How to Get Stronger and Faster

How to Get Stronger and Faster

I love Soccer because the players come in all shapes in sizes. Whether you are a big holdup striker or a small crafty attacking mid, there is a place for you in the beautiful game. With that being said, you still need to establish a baseline of strength and speed.

quickness and fluidity in movement

The reason you need strength and speed is that soccer is a demanding game. The game will demand you to sprint, jump, tackle, etc., so you need to prepare your body in a way that can sustain the rigors of soccer. Every player needs to be in touch with his or her body and do what feels right for them.

In this article, I want to talk about what every soccer player can do if they want to get stronger and faster.

When I am talking about strength and speed, I'm not talking in the general sense. I'm talking about how strong are you when it comes to your body and your core muscles, and speed I'm referring to quickness and fluidity in movement.

Lifting weights is an excellent way to get stronger, but some soccer players don't lift weights and elect to go a different route. That option is to work on your core muscles, no weights needed. Core muscles are what keep you centered and help you do everything in soccer. Core muscles help with your balance, flexibility, shooting, tackling, passing, first touch and jumping. Because this is imperative for success, you need to adopt the mentality of working on your core exercises daily. Remember that you have to commit to this if you want to see progress. Progress only occurs over time and isn't quick. Here are five exercises that will help you gain strength in your core if frequently done.

1. Plank


2. Bicycles


3. V- Ups

 V- Ups

4. Jump Squats

5. Push-ups


Makes sure to do each of these exercises for a minute, then take a 30-second rest and do it again. You should start at doing two sets and work your way up until you can do five sets.

Everything we do at Perfect Soccer is interwoven because that is how Soccer is. All aspects of the game go together; so to be a great player you need to work on every aspect so that you can be a complete player. Doing these exercises will get your muscles to be stronger which help you not to pull muscles and prevent injury. Having a strong core will help with speed so make sure you're doing these exercises.

piece of soccer equipment

My favorite piece of soccer equipment outside a soccer ball is an agility ladder. Footwork and agility are two focal points for any soccer player who wants to be great. The agility ladder will allow you to simulate movements you'll do in the game, so it is beneficial. When I talk about speed, this is what I mean. Yes some players are just flat out burners, and more players move beautifully on the field, and they aren't particularly " fast." This type of player should be who you aspire to be. Some players that come to mind are Iniesta, Kaka, David Silva, Juan Mata, David Villa, Thiago, Isco, etc. Watch these players and see how fluid their game is. The reason for this is because they have a great sense of their bodies because they're strong and durable. They've worked on their core muscles so they can move freely and control the ball at high efficiency. If you can do these two things exceptionally well, you have an excellent chance of becoming a great player.

Here are some agility drills you should do daily to work on your speed. Pick five exercises and do each drill a total of 3 times.

Strength and speed are essential in the game of soccer, so it starts now. Push yourself to the limits and give everything you have to be great! Being great is all about habits, passion, learning, and application. If you want to be great, this is what you will do to achieve your dreams and goals, good luck!!