Spend More Time In The Gym, Or Focus On Practice And Individual Trainings?

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I loved working out and making sure my body is in shape because you need your body to perform well on the field. With all the working out and taking care of your body, you have to make sure you listen to your body and have a regiment in place.


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1. Soccer workouts take priority

You're a soccer player first and foremost, so practicing Soccer is what you should be doing. People who spend more time in the gym instead of practicing their technical ability will struggle. You can't be fit and not pass the ball, that doesn't work. Continue to work on being a good player as well as a fit in shape player! I found success by concentrating on the soccer part. First, you should too.


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2. Gym workouts are great, but be smart.

Be smart with how hard you push it in the gym. The last thing you want to do is push too hard in the gym and then hurt yourself, which would then put you out of playing. When you're in the gym, work hard always, because there are benefits to working out in the gym. Gym workouts can get you strong and can allow you to have a lesser chance of getting injured.  

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3. Trust your body/experiment with your regiment.

You have to trust your body when you have doubts. Only you will ever know how hard you're working and if you're getting anything out of your workouts. With that being said, try different workouts and regiments to see what works for you and what doesn't. If you are continuously doing workouts that are conducive to improving, that is going to put you behind the rest. Give yourself two weeks with a specific workout and then reaccess after! Continue to work at it if you want to improve. So many players won't make it, do everything you can to not be like the others! 
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