Bradley Wright-Phillips: All On Instinct I #AskASoccerPro Show Ep. 062



Join in as the legend, Bradley Wright-Phillips, talks with Quincy about coming to MLS, playing on instinct, and getting the simple things right!

Here is everything Bradley and Quincy covered during this week's episode:

00:00 – 10:39: Intro

12:12 – 15:42: Bradley Wright-Phillips Joins the Live

15:43 - 18:04: All on Instinct

18:06 – 19:42: The Simple Things

19:52 - 25:49: BWP Don't Be a Baby

26:00 – 29:06: Kenny Cooper

29:25 – 31:30: A Long Day for Defenders

32:12 - 37:27: On Leaving NYRB

39:12 – 39:57: Does Quincy Supplement?

41:42 – 45:35: Back in Cali!

45:39 – 47:39: Time You Didn’t Know You Had

47:42 – 52:00: Why Perfect Soccer?

52:01 – 56:52: Outro

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Quincy Amarikwa (00:12):

Atlantic City FC, Ryan Masch joined in. First one's in happy to see that Soccer Mama. What's going on? What's happening? What's happening? Jordan, welcome to the live Chloe soccer 14. Just joined in Dubin. Welcome MLS Hub. What's up Spiritual Athlete. Welcome Joe Jackson. Happy to see you. At Atlantic City FC said everything. Well, yes, you guys know what it is. We're all here in the MSL. Everybody we've been preparing, we've been preparing for the unexpected, which is why we're, we're in our calm state of Zen. And we are looking forward to seeing the, the many opportunities that will come of these uncertain times. But you guys, you guys know, those of you who have been following the account for some time now know about the MSL. That's what I'm saying. Everybody dropping them in your head. Emojis. Everybody who's been a part of this company, this brand, this movement for enough time, understands what the MSL stands for.

Quincy Amarikwa (01:15):

The Mental Strength League. These are times that we have been preparing for and and then understanding that we will, we will thrive as a result of. So I want to first welcome everybody to join in on the live Colton, what's going on, Joe Jackson, what's happening? I'm in your head loving that. MSL emojis. Quincy's one for the people. Matthew, welcome. Thank you very much. And MLS Hub that. It's like a live long and prosper symbol. I'm loving that everybody. For those of you who don't know it is episode 62 I believe it might be 61 62 62 of the #AskASoccerPro Show. I'm your host MLS veteran, 11 year MLS veteran Quincy America. And I want to welcome you to another amazing episode of the show. I'm excited for today's episode because we've got none other than the man, the myth, the legend BWP sir Bradley Wright-Phillips top 10 on the all time MLS goal scoring charts, just overall savage hundred eight goals in, I forget how many appearances it was recently.

Quincy Amarikwa (02:24):

Just a part of the New York Red Bulls currently is a forward for LAFC. He'll be joining us here when he, you know, when he decides to grace us with his presence. But I'm looking forward to that. In the meantime, I want to welcome everybody to the show to the live. Connor said it's 1:00 AM in England, Quincy and I love your dedication. Always joining in, always sucking up that MSL knowledge and just being better with every passing day official coach ed, you're set in life. Life is boring with no soccer, but we've got our online platforms, we've got our online community and we're growing and we're learning from each other every day. I understand the you know, being a little bit sad about soccer not being up and running, but this is our opportunity to get better while everybody else has taken a break. This is when we take it to the next level.

Quincy Amarikwa (03:13):

Spiritual Athlete said ending racism one day at a time. Brother, one day at a time, RA said, I played for California Thorns. My coach is Ryan Masch. Yo, shout out the California thorns, right mash, head of R B pro by perfect soccer division. Ryan's been doing some awesome work for the company for the last two years. Now. we've just gotten the whole perfect soccer team membership training center up and running. If you guys have not if you guys have not joined, make sure you head over to perfect soccer that's perfect soccer team member or S yeah, I'm just going to say that perfect soccer team member. Create yourself an account, get signed up and download all of that man. The fire soccer knowledge and everything we've got going on over there. Everyone, we've been working for many years to prepare for our time and our time is that, is this time now is the time.

Quincy Amarikwa (04:14):

Cause I think everybody obviously because of the current virus issues and problems and situation that's unfolding here in the United States everyone is on kind of a self quarantine. The stay at home movement is going on right now. So a lot of people who are learning and figuring out for the first time, how to function at home, how to operate online, how to, how to build a business from home or learn from home. And we're happy to help people along that process and journey. And if you are unsure of what to be doing in these times, make sure you first create yourself a Perfect Soccer team membership. Then to go check out my story today, my story. I'm sharing a couple of other tools and resources. For those of you who are interested in learning financial literacy real estate investing.

Quincy Amarikwa (04:58):

What else we got on there? Literally everything. We've been doing this stuff for super long guys. So if you guys can hear me all right and everything's good and you're excited for today's guest, please spam that heart button. Spam, spam, spam that heart button, dropping some dropping some questions that you've got for me. Paul, shout out Paul PG Sports. Perfect. Soccer's had audio engineer just joined in loving that. So as we're waiting on a Julian, welcome to the lab. Love seeing you guys spam that heart button. That's awesome. I don't know if it does anything, but it fills my heart with joy and it lets me know that you guys are all in on the brand all in on what it is that we are doing here and building here. Some of you, if you could drop in the comment section some of the stuff that you've learned from being a part of the account.

Quincy Amarikwa (05:46):

Maybe letting new people who are joining in for the first time know why this is the number one account they want to be a part of following and making sure to, to, to subscribe to the podcast, join the live. I'd be greatly appreciated and I know they will greatly appreciate you for doing so. I think it's more a matter of people just becoming aware more than anything else. Since he said mental strength, yo, that's what we're here to build. You know what it is. Spiritual Athlete makes sure you guys go S subscribe to his YouTube channel. Give him a follow. Let him know what's going on. MLS hub. If you hang around for a little while after Bradley, Wright-Phillips joins, I'll buzz you in and we'll, we'll chat here after he's after he's gone. I want to make sure that we don't miss him once he joins in Quincy.

Quincy Amarikwa (06:39):

Can you check your DMs when you can. I will try my best. We're getting hundreds of DMS. And it takes us quite some time to get through to everything. But if you create a Perfect Soccer team membership, join our account. You'll get access to our private Facebook group where you get answers to your questions much faster. So for those of you who don't know about that, that's an unlock. That's a secret sauce. Unlock. We reward those who invest in themselves here. Sonya said, I learned about strength in our minds and not just from not just from being busy loving that J P J pro skill said this is my fourth live and I have joined in. I have really enjoyed it. Thank you very much. I appreciate your feedback and curb and said in your head, technically yes, but now I'm in yours. Let's see what we got here.

Quincy Amarikwa (07:37):

You check your DM when you can. You have just saw that one. Let's see. Let's do it. That soccer mama said. I learned not to be judgmental of others. Don't comment about the short term because success is exponential. Longterm success.

Quincy Amarikwa (07:53):

You guys are learning so much and applying so much more, which is awesome to see. And because of that I learned a lot as well to you. K 23 Hampton said advice on how to go about building an online business. For example, how did you first create perfect soccer and bringing in revenue also? Is it true that profits from home business go untaxed Ooh, those are some serious questions. I'll have to save that on a table. That one. Cause I could go in that one might take a while to answer but I like that question so make sure we'll keep that official. Coach [inaudible] coach Edgar said, I've learned great time management. It must be going through the time management document and the time management training. Rough RAF Ferez 35 said you taught me how to be better, get better touches on the ball and more mentally. I'm loving that. Hold on one second guys. I think I'm just gonna say BWP B W you think? I think he just sent me a text. Hold on one second. The live might pause cause he just sent me a text. So let me see.

Quincy Amarikwa (09:07):

Let me know if you guys can still hear me. BWP will be joining in here in the next five minutes. So while we're waiting on him to join, let me get back to that question and see if I can answer that for you. K 23 said advice on how to go about building your own online business. I'd say the first piece of advice that I would, that I gave on that journey is understanding financial literacy and budgeting and money. And a great way to go about doing that is to go to leverage investment So on my story, you'll see that you can swipe up to it. I've got a free financial literacy course that I put together for my friends and family that has helped them really get all that stuff together. Man. It is dry in here. I should've got a cup of water.

Quincy Amarikwa (09:52):

Yeah. You said you live in a cabin. This is my son's log cabin. We're at his grandparents house and they they built him a log cabin, so he's living that good life. And I, you know, I asked him if I could, if, if you'd be so kind as to let me use his cabin canine say, great, I'm starting to work on your financial literacy courses. Well, I, I have growing interest in the financial side of things to increase my revenue, to help support my path to pro love that you're being proactive and that's extremely important, especially with what you guys can see right now. The entirety of MLS has been, thank you very much. And you requested and, and the water comes

Quincy Amarikwa (10:45):

Well. As you guys can see, most pro players are not preparing for the complete uncertainty that comes along with playing pro. One of those uncertainties can be the entire league can shut down for it an undetermined length of time. But most people just go, well that's never happened before. So it'll never happen in the future. But you guys know what it is in the MSL, the mental strength league, we stay ready so we don't have to get ready and to to your point in terms of wanting to help support yourself financially on your path to pro, you're going to hit times in your career just like I'm at right now, where technically I'm in. Technically, if the season was still going, I'd be in my free agency here. So I'm still in free agency. And during that time you're going without pain, you don't have any money and you're waiting for your opportunity and the next opportunity to come, you don't know if and when it's going to come. And guess what? The season shut down for everybody. So everyone's technically in the free agency. And the difference between most players and me, at least here I can speak for myself right now, is they are not prepared for the uncertainty of not having a job. And when you don't a job, when things aren't going well, you need to have things that you can work on that are productive

Quincy Amarikwa (12:01):

Just like this. And the man of the hour has joined in. Let me see. [inaudible] There we go. Is joined in. I'll continue that later. But the man of the hour has just joined in BWP. Yo, everybody drops him off in your head emojis and welcome. There he is. Look at there. He is aw man.

Bradley Wright-Phillips (12:24):

What's up my guy?

Quincy Amarikwa (12:25):

I'm excited.

Bradley Wright-Phillips (12:26):

You get comfortable.

Quincy Amarikwa (12:27):

Yes, yes. Let me make sure we're good to go. There we go.

Bradley Wright-Phillips (12:32):

Can you hear me good enough?

Quincy Amarikwa (12:34):

I can hear you. Okay everybody, can you drop some a drop, some love for our guest. The legend, the man, the man. No, no longer a myth bro. You're a walking legend.

Bradley Wright-Phillips (12:47):

Far too kind, bro.

Quincy Amarikwa (12:49):

Come on bro. You know, I've been watching you for years and I've been, I've been I've been a huge fan, avid supporter and I've loved every, every moment of it.

Speaker 5 (12:59):

Man, every time you scored a goal bang a goal, it puts a smile on my face man. A smile.

Bradley Wright-Phillips (13:04):

Appreciate it bro. I appreciate it bro.

Quincy Amarikwa (13:07):

Um welcome to the live man. I'm, I'm juiced. You're able to make it, I know there's a little bit of confusion.

Bradley Wright-Phillips (13:13):

But to the people out there, this is my first time live. I've never done this. It's weird. I feel like a young man.

Quincy Amarikwa (13:20):

I love that bro. Student of the game, always learning,

Bradley Wright-Phillips (13:23):

Always learning.

Quincy Amarikwa (13:26):

Yo. Okay, that's a great way to start to start off our conversation. So as you may or may not know, you know, this is the #AskASoccerPro Show. We go live every Thursday. I talk about the M I know we play in the MLS, but when we talk about on this show is the MSL, which is the Mental Strength League.

Speaker 5 (13:43):

I know you know a little bit about that.

Bradley Wright-Phillips (13:45):

I know about that bro. I know about a lot about that.

Quincy Amarikwa (13:47):

I know you know about it cause I'll.

Bradley Wright-Phillips (13:49):

Keep doing the thing with that as well. Man. I like that a lot bro.

Quincy Amarikwa (13:52):

I appreciate it. I appreciate it very much. I see you as someone who has a very high level of mental strength and I even proof of that, that people can see right here right now, and you might not recognize it, everybody, but this man just said, I've never done this before. I don't know what this is. I feel like a little kid, but he still shows up. And that is a skill that I think most people do not understand is vitally important to being successful. Not only on the pitch, but off the pitch.

Bradley Wright-Phillips (14:23):

Yeah, I agree. It's easy to, it's easy to, to not do something. You're a little bit afraid of it. It's so easy to not, I'm not saying this is a big thing coming on live. Why it's so easy to just in life, anything that's a bit difficult or you might not know how to go about doing it and you just end up not doing it. I was like that when I was younger.

Quincy Amarikwa (14:39):

Yeah. Okay. That's interesting. What, why, why do you feel that that's how, how you were and why, why do you feel that that's not that that's no longer you?

Bradley Wright-Phillips (14:49):

Well, that's how I was because I think I only recognize this when I got older. I felt a lot of pressure from just different way, different areas of my life. I felt pressured by what my family had done in a football game. It's more with football I felt a lot of pressure, so I would never really try as hard in case I didn't reach the highest, you know, it would scare me.

Bradley Wright-Phillips (15:07):

I was scared to almost make my own, my own story, my own journey. And coming over to America changed that for me.

Quincy Amarikwa (15:13):

That's more or less amazing. So what, what, what has the American experience been for you and, and what did you think it was going to be when you showed up and what has it become?

Bradley Wright-Phillips (15:24):

Yeah, for me it was, I'll be really, it was, I was just coming to see the place I was going to see what New York Red Bulls is like. I wanted to see the facilities. If they'd done things the same as they do in England. I want to just see what the standard was like. Yeah. And when I got here it was a different time, but it was, I was very impressed. I think at that time though, there's big names there. So the standard was good, facilities were good and it was somewhere I could play and do well.

Bradley Wright-Phillips (15:48):

Yeah. I never thought it would go like this, but yeah, it's been good.

Quincy Amarikwa (15:51):

Okay. Okay. That's interesting. Okay. You didn't think you'd go like this, but I know you, you're, you have to have been someone who's been confident in your abilities and you know that you could, you can perform maybe you weren't expecting to perform to the degree and level that you have, but why, why do you why do you say you weren't expecting it?

Bradley Wright-Phillips (16:10):

Well, it's cause I never planned, like even, even if you ask me what my targets are for the season, I w I never shared her things or are, I don't try and get too deep into it myself. I try and take one day or one game at a time. And I think when I came here, I just, I want it to start. I wanted to get into the team and then after that I scored enough, I want to go next game and then all of a sudden we're here.

Bradley Wright-Phillips (16:31):

You know, I'm the kind of personality that if I, if I think too much about anything, I think even if you look at me, how I play I'm all instincts. So if I think too much about anything, I I'll try and perfect it and I won't get one bit of it right. So that helps me go into every situation confident to just, I'm just like, it is what it is. I prepared this, we can train him. The rest will take care of yourself because when I, when I never used to do that, I'll be lost.

Quincy Amarikwa (16:59):

Okay. That's interesting. So what do you, what do you feel was the catalyst or what allowed you to make that connection?

Bradley Wright-Phillips (17:06):

It's coming over here. It was, it was self honesty. You know, before I came over here, I had, I had a few offers in England and I had New York Red Bulls and I was just like, wherever I choose, wherever I'm going to go, cause I know I'd been doing, I'd been playing half height.

Bradley Wright-Phillips (17:20):

I was no, I wasn't doing extra work. You know, I wasn't working on my game. I always knew I could score that was enough and I wouldn't do the other little things. And I said the next place I go, I'm not going to be scared to, to give it my all and then fail. And it doesn't work out. And the one time I've done it in my life is worked out. So for young people listening, honestly, do not be afraid to fail. I know it sounds so cliche, but you cannot be afraid to fail.

Quincy Amarikwa (17:47):

That's man, I'm dumped. I'm soaking even, I'm soaking in the knowledge, bro. I appreciate it.

Bradley Wright-Phillips (17:53):

Very simple stuff. But it's very simple stuff. But when you, when you've actually done something and worked on something yourself and the [inaudible] day, the proof's there, you guys all see me, I'm not an amazing player. I just know what I'm good at and I won't let anyone stop me from, you know, playing my game or doing what needs to be done for me to have a good game or for me to score goals. And that's where it comes down to.

Quincy Amarikwa (18:14):

I love that. The first core value and pillar of perfect soccer is self honesty. So the fact that you said the, the thing that, the thing for you was being honest with yourself about what it is you knew you weren't doing and what you could be doing is something that I think many players and many people, especially a lot of the young kids who follow the account have struggled with. And it's always great to hear it from someone like yourself who has achieved so much at the level that you have because a, it can be, it can be very hard to do the simple things.

Bradley Wright-Phillips (18:49):

Yeah. Well that's what we all struggle with. We watch, we watch Barcelona and we think, we think they do some complicated things. We think they do everything complicated. And that's what people try and replicate and replicate. They get the simple things, well like 90% of the time. And that's what we can all do as individuals. Not even just with football, just in life, just do the basics right more often than not, we always think there's is this tricky way and you have to be some special human being. It isn't this consistency. It's doing the basic things, right. More often than not.

Quincy Amarikwa (19:25):

Yup. And that's what that's what confuses people cause to be a special person to be a special human being is you just have to do the simple things well for a consistent long duration period of time.

Bradley Wright-Phillips (19:36):

Cuz that's the thing, right?

Quincy Amarikwa (19:37):

Yup. Yup, yup, yup. I think [inaudible]

Quincy Amarikwa (19:40):

It can get difficult because on the path you want the shortcut, you want it to come quicker or you get impatient and, and doing that just makes the process longer and harder.

Bradley Wright-Phillips (19:49):

And it does. I agree.

Quincy Amarikwa (19:52):

Oh man, I'm loving that. Okay. So let me let's transition a little bit. We've got some fans who are submitting a couple of questions. So we'll throw a couple questions at you. That soccer mama just asked. What failures in the past have you overcome?

Bradley Wright-Phillips (20:08):

There's a lot. I'm trying to, I've been very lucky since I got here, but if I had to say something minor that I'm not sure if people knew from the outside. I remember there was a game I missed two penalties [inaudible] game and I missed two penalties in one game and not bruised me. That was like, you know, I used to [inaudible] the pressure was on me to score goals. I know, I like that pressure. I remember missing two penalties in the game and for a good two weeks after I was crushed, I felt like I could,

Bradley Wright-Phillips (20:47):

Everything I've done was, but anymore.

Bradley Wright-Phillips (20:51):

Then we all do it. You fall into reading comments and everything and I just, I lost it for a while. But again, I, I spoke with myself. I watch some of my highlights whenever I'm coming for a little bit of about some of my highlights and I have to tell myself I'm not a terrible football player. Stop being a baby and get on with it. But there's many a time. There's many times, but that one I remember of recent, that one kind of bruised me for awhile. I was struggling.

Quincy Amarikwa (21:20):

Got you that. See, that's good because I think many players, especially young ones who are watching the, they think that they're the only ones to ever feel down on themselves, have self doubt, uncertainty and the fact that you're even having to say, Hey, I had to remind myself that I'm not a terrible player is like,

Bradley Wright-Phillips (21:40):

No, you do man. You do it. I don't know if it's just me, but I'm, I'm bad. I didn't know what a time up. I'm battling all the time.

Quincy Amarikwa (21:50):

Felipe just joined in.

Bradley Wright-Phillips (21:52):

Hi Felipe!

New Speaker (21:52):

Felipe said, shine.

New Speaker (21:55):

Hey, I show you. I had called the other day, bro, you need to cut that off yet all of it. Get rid of all of that, bro.

Quincy Amarikwa (22:04):

Let's see. A Sage of DBZ asked, what do you recommend to do to improve decision making?

Bradley Wright-Phillips (22:14):

That's a tough one. That sounds like a question for Quincy to improve decision making. Give me a second.

Bradley Wright-Phillips (22:24):

That's a tough one to answer. To improve decision making. You just, it just made me a game play or no.

Quincy Amarikwa (22:29):

So let's say just in everything. So everything on the game is, is the result of a decision you made, right? So you said you plan. Okay. So this is good. I like this. Okay. Okay. So you, you play on instincts.

Bradley Wright-Phillips (22:42):

Yeah. Right.

Quincy Amarikwa (22:43):

That's where you say your base operating system system is, right. But instincts means you're trusting your intuition for knowing where to be when, right. So it's feeling, yeah. That's how you feeling the game. Yeah. So that means you're able to probably anticipate the actions or movements of the players around you. Yeah, but that's how the one, sorry.

Bradley Wright-Phillips (23:05):

Okay. But you're describing my game here. You're describing me as a player.

Quincy Amarikwa (23:07):

Right. Okay. Okay. So this is my mind, my mental side of it.

Quincy Amarikwa (23:12):

Right. So, okay. So you're able to anticipate other player's movements, which tends to mean in the way that I describe it for other people so they can understand on the level of us playing is you've come to a decision sooner than they have. Yes. But it's the decision they're going to come to. They just, they just don't know it yet. Yes. Yeah. Okay. So relative to them, your, the game is moving slower for you and faster them. Yeah. Yeah. And when you, what you're, when you're describing to me, when you say, well, when I'm overthinking it and I'm not playing with feeling, I'm thinking what decision they're going to make and then overthinking it because then I do the opposite. Now I'm running into them. Yeah. I'm not in the right place. I'm not scoring the goal. So for someone who plays with on feeling, how do you kind of find that Zen space? How do you train feeling? Like what is it that you fear? Yeah.

Bradley Wright-Phillips (24:16):

Yeah. I train the same way. I train the same way. So, for example, we'll get back to the decision making if we're doing finishing practice, if you're just passing booths out to the edge of the box and I'm just controlling it and shooting it, I don't join him. We finishing, I practice my finishing and small sided games when there's a defender on me because that's the only way I improve. So when it comes to, if we're talking about that being my decision making, it comes from me. Trust in my instincts that you said my decisions are already made. I know what I'm good at, I know what makes me good. So to answer this question, no, what makes you good and don't second guess it and your decisions will be made clearly they, you won't, don't second guess it. Anytime you overthink and I'm speaking for players that play off instincts or are good in that way. Yeah. Do not second guess yourself. That's when things start unfolding and falling apart.

Quincy Amarikwa (25:07):

I love that. Okay. And one thing that I'll highlight that you, that you pointed out that I want everybody to kind of take away from this is being that you're an instincts driven player, what I want everybody to understand is he has made his decision on the practice field. He's not making his decision in the game. His decision to not join in, in a drill that he knows will train bad habits in the game. Yeah. Right. So here's your decision has already come in small sided. I'm going to train game like situations. I'm going to make every single situation count so that when I am in this situation,

Bradley Wright-Phillips (25:43):

I don't even think boom. It's no, it's just a regular day.

Quincy Amarikwa (25:48):

Yes. And I think something that many players tend to do and they aren't even aware that they're doing it, is they're training horrible habits and their training, terrible decision making before they've even stepped on the field.

Bradley Wright-Phillips (26:00):

I'm telling you, I'm telling you, I sometimes I'll see defenders or like goalkeepers taking free kicks or just doing things that you're going to do. You're never going to do it. We'll train bad habits. That's what I think anyway. Yes, no, that I, that was a good one. I'm glad. Yeah, you've probably seen it. Sorry, I'm still waiting to anyone that knows me. I'm a sweater.

Quincy Amarikwa (26:33):

Okay. I know we're going, I know we like, I like to go deep with the high level, but I'm getting better at making sure we're balancing it out. So MLS hub has added, asked Bradley how life in Los Angeles been treating you?

Bradley Wright-Phillips (26:46):

Is very good man. I can't complain honestly. I would like to complain. I'm very moany, but I'm looking for things to complain about and, you know, to know what I'll find something.

Bradley Wright-Phillips (26:56):

But this type of my fault, I it's been raining since I got here. I think I bought the English weather here, but apart from that it's been amazing. Awesome. How do I get this question off my screen?

Quincy Amarikwa (27:07):

Oh, there we go. There it is. There it is. Let's see what we got here. The sheriff joined in, he said, I played with Bradley. How how he was, how was he so mentally strong to keep his kitty and Sheridan? Yeah. The sheriff. Yeah. I think, is that it? He said I played with you.

Bradley Wright-Phillips (27:28):

I did play with it, but if he's asking a question, listen to yo Kilian he'll be messing around. Do not take his questions serious.

Speaker 7 (27:35):


Bradley Wright-Phillips (27:38):

Well we figured they look good. Don't answer, he's just winding you up. You are. Trust me. He's a funny guy. But follow Kilian Sheridan, if you want to laugh, follow this guy the best,

Speaker 7 (27:52):


Quincy Amarikwa (27:52):

Yeah, bro. Where have you been, man? Well a guy. Kenny, you're the nicest man on this earth. Yeah, bro. Gosh bro. I it was always funny. I never played with, I never played with Kenny, but I always watched from outside and what I always heard and knew was how frustrated he made people because he's, he's a big dude, right? He should be like a target nine, but he likes plans. You know what I mean?

Bradley Wright-Phillips (28:19):

Ripping up. Yeah. He's got, he's got good, but you look at him and you're just wanting to just pick up the defenders and throw him. He's just, he's just the nicest guy ever. He wants to play that for you, bro. Play like you.

Quincy Amarikwa (28:32):

That's what I'm saying. He had no aggressive and your, but that's why I'm glad y'all bro. That's what I'm glad I looked at those guys. I'm like, Hey, none of these guys want to fight. I guess I'm just going to get real good at fighting. People are going to look at me and be like, who is this guy you gotta get in their head? Andre, Andre, bro. I'm your biggest fan.

Quincy Amarikwa (28:55):

I'm gonna talk to him. He was a, he's, he's getting [inaudible] he's getting married, but I don't, I think they're going to have to cancel his thing, but man, I need, I need hit this guy up. He's lost all his hair. I bet you he's making funny. You'd be involved for stupid long. He was, bro.

Bradley Wright-Phillips (29:10):

Welcome to my world, bro. Welcome to my world.

New Speaker (29:12):

He doesn't, he doesn't have any hair anymore, bro, so don't worry. I'll make sure he know him not too long ago.

New Speaker (29:19):

That's amazing going. What else we bought. I often compare my game to Katie mentored, bro. All right. Okay. I got

Quincy Amarikwa (29:45):

Go on

Bradley Wright-Phillips (29:48):

Because exactly what you said. I like and again, it's something. Yeah, no, it's something I used to like I think, I don't know if you, if you notice what I like now, a little physical core. I like backing into defenders. I like trying to hold the ball up is something I pray. I pray I try to pride myself on because I was never good at it. And I think you do that so easy. Even if you're not scoring, you make a defender's day the longest day ever. They cannot, I know they can't be bothered to play against you and it's just something I like, you know, I like to see that when I'm watching you, I'm, I'm excited. Like watch this guy, he's gonna like pull you the defenders jump high, quick, strong. It's amazing. And then when you score as well, I love strikers that when they score, they, they enjoy it. You know, you can see in their face. That's what I like about Wondolowski too about yeah,

Quincy Amarikwa (30:39):

Yeah bro. Wando wrote a man Wando aye.

Bradley Wright-Phillips (30:43):


Quincy Amarikwa (30:46):

I've been in almost every single organization, almost every single organization I've played with almost every guy that's played. And there is a special quality in every single player that makes them a professional. And yeah, bro. I love that. I think the thing that I, I weirdly fell in love with was seeing a defenders face when they look at me for the first time, but I'm coming on the field and I can already tell no bro. They, they're just like, ah, geez.

Bradley Wright-Phillips (31:13):

That battle's already won bro. It's already won.

Quincy Amarikwa (31:16):

It's, it's finished. You walk straight up out of my look. I go, you're not ready. I know you don't want today. I've seen your face already. I've seen it. You've already told me I'm not going to lie. I fell in love with that so much that it negatively impacted my career because I would get more joy and pleasure out of just making the, the, the day of the defenders so terrible. So like my teammates, so my teammates could score a win that I'm not getting. I wasn't getting stats and I'm like, man, this isn't good or whatever the other part. So, well bro, you got to find balance. You've got to find balance, balance bro. I went too far, went too far. But that's why,

Bradley Wright-Phillips (32:14):

Well, I've always got to run. I've got a relentless spot for you. I've got a few more questions for sure.

Quincy Amarikwa (32:33):

He just kind of rock it and keep it up. All right, let's see what we got here. Like being like, okay, so we got one from Heisen German to 2005 he said BWP what was it like being let go from New York Red Bulls after being there so long?

Bradley Wright-Phillips (32:54):

Yeah, it was yeah, I wouldn't lie to you, but somewhere I'd thought I'd be forever. I thought I would end my career there. But I think for the people that are not involved, you think that happened just, you know, at the end of the season, this is something I knew, which is why I was kinda hurt because I didn't get to say bye properly. I was injured. I didn't really get to play my last games properly. So it's something I knew early and I was just getting frustrated. That's why I was rushing by my injury. I wanted to have one loss, you know, decent half a season at least to say goodbye. But yeah, it was, it was easy to take towards the end because I had known, you know, I can tell by conversations that it wasn't going to go the way I wanted it to.

Quincy Amarikwa (33:31):

Got you. Got you. And I I can, I can understand that process. It's difficult and I can only imagine what that's like, you know, being in an organization, so good being at an organization as long as you have and having given as much as you have to the organization, but also knowing that you still have more to give to the game, you still want to play, you know? So

Bradley Wright-Phillips (33:52):

Yeah, no, of course, of course. It, that's how it goes there. You know what? And then my last club childhood, I had a similar thing. I was there, I had done well and you know, we ended up parting ways and after that you realize, you know, you realize at the end of some seasons it's business and you know, I'll be a fool to get emotional and think I'm special to be treated in different ways. It's business. I enjoyed my time there. It was amazing. But we move on everyone. I think people think I'm done. This is where I get into another battle in my head as well. They think, you know, over the Hill. Oh, this season's going to be fun for you guys. [inaudible]

Quincy Amarikwa (34:29):

I love bro. I love you. No, no, I love that mentality. And for me I go like, Oh, I was telling these, I was telling was that same lesson guy say, I know you guys think I'm a joke, but I'm not joking.

Bradley Wright-Phillips (34:44):

I'm not joking.

Quincy Amarikwa (34:47):

Well, I love that one. Let's see. Earl Earl Edwards joins in, in the community and the life he answers questions and helps us get to everybody. Earl dropped in one of the questions that pop popped up. He had said was it hard dealing and this kind of coincides with what you were talking about, your time with the ending time with Red Bulls. Was it hard dealing with injury and bench time last season?

Bradley Wright-Phillips (35:11):

Yeah. no bench time, not so much because to be honest, I shouldn't even been going on a bench that was just me, you know, overruling the, or just talking up and saying I want to be on a bench. At least I shouldn't have been on a bench. I was happy to go on a bench. I wanted to travel while sick at home. I couldn't be both too. I hated doing rehab and everything. So for me, getting on a bus, I was loving it. But in all honesty, I shouldn't have been going. I shouldn't have been traveling, wasn't 100% fit, but I just want it to be a politic because again, I knew it was my last season, so I just wanted to be a part of things and try and help out where I could.

Quincy Amarikwa (35:46):

I understand. I think that can be a difficult balance.

Bradley Wright-Phillips (35:50):

That was stupid though. Don't do that. Young guys,

Quincy Amarikwa (35:53):

Hey, but sometimes it takes, sometimes it takes going through that experience to know that and the fact that you're willing to share that and be open and honest with it. I commend a lot because most people would would, would not share that. And I think that's an important thing. It's an important thing to share and to let be known. You know what I mean? Like, Hey, sometimes you want it so bad that you're, you're not helping yourself and you're not helping those around. Yes. Yeah, of course. And that's when your, your passion can get in your own way. So passion is good. There you go. No, I love that. Oh man. Now you give us some gems, bro. You're giving some real gems and I appreciate it.

Bradley Wright-Phillips (36:32):

I'm going to start looking in from now on. Every Thursday. I've got nothing to do,

Quincy Amarikwa (36:36):

Bro. You know, you know, we're here. I think next week we'll have a ICO pars planning on joining in on the live shared, shared a bit of what he's got. Man, I'd be, I'd love to have you on the show again anytime you want to pop in, bro.

Bradley Wright-Phillips (36:50):

Yes, I've got a question for eight next week. I'll ask him a question.

Speaker 5 (36:54):

Okay. I love, I love that. Okay. how about you? You got any questions for me, bro? You got anything for me?

Bradley Wright-Phillips (37:04):

No, but just thank you for having me on. You know, there's a lot of things I don't talk about. I'm kind of a private person. So it's, it's sometimes it's good for me to get these things off my chest and talk and see what people really want to ask me and obviously yet keep doing your thing, man. It's a good look. I like it. Thanks for having me on the show man.

Quincy Amarikwa (37:19):

I know, I appreciate it man. And I know a more of you guys. If you guys got questions, other stuff for for the legend make sure you gotta send them in. Show him some love, drop some comments on his most recent, I know you got a couple of projects that you're working on that are coming up, right? So I'll make sure everybody's following along on that. And anytime you got something, man you've got a place to share that, spread that message, let me know and I'm happy to help any way that I can bro. Macgyver Frankie mine, of course, brother, I'll I'll catch you. You're soon. And I'm loving that. I'll see you.

Bradley Wright-Phillips (37:57):

Right. I'll see you later. How do I get off it?

Quincy Amarikwa (37:59):

Don't worry. I just said, how does he get off? Boom. I got you brother. Hey everybody dropped those I'm in your head. Emojis, if you, if you appreciate the knowledge, the wisdom and the honesty that sir BWP just dropped in and dropped on everybody's head. Especially I know the New York red bulls followers who are kind of wanting to get a better understanding of you know, PWPs perspective. Hopefully you guys can see and know that the man is extremely passionate about what he does. He wanted to give his all the organization he gave his all to the organization. And and I think that'll hopefully be very insightful. For those of you who've been kind of wonder what's been going on on his side of the world. So I'm happy that he was able to join in on the live and share a bit of his perspective and his knowledge with you. Yes, yes, yes. I'm loving that. Kenny goop. Kenny Cooper said. Awesome. Great stuff guys. Hey, thanks for joining and brother, we'll have to get you here on the, on the show sometime soon. At the very least, Kenny, we've got the perfect soccer podcast. Paul does interviews of your story. I'd love to get, get an interview with you here soon. If you're down for that, I'll make sure we we send you a message here as well. Everybody sending in their dropping their, I'm in their head emojis.

Quincy Amarikwa (39:28):

I'm loving that you Red Bulls memes has the the face mask for social distancing purposes. Loving that. Everyone's spamming that heart button. All right, you guys know what it is. We go from six, six for an hour. So we've got 20 more minutes left here on the line before they kick me off. If anyone has some questions, I'll answer a couple of questions. MLS hub, if you are still in the live, I'll I'll buzzy in so we can and speak for a little bit. Jordan asks Quincy, do professional players take any supplements before matches to increase performance? Each player is different. I know some guys, a lot of guys like caffeine, they drink coffee. So caffeine is a supplement and I see that as a supplement. Others are drinking some like caffeine type type of products. I'm not, I'm, I don't like taking anything. I don't like caffeine or any of that stuff. I, I prefer to not rely on anything that way you guys know what it is. Stay ready so you don't have to get ready. If I get used to caffeine or drinking red bull or you know, having a Coke or soda or whatever, then what do I do when I don't have it? And I, I'd rather just I'd rather just prepare with what I have on me at all times. Let's see.

Quincy Amarikwa (40:57):

That soccer mama said BWP amazes me because he plays by instinct and scored so many headers. I think he's like five, eight, which isn't that tall. How's he doing that? Hey, he's got the feeling he's got the field. Aaron said I play for the California thorns. How do you mentally prepare for a game? Well, I think the best way to mentally prepare for a game is listen to previous episodes of the hashtag asks and soccer per show because you're getting all the best mentality training from, from high level pros. Just like the one that you heard from today. Top level top 10 MLS all time goal score. But listening to those will better help person on the screen so I can call you.

Quincy Amarikwa (42:09):


Speaker 5 (42:58):

Okay, let me see if I can you guys still hear me? All right. I'm trying to readjust cause I think the, Oh, there we go.

Quincy Amarikwa (43:10):

Requesting to be in the live [inaudible]

Speaker 5 (43:19):

Ah, come on, let's go. It's not popping in.

Quincy Amarikwa (43:32):


Quincy Amarikwa (43:32):

You guys are, if you guys can you guys still hear me? Yeah. Good. Now are we all right? Okay. Alright. Yo, can you guys give me

Quincy Amarikwa (43:48):


Quincy Amarikwa (43:49):

It was gonna be like Jesus' hands or something. If you guys can hear me. All right. Cause I see this stuff coming in, but it's not letting me

Quincy Amarikwa (43:57):

Call anybody in.

Speaker 5 (44:10):

Yeah. MLS Hub go live. There we go.

Quincy Amarikwa (44:15):

Just go up and find you.

Quincy Amarikwa (44:18):

Canine said better now. Okay. Jesus' hands. Yes. Audio.

Quincy Amarikwa (44:21):

What's going on brother? How you feeling?

MLS Hub (44:23):

Pretty good man. How are you?

Quincy Amarikwa (44:26):

I'm good man. I'm just taking it a day at a time, you know?

MLS Hub (44:30):

Yeah, dude, it's right now.

Quincy Amarikwa (44:32):

How about you? What's going on on your side of the world?

MLS Hub (44:35):

A wall in Washington, so it's pretty crazy down here or up, but yeah, I just had my senior year of soccer canceled, so that's kind of a bummer. Oh man. That's tough. Yeah. but graduate and pretty soon, so that's exciting. And then, yeah. How's how's life for you

Quincy Amarikwa (44:57):

Man? It's a, it's moving along. We moved back here to the West coast, so I'm back in California now. Yeah man. So now that we're I think now that MLS is officially, I think we talked about it like a week or two ago were saying like, Hey, you know, based on how things are going, it could get delayed and postponed longer and longer. Yeah, I think now the focus has just been taking advantage of the extra time that we have. I know a lot of pro guys are gonna be going a bit crazy, so it's good to get them at least on the show and give everybody a little bit of an MLS fix cause I know. Yeah.

MLS Hub (45:36):

Yeah. Though it's a big bummer dude. It's, it's with everything canceled. It's crazy. But

Quincy Amarikwa (45:44):

What are you doing on your account? I know you've been kind of working on that and building that over time. Yeah.

MLS Hub (45:49):

Yeah. Well I'm actually working at getting a computer here. Then just being able to work on that Photoshop throughout this break from school. I'm excited. Yeah. Yeah.

Quincy Amarikwa (46:06):

Nice brother. Okay. So what do you, what do you got for me? You got any questions for me?

MLS Hub (46:13):

Basically just how's it been? How's like, since you just said you moved to California, how has that transition been?

Quincy Amarikwa (46:22):

It's been, it's been good. Mainly cause I'm from California originally, so I love it out here. I think East coast was interesting. I learned a lot while I was out there. But, but I think with all the answer, even before the MLS season, you know, you're in your free agency year, so there's just a lot of uncertainty. You don't know where you're gonna be. You kinda, I ended up hanging out there a lot longer than I would have normally because I have my family and it is expensive to pick everything up and move. And if you're going to end up picking, yeah, if you're going to end up picking up and moving to California, then maybe you sign with a team. Now you're picking back up and moving again. So we were staying out there for awhile, but then once we started kind of really to see how the news was going, then I said, okay, it's time to come on over here.

Quincy Amarikwa (47:07):

And for me it's it's giving me the ability to kind of not have to spend as much mental energy on, you know, being in an uncertain space for a long time can get difficult. But that's why we developed the MSL so we can help people get through those times. And it's, I feel like a lot of people are going into that time of uncertainty. How long is this going to be? What's it gonna look like? How's it gonna? How's it gonna play out? And I think it's important that during those times you are preparing for, you're preparing yourself so that you can maintain your sanity while, while there is uncertainty.

MLS Hub (47:52):

Yeah. where in California are you?

Quincy Amarikwa (47:54):

I'm I'm back in Fresno now. Awesome. Yep. Fresno, California. I'm from Bakersfield, California originally. And then where was that? Oh, I went to school up North in Davis. That's where I was like, just trying to think of what else. Yeah. Yes.

MLS Hub (48:13):

Yeah. Yeah. what do you, what are your thoughts on the whole like post, like when do you think the season will get started?

Quincy Amarikwa (48:24):

Oh, that, that one. See where I always, I'm a, I prepare for the worst and hope for the best. So for me, I prepare as if the seasons canceled for the whole year and then ho, and then if it's, if, if you get anything, then it's good news cause it's, yes. So that's how I approach it. And then

Quincy Amarikwa (48:52):

I work on the things that are within my control, so I can't control if they are going to, not yet, at least I can't control if they start the season back up or what's going on or how that operates. So what I can do is I can work on the things like perfect soccer, the community going live improving our online content refining our processes, creating more, more programs and stuff like that.

MLS Hub (49:16):

Yeah. it's kinda, yeah, it's kinda sad with no soccer. It's kinda, it's kind of a dry, dry period. So. Yeah.

Quincy Amarikwa (49:26):

Yes. And so what are you, what are you, what are you going to do? What are you going to do to take advantage of this time you weren't expecting to have?

MLS Hub (49:35):

What am I going to do? I'm gonna, I have a few friends who are very, very talented when it comes to Photoshop. So I'm gonna just take calls with them and they're going to teach me a little bit tips and tricks to it. So I can just refine my abilities. And then thinking of like why I still have school to go back to. So I got to stay for those tests and getting my homework done, stuff like that before I head off to college. And yeah, working on scholarships too, because I've got to find ways to pay for that. So, yeah.

Quincy Amarikwa (50:12):

Got it. Love that. You've got a lot of irons in the fire.

MLS Hub (50:15):

Yes, I got a lot of work.

Quincy Amarikwa (50:19):

Awesome. so what made you follow the Perfect Soccer account?

MLS Hub (50:25):

Well I was, when I first this whole page it was kind of brand new to me. And then I started falling Eli and saw he was working with you guys and I was like, Oh, this is an amazing, count's got some great stuff going on. And I was like, maybe I could get connected with them. I saw that Eli was connected with you guys. That was all kind of how it started. And then gave you guys a follow and just one day get to know more about what you guys are doing and yeah.

Quincy Amarikwa (51:01):

Nice. And what [inaudible] and what has made you stay?

MLS Hub (51:06):

Well, just like the constant, I mean, I just love how you guys can like tap in with these pros and like and being a pro yourself. Just all that, like advice as a soccer player myself. And someone who just wants to get better and better at the things I do. Just that motivation and that like part of from like the experience that you guys have that is something that I don't have. Obviously. I'm not like, I'm less player. So you're that. And then like learning from your assets, experiences.

Quincy Amarikwa (51:43):

Love that. So what, what do you think is the, what's the number one thing that you've, you've learned from the account or someone who's been on the live? Like, what's, what's the, what, what do you feel is the most valuable lesson you've taken from it so far?

MLS Hub (51:58):

I just like, probably the biggest thing. It's just like the hard, like tenacity that you guys show as like an account as a whole even. And then like the idea of like mental, like you're like, it's so mental. Everything is so mental. It's something I've struggled with, which is why I, I'm thinking of going into psychology because I just think it's so important what's up here. And so just like the whole mental strength league as a part of perfect soccer has been really cool. And getting though, listen to that stuff. Yeah.

Quincy Amarikwa (52:32):

That's awesome man. No, I appreciate that. That's a, that's a great segue cause that soccer mama had asked, what are you majoring in, MLS Hub?

MLS Hub (52:41):

Yeah. I'm, I'm thinking, well, I'll be majoring in Spanish. And then second major as probably either psychology or something of that sorts. Yeah. Going to at the university of Washington, so.

Quincy Amarikwa (53:01):

Okay. Yeah, I'm trying to, I'm trying to think of who university of Washington. No, cause I know a Ross went to UVA, right. University, university of Virginia. Right.

MLS Hub (53:15):

Cristian Roldan university of Washington. Okay. Yeah. and then I've been yeah, just kind of that whole school and the soccer there and stuff. So just been like kind of my dream school. So getting in was pretty awesome.

Quincy Amarikwa (53:36):

That's awesome bro. Well, congratulations on that man. Thank you. Thank you. Yeah, no, that's good. Do you got, let's see, you got, I've got like four minutes left before Instagram can kick me off. So I'm going to do like my out-tro and stuff, but did you have anything else quickly for the followers? For me, for anyone in the comment section?

MLS Hub (53:58):

Basically just say thanks for always motivating me to do the best I can and it's been fun being able to talk to you and yeah, thanks for this little segment of time. It's been fun.

Quincy Amarikwa (54:10):

No, of course, man. Hey, thanks for calling in. I'm glad you're able to drop in for a little bit and keep doing your thing and I'm looking forward to figuring, I was talking with Eli, we're really working on trying to create a more regular contributors site and bring, bring all the guys together so guys and girls, everybody together so we can do something. So be on the lookout for that soon. I'll create like an email list so we can all make sure we're all in one place.

Speaker 9 (54:38):

That'd be fantastic. Sweet. Cool.

Quincy Amarikwa (54:40):

Our brother, I'll see you later. He's Earl said Spencer Richie went to university of Washington as well. Roma Roma said, saw this man on the MLS meme page. Yes, we're, we're a growing community who who helps each other grow and and shares that good word cause teamwork makes the dream work. But everybody, I want to thank everybody for joining in on today's episode. It was a really good one. BWP I'm telling you, he drops him, he drops him gyms. I think a lot of you will need to go and listen to this replay here on the account and then head over to perfect soccer and subscribe to the podcast and just listen. Re-Listen, take more notes, listen again. Then go and apply what you've learned and then come back and let us know how amazing it has helped improve. Just your overall mind state.

Quincy Amarikwa (55:46):

David Oh seven said dope hoodie mate. You guys like the hoodie, head to and get yourself some MSL, merge rep the brand. You don't need it but you need it. A Sage of DVC has said, how do you reprogram yourself for bad habits? You've got to start really, really small, so you got to start so small that it's something that you can do. Whether you feel good or feel bad, it doesn't matter. So I always go back to the pushup challenge. That's the simplest concept to think about it. Like you can commit to doing one pushup every day. If you can't do that, then you can commit to doing one squat every day. And if you can't do that, you can commit to doing one of something and then start with that and focus on making sure that you just do that. You get it done.

Quincy Amarikwa (56:40):

It doesn't matter if you're the sickest you've ever felt before, everything's not going your way. Nobody supporting you no matter what. At least you do that one thing. You get that one thing done. And from there you use that to build a basis for applying other things. You say, okay, I do one pushup and one squat every day. I a, I do one push-up, I do one squat, and I say a positive affirmation every day. Then I do one pushup, one squad, a positive affirmation, and then I journal. You know what I'm saying? And you just start building. And then eventually you build a great habits and you break old habits. Let's use another example. Let's say you eat 10 Oreos every day. Well, what you do is you say, okay, I only eat nine Oreos tomorrow, then eight Oreos next day, then seven, then six. Right?

Quincy Amarikwa (57:26):

And if that's too much, then you go nine and a half, four years, the nine Oreos. You get what I'm saying? You break it up into a way that the changes are so small that the jump isn't so big that you can't continue to make progress every single day and eventually you will get there. So that's how you do it. Joe Jackson said, didn't say before but still believe the three S's of self-awareness are one of the biggest things I've learned while in this page and have helped me a lot with my goals. I'm happy to hear that the three S's of self awareness I believe is the most valuable foundational skill for, for the Amarikwa process, our mindset, our core values here and doing what it is that we do. And it's the pillar of the MSL. So if you guys don't know what that is, make sure you had to perfect soccer speaker.

Quincy Amarikwa (58:16):

I think that's correct. You can listen to my three S's of self-awareness talk. I did a talk at Bill Hamid’s camp earlier last year and that'll give you a crash course on that. But I got about a minute left here on the live. I want to thank everybody for joining in on the live love the support. If you guys can take a screenshot of this episode, your and share it on your account tag, the perfect soccer count, tag me. I'll make sure to reshare and shout you out. Let people know about this, show this account, our message our community. And just keep taking advantage of this extra time that you guys did not know that you were going to have a, I don't want you to waste this extra time. Just because things are shutting down doesn't mean you shut down. That doesn't mean you can't get better. It doesn't mean you can't invest in yourself and in your future. This isn't time that anyone was necessarily expecting to have, but now that you have it, it's a gift. Take advantage of it. Love seeing you all. Join in on the live and I'll see everybody here next Thursday, 6:00 PM PST, 9:00 PM EST. We've got Ike Opara joining in, so I know he'll be giving you some gems as well too. So I'll see everybody next week. Thanks again, and I mean, you had.