Stop Making EXCUSES

Stop Making EXCUSES

A lot of times when Quincy and I answer your questions, we seem to get "reasons" as to why you didn’t practice your shooting when you know you struggle with shooting, or why you’re not in shape for preseason, or why you didn’t stay late after practice to work on your passing. These are what we call EXCUSES. If you don’t take anything else away from anything we produce, understand that EXCUSES will prevent you from taking the necessary steps to improve yourself in Soccer and Life. If you haven’t shifted your mindset yet, this is an excellent time to start the Process. So I’m going to give you five tips on how to Stop making excuses.


1. Write down what you’re fearful of

what you’re fearful of

You need to acknowledge what is holding you back in your player development so you can see it on a piece of paper. Seriously take the time to self-reflect and write this down! So for me, a fear of mine was not being a good passer and messing up in the games. So I would write that down so I could see it and address my fear.

2. Take Responsibility

It is easy to pass the blame, and we all do it because it feels right at that moment and takes any stress or anxiety away from us and puts it on another person. This has to stop immediately. This will hold you back and is a difficult hole to climb out of. You have to take responsibility for your actions. You have to be strong enough to say, “You know what, it is my fault we didn’t win today because I had a few goalscoring chances and I didn’t convert. And I didn’t convert them because I haven’t been putting in the extra work I need to on my own to be better in game situations.” This is the mentality that you need! Taking personal responsibility for getting better or getting worse is in your hands and your hands only. You know it is for you to get to practice early and to leave late. You know it is for you to assess if you gave it you're all in the game, it is for you to decide what type of player you want to be.

3. Stay Positive

Positivity and mindset are extremely important because your brain controls your emotions and having negative thoughts and feelings can give you an imbalance that is tough to play through. Just like confidence, positivity comes from your actions and thoughts. So work on having a positive presence by actively practicing gratitude, affirmations, and implementing your action plan no matter what, KEEP GOING!

4. Expect Challenges

Expect Challenges

Through your development as a player, you are going to have to expect challenges. The day to day grind will be overwhelming at times, so you have to approach this in a particular manner. Embracing the problems is a must. Embracing the challenges will give you a healthy growth mindset and will develop your perspective. Understand that every day you get to play the game of soccer is a gift, one you will never waste. So embrace every challenge that comes your way, it will only make you a better person and player once you come out the other end.

5. Take it one day at a time

Remember to remain patient and stay the course. At times, we can be thinking too far in advance and forget about everything thing else. The reality of the situation is the little things matter, and we need to prioritize the day to day too. So take it day by day and try to keep your emotions in check. Every day will be different, but I promise if you embrace the day to day and enjoy the journey, the destination will be that much sweeter. One foot in front of the other!

Are you going to become the type of player who refuses to make excuses? What are some excuses you’ve made in the past that you now realize are holding you back from becoming the player you want to become?