How to Become a Great Playmaker in Soccer

become a great playmaker in soccer

Many players want to be playmakers since a lot of the best players in the world play in these positions. They get to handle the ball a lot and they are a part of many of the goals that their teams score. These players have a ton of responsibilities, though, so anyone who wants to be a playmaker needs to know how to be the best creative player that they can be.

Take a look at the tips below if you want to up your chances of becoming a great playmaker.

Make Yourself Available

Since you are the playmaker, you need to find ways to get the ball. This forces you to be creative off the ball since the defenders will recognize that your teammates want to get the ball to your feet. The added benefit of moving around off the ball is that it takes your opponents’ focus off of the other players on your team, potentially creating openings behind the defense.

Remember that even though you need to move around to find openings, you still need to keep your team’s formation intact. For example, if you are an attacking midfielder in a 4-3-3 formation, then you will want to get open in the middle-third of the field so you don’t get in the way of the wingers and full backs.

Master Your First Touch

Master Your First Touch

Before you will be able to consistently create scoring opportunities for your team, you simply have to develop a great first touch. This means that you need to handle every type of pass quickly and in a way that allows you to keep the flow of the play going.

The easiest way to master your first touch is to put it regular work with your teammates. Have them kick the ball to you from different angles and at different heights so you can practice cushioning the ball in front of you. This work will pay off in big ways because you will be able to receive the ball easily in game situations so you can focus on making plays.

Understand Your Teammates’ Instincts

It is very hard to be creative if you don’t know what types of movements your teammates are going to make. If you wait until a player on your team makes an obvious run, chances are the defense will see it and they will find a way to intercept your passes.

Playmakers need to spend a lot of time in practice working with their teammates to develop chemistry. Once you have gotten to point where you have a great understanding of how your teammates will be moving off the ball, then you will have a much easier time picking out passes.

Get the Right Amount of Power on Your Passes

Power on Your Passes

It is one thing to be able to pass a ball in the direction you want it to go, but it is a whole different ability to be able to cushion it perfectly into a teammate’s path. A few feet can be the difference between hitting a teammate in stride and allowing a goalkeeper or defender intercept it. This is why it is essential that you work on weighing your passes.

Not only can you work on this ability in practice, you can also do it on your own. All you need to do is set up a couple of cones and get the ball to stop in between or near them.

It’s Okay to Take Chances

Take Chances

If you are one of the creative players on your team, you are allowed to take chances if you see something open up in front of you. In fact, you may be the only player on your team with this type of freedom.

If you notice a player is making a run and you have a 50/50 chance of beating the defense, go ahead and try to get them the ball. Even if you fail to get the ball to them or the play breaks down, this is the type of pass that will put defenses on their toes and will open up more plays later in the game.

Be Willing to Shoot

Playmakers are known for their passing and moving abilities, but you simply have to be willing to shoot to be a true playmaker. If you don’t shoot, then defenses will back off of you and make it a lot harder to pick out passes.

One of the best ways to maximize your playmaking abilities is to take longer shots (right outside the box) when the chances open up. Not only can you score goals from these positions, you also open up future passing opportunities because defense will move out of position because they know that you are willing to shoot.


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