The 3 things you should focus on

The 3 things you should focus on

In Soccer, we sometimes need things to be simplified. There is so much information and noise out there, so I wanted to write a blog post on the matter. When playing soccer, you have to take the time and focus on a few things. Just like setting goals, keeping your focus to 2-3 things is key. Here are the three most important things to focus on when playing soccer!

1. Passing


If your passes are below average and haven't taken the time to improve, you will struggle to grow. Improvement and a growth mindset have to be a priority when trying to achieve the goals you set for yourself. Passing is how the ball is going to be circulated from player to player around the field. I cannot stress this skill enough, so when you can, practice your short, medium, and long passing daily. When you're at team practice, make passing technique your goal for the day. Once your passing improves, watch your confidence on the field skyrocket. 

2. Touch/Technical Work

touch/technical work

The best players in the world have a special relationship with the soccer ball. The soccer ball is an extension of their body, and they make everything they do with the ball seem effortless. We want everyone who consumes our content to get to that level of comfortability with the ball. Once you can control the ball and understand where the ball needs to go at a high level, this is where you begin to unlock the game and become an impact player on the field! Just training with your team will not get you to this level. What gets you to this level is the work before and after training sessions. No Substitute for the work, remember that.

3. Working Hard

Working Hard

Talent isn't enough if you want to be great. You never hear stories of the worlds best athletes not doing extra reps and perfecting their craft, so don't think you can last off of talent. There are plenty of talented players, and you hear countless stories of them not making it because of lack of care and motivation. We don't want you to be those types of players, because that is not one of our core values. We want you to be successful, and we know the steps that are needed to get there. You have to decide how badly you want to be great, good luck!