How to leave your mark on the game

How to leave your mark

There are players I played with who have an uncanny ability and presence that make you excited that you play with them. There understanding of the game and how they conduct themselves as a professional is something to marvel about. These players are exceptional at what they do, and because of this, they can always leave their mark on a game and is a valuable skill to have if you want to be a great player and to be scouted by coaches.

Learning how to put your mark on the game is not easy, and only certain players care to take on this responsibility and hold themselves to a high standard. If you care to be great and improve your game, here are the four tips that can help you put your mark on the game.


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1. Can read the game well. ( High Soccer IQ)

Players with high soccer IQ's immerse themselves in the game. They study the game, so they're prepared for anything that is thrown their way. Their preparation is unmatched, and they never make excuses as to why things aren't going their way. They take ownership and make sure to learn from their mistakes. Players that can read the game well always pop up in the right spots, make the right passes, and believe they're the best player on the field!

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2.Understand their role and do it to a high standard

Understanding what is being asked of you is the most important thing to know as a player. If you feel like your role is to do everything, you'll find yourself not being good at anything. A great player knows their role and strengths, and they maximize them throughout the game. For me, I was a center mid and I understood what my role was, to distribute the ball to the players who were going to help us score goals, been an outlet for my teammates, and be tough on the defensive side of the ball. Knowing what was asked of me makes it easier to understand the things I needed to focus on during practice to be well prepared for the game. If you feel like you don't know your role on the field, ask your coach, they will be more than willing to help with that!

3. Technically sound

Technique, Technique, Technique. That is the key to the game, and if you want to have a fighting chance, you'll make sure your technical ability is up to par. I would encourage all students of the game to practice this day in and day out. Before practice, after practice, during practice, on days off. Extra technical practice will help your game tenfold. The players that take over games always know their ability to trap, pass, and dribble will be there and will be used as a weapon during the match. 

Technically sound

4. Make the most out of their individual opportunities

Soccer is a game where you have to make the most of your chances. Whether that is making the most of your scoring opportunities, crossing opportunities, passing opportunities, etc. you have to be clinical because chances are few and far between. Game-changing payers know this and never waste opportunities. They aren't afraid of the moment because they know they're prepared to the best of their ability. In these situations you have to be ready, if not, you'll find yourself not being the player that takes over the game.


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