5 Ways soccer players can build stamina


build soccer stamina

It’s always fun chatting with people, and you tell them you play soccer. The first thing they say without fail is, “ Man Soccer is crazy, how do you run for so long on that big field?” Great question and I’m hoping all the players out there who are trying to get fit are watching this video.

If you can’t run in soccer, you have no chance. The physical demands of soccer are high, and you have to keep up, simple as that. Because the running demands are high, you have to build up your stamina. Stamina is what will propel you to the finish line. Endurance is what helps you get back on defense in the 89th minute. Stamina is what helps you when you need to get to the back post on a cross in the 90th. This is another attribute coaches are looking for in players, and I’m here to give you my five tips that will help you build stamina.


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1.Cardiovascular Exercise

There is no better way to build stamina than to get out there and start running; For me, I loved to mix up the type of fitness I did to work on different kinds of movements in the game. Short sprint workouts versus longer distance workouts worked well and were beneficial. You have not to make excuses and find time outside of your team practice and work on this. In Colorado, we would stay after and work on this so that when our names were called in the game, we were able to step in and be fit. 

Cardiovascular Exercise

2.Strength Training

Strength training is valuable because you need your muscles to play soccer. Your core and stability will play a critical role in everything you do on the field, so making sure it is strong and capable of the rigors of the game are essential. Don't overdo the strength training, remember you're a soccer player, and technical work and tactical work take precedent. 

3. Healthy Diet

What you put in is what you get out. If you continue to have a poor diet by eating junk food and drinking pop, don't expect to play at your best. Your muscles need clean, healthy foods to promote muscle growth and recovery. Foods you should be eating are leafy greens, fruit, nuts, fish, chicken, avocados, etc.. These types of foods are going to give you the best chance to perform at your best because your body will have the energy required to play a 90-minute game.

4. Recovery

After a long day of practice, you need to recover. You immediately have to take care of your body, and that means ice bath, stretching, foam roller, etc. These will give you longevity on your body because you're fighting the wear and tear on your muscles. The older you get, the more difficult it gets to get warm and to play at a high level, do the right things now and benefit down the road.


Your body needs time to relax and recharge, and one of the best ways to do this is to sleep. Sleep promotes muscle growth, staying at a healthy weight, reduces stress, and gives you a lower risk of disease. So make sure to get your rest, so you're giving yourself the best opportunity to succeed. It is what you do off the field which will play a role in your efforts on the field. You don't want to mentally be fatigued, as that will make the game challenging and more stressful on yourself. Do the little things over a long enough period become big things. 


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