Why Growth Mindset Is Important In Soccer

Why Growth Mindset Is Important In Soccer

A mind is a powerful tool. It is what connects the mental and the physical. The brain allows you to sprint for the soccer ball, swim in a pool, to read, play the piano. You name it, and the mind is telling your body how to operate. Because this is true, your brain has to be clear when you’re trying to achieve your goals. Any doubt or negative thoughts can hinder your development as a player. The negativity and doubts lead players to have a fixed mindset, and we want to avoid this. A fixed mindset sounds precisely what you think. Someone who is stuck in their ways and can’t seem to change. Because this happens, growth never occurs. A growth mindset is a way to be, and today I’ll explain why.






1. It opens up the world of possibility

If you go through life closed off and don't allow yourself to open up, you will struggle with reaching your potential in the game. The growth mindset will enable you to have limitless potential because of your belief. So many times, players feel that they will never improve and that’s how things are, or they aren’t open to new ideas to implement into their game. This is the wrong approach. Understanding you can learn and become better is motivation for you to go after your dreams. Don’t take no for an answer; continue to push yourself at being a student of the game.

2. Being better at taking responsibility for your life.

taking responsibility for your life

Now that you know a growth mindset works and you have the potential of being celebrated with the tinkering of your outlook on life, you now have to be responsible because you know it’s you. We talked about this in previous weeks on excuses and being accountable. That has to continue if you want to reach the level of soccer you dream about. So I don’t want to hear anyone saying their weaker foot is never going to be stronger when you know that doesn’t have to be your truth. Make sure you remember this,

3. Never stress about perfection 

Never stress about perfection

Remember this; perfection isn’t possible, so stop trying to be Perfect. What you should work for is being the best you can be. Striving for excellence is excellent, and I encourage this. Excellence doesn’t mean perfection; it means excelling in a way where you know at the end of the day you’re giving it your all.