody had seen that. Let's see. So I think in, in continuation of Reggie's comments, there was also the most recent the recent post recent posts of the say aloud documentary of the, of the MLS is back and is black protests.

Quincy Amarikwa (17:52):

They posted that as well over there. So if you guys haven't seen that, I think black arrow Aaron over at black arrow helped produce the, the, the film. And I just think a lot of the, a lot of the stuff that's been going on behind the scenes is starting to start to get shared here publicly. So I'm interested to, to hear you guys as feedback, see where you're at with things. And if any of you have, have been following the black players for change account and what you've been noticing or, or, or seeing in terms of the online community's response to everything, what do you, what are you feeling about stuff? What kind of questions do you have as a result of it? Like I said, these are all necessarily conversations. It's, it's great to see that people are willing to engage in and be open to hearing new perspectives. Let's see.

Quincy Amarikwa (18:52):

Yes, I've said, I told you I played Juco and I'm going to play you PSL your thoughts on upSo. I don't, I don't know. I don't know enough about ups L as of late to like, really know what the level's at and how it's viewed, how it's viewed while they're depending, like, what are your goals? What is, what is it you're trying to accomplish? I think if you're, if your goal is to play at the MLS level one day and you're starting out at the U S PSL level, it's going to be a lot of work. It's going to take a long time for you to, to make the right connections and to perform well, to get, make your way up the ranks. Like I said, the, like I've said, and always said the lower level, you start out the harder it is to make it up because people already have an assumption as to how good or how good you are.

Quincy Amarikwa (19:41):

Not based on the level you start out at. And every single place you show up at you're having to prove people wrong over and over and over again. So it's good in the long run because it builds character. It, it forces you to have to adapt and and improve and level up your game, but it is bad in the short term. Cause it, you know, it makes it really, really difficult. You know, like I said, self honesty is the key pillar here at perfect soccer. That's what we talk about. And that's what I spend a lot of time. Referencing the three S's of self awareness is a crucially important in your ability to navigate this the, the process and make it make your way up over time. And you know, yeah, I'm just thinking about is tough. It's been a, it's been a long grind guys. Guys, it's a, it's a grind. Professional sports is a grind. And if someone tells you it isn't, they either haven't played or they don't know what they're talking about. Connor said, Quincy for Atlanta United manager, tell you what if you guys wanted to right that ship and have someone who had some experience, a deep experience in the league that could, that could

Quincy Amarikwa (21:00):

They could shake things up for, for all the right reasons. And yeah, that would be a smart move. Let's think I think people are out, you're too scared to take perceived risks, perceived risks. I think a lot of people right now are just going for what they've always known to be safe, quote, unquote safe or the right move. But I think a big reason why the is in the state that it's in is because we're not taking it to account all perspectives, all people and all all value that is, is out there. You know, there's a lot of, there is a lot of talented individuals here in the States, both inside soccer and outside of soccer who are not being heard, who are not being represented and who are not feeling as though they're a part of the process or a part of the system, you know, they feel, they feel they're not having access to the types of resources or pathways that are available to other other people.

Quincy Amarikwa (22:07):

And I think that frustration is really starting to spill over in you know, in society. And I think a big reason why sports has become politicized. So I see a lot of people I see, not a lot, but I see, I see people making the comments that they're, they don't like the fact that sports are becoming politicized or they're politicized. And I hear that, I understand where they're coming from. I know why they feel the way they do. They see sports as an escape from reality, right? But the fact that reality for people has become such, such a disconnect from what has been promised or what the American dream is proposed to be for all that. It is bleeding into sports. And I think those who aren't taking the opportunity to self reflect as to why it's bleeding into sports are missing the point of why it's bleeding into sports.

Quincy Amarikwa (23:10):

Right? And, and I think it's bleeding into sports because we aren't spending enough time doing our own research and participating in the processes that allow us to have sports as a means of entertainment as a means to escape that type of work. I don't believe we're doing enough work when we're not there or the work we're not doing enough of the work that's necessary to, to progress everyone or give everyone the opportunity to progress to be forward. And that's why it's bleeding into sports. So I understand the argument or the thoughts from people who were saying that they don't want to see those types of things in sports. But I also, yeah, that's the counter to that. I, I believe in terms of just thinking as well as

Quincy Amarikwa (24:00):

People who participate in sports or watch sports also have to see messages and things that they don't agree with and they don't align with, but so that the sports can continue to go and you can be entertained. They, they accept those things and they deal with them as well, too. So I think just because you don't hear things or, you know, yeah. You haven't personally experienced them doesn't mean that they aren't happening or that it's not going on. I think that's, that's what I feel is coming to you such a, you know, ahead here with just sports in America in general. And you know, I'd say black players in particular, in terms of the representation and in decision making rules in, within the league Joe Jackson dropped self honesty, self initiative self-accountability and I'm in your head emojis and then gave me the three S's of self-awareness love that brother that is pinned.

Quincy Amarikwa (25:01):

If you guys haven't checked out that that talk, I did, you definitely want to have a listen, let's see the one known as Anthony said, honestly, I've always tried to keep sports and politics separate, but in these times we need to make a statement through sports events, that there are still issues within this country and abroad. I appreciate your insights brother. And I can, you know, I can understand where you're coming from. And, and I agree in the same sense of I agree in the sense that I think if we, if we're doing enough and we're helping and doing the right things we'll be able to get back to what I guess we perceive to be as normal, but we've got new normals as well, too. So I mean, progress, you know, let's see what we got here. Joe Jackson said, I feel like it needs to be there because it is a huge platform and thus is able to get it out to more people.

Quincy Amarikwa (26:06):

That's, that's a fair statement as well, too. I think a lot of the issues is just, it's a lack of awareness for people to your point, Joe, you know, like you might not like the fact that it's there, but you're aware of the issue and problem, and it hopefully encourages you to do a bit of research on your own and, and understand the argument or the point that people who you might not necessarily see or interact with are making, you know the experience is not the same for everyone. And many of us are in our own bubbles. Right. I think what you were just talking about, the, the, the bubble the most is back bubble for the tournament that a lot of the players were, were participating in or were a part of. So I would see, you know, people would be saying, Oh, how are all these professional players complaining about having food for themselves?

Quincy Amarikwa (26:58):

You know, having free food. And they have doctors in there they're in the, they're in the bubble and they're safe and COVID, can't be an issue or problem for them. Cause maybe their experience outward out looking in, it looks like that's way better and that's, they're complaining. Right? And then if you're in the bubble, you're basically saying, Hey, I'm away from my family. If there is an issue or problem that's happening, that's outside of here. I can't be close to them. I'm used to, to being in my local market, not being away from home for longer than a week at a time. So like the experience, the experience is completely different. And I think when we talk a lot here is about, is about self reflection obviously, and I'm not making excuses. So, so there's good and bad to everything. There's pros and cons to everything. And I think if we spend a little bit more time being being mindful that not everything is better, you know, the whole grass is always greener. Not everything's always better on the other side. And if you don't experience it for yourself, you might not ever know. So, so, you know, I guess just having an empathy, compassion for your fellow human. But yeah.

Quincy Amarikwa (28:15):

And then let's see what we got here, but this is good. I appreciate, you know, you guys let me know where you're at. Yo look at that Julia Lanny Baba joined in what's going on, bro. If you want to hop in, please feel free to call in. Would love to Oh, I would love to get a little bit of your insights. We just had a Reggie up on the screen. If you see that and see where you're falling on, where you, where you're at with that. So let's see what we've got here.

Quincy Amarikwa (29:11):

There we go. All right. Claude, what's going on? Emilia says thoughts on FC Dallas, his statement on the situation. I didn't see FC Dallas, his statement. Could you give me, could you draw kind of like what, what they were, what they were saying? Cause I didn't see that they had a response. I just saw that FC Dallas had published the his his thoughts since he Tucky what's going on, man. I'm somewhat as someone who's mixed race, I got to make it known. I'm proud of who I am. I'm proud of what I do for a living. That was the one known as Anthony.

Quincy Amarikwa (29:59):

So let's see what we got here. Alright, so this is good. You know, like I said, talking about kind of the state of what's going on on the political side, cause that's what's happening in sports. So we don't want to just ignore that as if it's not a thing that's going on, but I appreciate you guys' feedback on that, where you're feeling, how you're seeing stuff, let's get to the other side of stuff. So I think in recent, in recent news literally right before, right before I started getting on the live, this is why you guys were noticing that it was a little bit late. My phone came through on the news that LAFC mutually agreed to part ways with Dio Monday which is pretty massive. I know Bradley right Phillips Assa soccer pro show episode, all on instincts.

Quincy Amarikwa (30:48):

He joined in and made it very much known that people will be greatly. People are greatly underestimating what he is going to do. And I it's been amazing to see him bawling out in the MLS is black in the MLS is MLS is black tournament. All right. I think he had three goals in three games. He has been on fire killing it and I think it's been perfect timing for LFC considering the fact that do you, Amanda has, I guess been having a couple of personal issues and now has resulted in the club and him mutually partying ways. So I think they've got a great, you know, they've got a great forward in BPW or B BWP sorry, BPW BWP for that, for that role and position. So has, have you guys seen that news and what, what were your thoughts on that when you, when you heard it? Yeah, Joe Jackson said, yeah BWP was insane and the MLS is back tournament. Yeah. And you know, there was a, it was a great conversation with with Bradley a couple, I think, I can't remember a couple of months ago. Maybe you need to open the computer, do some research to see which episode that was. Okay. Find a trivia. Does anyone know what episode Bradley Phillips had attended? So, so I'll ask that little, little game trivia. So which, which episode was it?

Quincy Amarikwa (32:37):

Anyone know, anyone know Reese welcome to the live? Well, it looked this up, went to the wrong room. Let's see. BWP episode 69. That is correct. Oh, okay. And this is guessing 71. I'm off the top of my head. I think, I think it was 69 and that's what I was going to, I was going to go check. So John the one on his auntie's I don't know, cause I have a bad memory and they said episode 71. Let's see episode. I think it's episode. I think it was episode 69. So let's go confirm. Nope. It wasn't episode 69. So let's see. Episode emphasis is disease 71 for an answer. Let's go look, we know we got this one as well to you. I'm also updating, so talk about updates and everything that's going on guys and making everything as simple as possible and better.

Quincy Amarikwa (33:47):

We're we're updating the website. So perfect soccer making it much smoother to navigate and the re what I'm going to, what I need to start utilizing more. As we've seen the top corner, there is the search bar. So in the search bar, I can go in and probably Bradley for Bradley, right. Phillips and bang. So the search bar is at the top. So as we've been having a lot of people on the show, a lot of past guests, a lot of information, if there's any keyword that you guys are interested in or topic, head over perfect soccer put in the search bar at the top and it should pop up. So he got to here and just confirmed rather than I Phillips episode 62, all on instinct. So let's see, we review a little bit of what he had covered there.

Quincy Amarikwa (34:48):

Yeah, the best one was his. Don't be a bait. There we go. Bradley come in with a D Bab mentality. So Earl Edwards mentality of don't be a baby. So definitely go listen to you a minute. 1952 through 25, 49 of episode 62, where he breaks down, you know, the D bad mentality. And I think a huge reason why he's finding a lot of success right now, especially at the MLS is back term. It so interested to watch him over the rest of the over the rest of the year. It's been dope to see let's see what we got here. And they said, yeah, six.

Quincy Amarikwa (35:51):

Okay, nice. You guys. You're talking about, I'm heading to the UK. When the borders open back up for trials, you'll see Dylan also reminder no context, Dylan. And I've been letting you guys know he is our PR he's a perfect soccer gamer. He's going to be, he's going to be a streaming here regularly on the perfect soccer Twitch account here upcoming. I think he just recently sent over to me and Katie his weekly schedule. So once we got his weekly scheduled dialed in and locked in, we will make sure to make that post. And we'll probably be posting that here weekly on the account. So you guys can stay dialed in on what he's planning on doing with our, with the perfect soccer ultimate team, as well as his, as his regular stream. So I'm excited for that Dylan I'm juiced.

Quincy Amarikwa (36:54):

I'm, I'm assuming and hoping you are good to go and we are ramped up come next week. So seeing you in the perfect soccer team members meeting on Monday for those of you who might be interested in joining the brand as an intern we are, we are primed and ready for growth. And if you want to, you know, have an internship work for the brand, if you've got some skills some skills that you feel would be a value, please have send us an email to and let us know what you'd be interested in. And we'll see if we'll see if you got what it takes to join the team. Dylan is, Dylan is one of a few who will be joining the team. So I think as well, I think we've been a little bit slow with Dylan, but a little bit slow to make sure that we're getting him over everything he needs.

Quincy Amarikwa (37:55):

We're getting all the systems and processes in place everything humming nicely and integrated into kind of the marketing machine that is our brand. So I want to make sure that we're, you know, we're, we're putting the resources and time behind promoting promoting him and what he'll be doing and what's working on. And I definitely wanna encourage you guys to, to participate cause a lot of my focus here has been making sure that we're, we're having a lot of fun, you know, P stands for passion and you have fun pursuing your passion. And I want to, I want to spend more time highlighting that here with the brand. I think everybody has done a great everybody in the community has done a great job of putting in that work remaining dedicated, staying committed. And I think I think the reward of that is getting to pursue your passion, right?

Quincy Amarikwa (38:48):

And and enjoy yourself. So I want to make sure that we're, we're facilitating that and, and and having those, those types of resources available. So Amelia said, nevermind, just saw that the FC Dallas owner put out a better statement, the original was incredibly neutral and shying away from the topic. Got you. So they probably just, they wanted to get something out there, so it wasn't dead silence. And now they've, they've gained a bit more context. That's interesting. Maybe I'll look that up and see, let's see. So Amelia that's FC Dallas is Twitter. Where, where should I look?

Speaker 3 (39:29):


Quincy Amarikwa (39:30):

But I'd probably, Twitter's where it's going to come out. Right?

Quincy Amarikwa (39:36):

Okay. Statement from this is 58 minutes old, a statement from Clark and Dan hunt. We want to be clear. We love and support Reggie cannon, the racist comments and death threats he has received are repulsive and unacceptable. There is no place in our sport or in our country for that matter for, for the kind of horrific vitriol Reggie has had to endure today, hateful or violent threats are never warranted, especially when they are directed towards Jim member of our FC Dallas family. We will continue to work together with our players or coaches and our fans against racism and in the cause of equality for all Clark hunt, FC, Dallas chairman and CEO, Dan hunt, FC Dallas president. So I don't know if, yeah, so I don't think that was the owner that's perfectly as in the right to express themselves peaceful manner. Okay. There you go.

Quincy Amarikwa (40:21):

So that's where you're talking about Emilia. The first statement was a more general statement. And then the second, the second statement was more, more specific in terms of their support of Reggie and the condemning of the some of the comments that have come in to him as a result of his, of his statements. You know, at the end of the day, we, we might not agree with what everybody has to say about us or what they believe in, but in America, that's the beauty of the freedom of speech. We must protect it, even if it is to protect the hate speech of people who don't necessarily believe in us or, or care for us we care for their right to speak their mind. And we want them to speak freely about how they feel about us or our, or our ideas, silence silencing of people, regardless of if we like what they have to say or not is not, is not a route or road that leads to a world that we want to be a part of.

Quincy Amarikwa (41:27):

And I hope, I hope the community understands that. And I hope we collectively stand up for everyone's right to express themselves. However, they see fit because at the end of the day, guys and girls, men, and women, if they're saying things because they want to get, you may remember, no, nobody knows you unless they know how to make you angry. And if they're just saying stuff to make you angry and they don't, you know what that means, you know what that means right there. And as long as that rent stays free, the best part of it staying free or being free is that it stays free. It is free. He will always remain free. Yo, shout out DC rasa, Bo you guys go and watch the exactly. Emilio 2010 champs, the goats, Google go. Dre Acabar stewards say use Joseph Nanay Anthony Wallace, Pablo Mascheroni Jeff Lorena waits. Connor, Casey, Omar Cummings. Oh man. Kolsky Kamora. Would you go get drew more Matt Pickens?

Quincy Amarikwa (42:52):

We got Alex said, well, thanks for the advice. I appreciate it, but I have to get going. Thanks for everything. Of course. Thanks for stopping by. Hopefully we'll see you next week. You know, same time, same place, 6:00 PM. PST 9:00 PM. Who else? We had, we, we have Brian Mullin Davey Armstrong Eddie Bobbijo. I'm trying to think. Who did I say already and who haven't? I said Scott Palguta I'm thinking man, talking about visualization, going back to the thing, sitting in my locker and going from left to right. And thinking about who's there. My Macuga Kanji a Emilia said watch. Do you watch, y'all take over the league. Yeah, Marvell when have my first high school game. Saturday Jay pro skill set. I have my first high school game. Saturday. Good luck. Good luck. But you won't need luck if you've been practicing those three S's of self awareness and putting in that work about to drop that MSL mentality on them, show them that new level of the game that you've been working on during this quarantine hashtag call castle cap.

Quincy Amarikwa (44:12):

Yeah, damn. All these pros get in here while I'm about to get ready to go in, to do my body weight training today, you do your body weight training while you got the show playing in the background. Claudia Lopez, Jamie Smith. That's right. Yo Claudia Lopez loved that dude. Shout out that man. Chip's always on, always on Claudia Lopez. Chip is always on Jamie Smith. Learn how to just manage. Jamie Smith taught me Jamie Smith indirectly taught me that even more. So how important it is to show up when it matters most like, you know, some people might be like, Oh, you be ready when it matters. Most you don't actually have to. Yeah. You don't have to do everything all the time. It doesn't mean that that's the best. That's the way that I'd like to play it. But like I said, I learned you learned something from every player or you should learn at least one thing from every player you ever play against. And even if they do things that you wouldn't necessarily do in your game, or you can't do in your game, you can learn something from it and you can see the pros and the cons, like I said, there's good and bad in everything. So you gotta, you want to see the good and the bad and understand how you can benefit on the good and how it might be to your detriment on the bed. Excuse me. And knowing when to use one versus another. So,

Speaker 3 (45:34):


Quincy Amarikwa (45:35):

Okay. MLS fan page. So you dropped a question in the question box. Let's see, we get that open. Let's see any tips for not getting nervous when playing and with Scouts, watching tips for not getting nervous. Yeah. My main tip is put in enough work before you get to your game or your tryout. Cause if you, if you put in enough work, that's what you think about once you're there in that moment, when you start to get nervous or you're nervous that you might not have done enough or being no that you, you did do enough. And the only way you'll know that you did do enough is if you do enough work once you get there, right? You're going to feel a little bit of nerves, but once, once things get going, and if you focus on what you know, you're good at, and you don't allow mistakes to prevent you from taking risks, then you're setting yourself up for success.

Quincy Amarikwa (46:35):

You're giving yourself the best opportunity for success. I see the issue that I see a lot of players make is they think that making a mistake means that their whole day is done and their opportunities gone. And the chance for them to, to prove themselves is gone. And because of that, their whole demeanor changes their head sinks there, they hide on the field. They don't want to take more opportunities. They, they, it becomes, it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy, understand that you're going to make mistakes. You'll probably make a lot of them. Your ability to forget your mistakes is going to determine is a great determining factor in whether or not you're going to make it. It's your mentality. Everybody mentality. Remember all the amazing stuff you did and forget all the terrible things that you've done it when playing in the moment. And then when you're off the field, think of all the terrible things that you did and all the amazing moments, the reverse it.

Quincy Amarikwa (47:28):

So off the field reverse it. So, okay. I was bad at that. I didn't do this. I didn't do that. Those are things that I can work on in our, I can get better or I'm going to do enough work. So those things don't happen in the game. And on game day, you can't do any work to prepare for game day. That should have already happened on game day. You're seeing if the work you did was enough, and if it, and it paid off, and if app on game day or a trial day, you realized that it wasn't your the time to try to improve it or fix it or change. It is not on game day. It's not on trial day on Dane day and trial date. It's to focus on what you know, you're good at and what you need to be known for.

Quincy Amarikwa (48:08):

That's your only focus. And then after that, you can self reflect and go, okay. I wasn't, you know, I didn't my spacial awareness. Wasn't where it needed to be, or my first touch. Wasn't where it needed to be. But I showed very, very well at why I'm a great defender, right? I'm a great defender, but I might not have a great first touch. Okay. I'm not going to let my first touch making a bad first touch. Make me play really poor as a defender on the day, because now it's doubly bad, bad, first touch and a bad defender. If it's a bad touch, K, you got a bad touch today, big deal, but you're gonna have the best defensive shape, the best defensive tackles all day. So they could talk about, Oh, your first touches. Yeah, but mama, but I'm a, I'm a monster defending, right.

Quincy Amarikwa (48:49):

And if you can at least solidify that now they see something to work with. They go, okay, well, he's a great defender. She's a great defender. And they're really good at this. If we can just tighten them up and get them good with their first touch. Cool. We got something to work with. Right. So building everybody, that's what we're talking about. Building foundation, making your way up. And that's a great question. So yo Rahim welcome brother. Quincy, Quincy. I mean you had what up? Let's see. We got, we got like eight minutes left in the live. My back is not feeling great. Cause I'm sitting all hunched over here on the, on the floor.

Quincy Amarikwa (49:30):

Let's see that, that sports court asks funniest teammate you've ever played with professionally who that's tough because I love like every player's funny in their own way to meet. I'd say guys who were most naturally funny, like just their existence, just like Mim speaking would make me laugh. Cause there's just like they're, they're fought process and how they approach stuff and how they said stuff just, just made me laugh was I mentioned him earlier coast. K camera. Love that dude. Funny, just stupid, funny. Another one with a Jimmy or HCA, my little messy man pants. Just these guys would just be making me laugh. Vaco, Vaco, just some of the stuff you say to me in training about mentality. We do, we definitely talk about mentality like on training and stuff. When I was with San Jose and you know, maybe doing really well in training and scoring goals and practicing well, but just not getting much of any playtime.

Quincy Amarikwa (50:34):

Just the stuff that Vaka would say to me on the field would just make me laugh was always good. Danny who's in all the stupid stuff we'd say to each other while being locker mates. Oh Ryan Johnson when I was with San Jose earthquakes back in 2009, like the freestyle raps and stupid stuff we do, wouldn't fly in on, on the plane between, you know, when we're going to games back then you, you played every team, you know, you played, you played the team home in a way or was it yeah. You played every team home and away. So you traveled to every single major city and we'd just be freestyling and having fun on the plane when we do that to pass time. Let's see.

Quincy Amarikwa (51:20):

Funniest. Yeah. Russell Bo always fancies himself hella funny. He's funny. Sometimes he, he's funny sometimes, but he's not funny. So, you know, when we clip this and we tag Ross at it and the sees this and here's me on that Ross fancies himself to be super funny. I bet a bet. I bet you under this when it's tagged in him and he'll call me and be like, bro, I'm hella funny, bro. I'm I'm, I'm hilarious. He fancies himself funny Mike McGee and just like how he would operate would always just get me. I'll be laughing. Okay. yeah. Speaking of Sean, I just talked to Sean, Sean Johnson the other day. So he's he's helping with the org structure of the, of the company, the company of black players for change. So we were talking a bit and yeah, the Quincy time episodes, the goalkeeper battle, goalkeeper Wars his is always like, we're always just sneak this in each other.

Quincy Amarikwa (52:24):

So this, as I said, this, like all my, my teammates over the years, it's just like different types of funny, but man I'd never played with Al Gordon. So algorithm was never on my team, but I, I have heard how he tells stories on that. The BSI podcast, I think Benny fell Hubbard, Ike [inaudible] BSI podcast. I listened to the episode with Alan Gordon and he sounds like a legend. He sounds like a funny dude. I would have had a lot of fun with him. I kinda I'm sad. I, I missed out playing with him during my time in the league. Speaking of what you guys gotta see if a, I don't know if the BSI crew listens to the ask a soccer pro show, but we gotta, we gotta get on, get on that show, have a little conversation. But we got two minutes left, two minutes left. It's 3:00 AM now in England and there are three more hours until Friday morning.

Quincy Amarikwa (53:24):

Yeah. A Casti goal. What's going on? Joe Jackson said, yo Quincy, it's getting to the end of the live again. So I want to say thank you for another great live and have a great week. Of course, Joe. Thank you very much, brother. I appreciate it, everybody. Thanks for joining in. I'm seeing you spam in the heart, the heart button. I appreciate that. The sports court, I saw your other question. Please join in next week. Drop that same question. I'll be happy to answer that. That's a good one. I like that the questions are starting to get not starting. The questions have been gotten progressively more and more like in depth and detailed. So I'm appreciating that I'm liking that as always everybody, as Ross would say, be good to each other. Thanks for joining in looking forward to seeing everybody next week you know, reshare the account with some friends and family. Go check out the website, check out the updates. Let me know what you guys were thinking. Of course. Happy to answer your guys' questions. I'm loving seeing everyone's spam the heart button. Yeah.

Quincy Amarikwa (54:31):

Yeah. Loving it. Like I said, loving it from everybody. It was a great episode. Happy to, to see everybody as always, I'll see everybody next week. And as always, you guys know what it is, I'm in your head.