How to defend better as a defensive mid

How to defend better as a defensive mid

I played defensive mid in college and in the pros, and what I learned is it is a very important position on the field. This player has to do so many things that go unnoticed to the casual fan, but the die-hards understand why that play is crucial. Defending is a thankless job in general, and it goes unnoticed especially if you’re a defensive midfielder. Start getting used to it so you can start learning how to improve

Defending in this spot has to be spot on so you can protect the center of the field, especially when you’re in your defensive third. The defensive midfielder needs to be spot on every moment and not allow the other team to penetrate through the middle. In today's episode, I’ll give you my three tips on how you can start defending better as a defensive mid.


1. Don’t get dragged out of position.

Positioning as a defensive midfielder is most important. Understanding where you need to be is a priority if you want to excel. Patience and discipline are other characteristics that will prove helpful when trying to defend and be the anchor for your team. Being the anchor requires you to not get dragged out of your position. If you find yourself not centrally, more often than not you out of position, so keep that in mind when you're out on the field. You're a shield and an enforcer in there, remember that! Stay connected in the midfield and also with the center backs, this is what all the great defensive midfielders do.

2. Don’t dive in

You cannot dive in! I repeat you cannot dive in. If you're diving in, you're leaving your team in compromising spots. You're the anchor and the shield. If you're diving in, that means you lack the discipline and soccer IQ to play this position. You dive in and you now have opened up a hole directly to the center backs and virtually to your goal. Hold your feet and channel attacking players to where you have numbers. Maybe you don't win the ball, but your teammate does, that is good defending as a group, which is necessary for the team and individual success. Scouts are looking for players like that so keep that mentality up, no excuses.

Don’t dive in

3. Be confident and have a presence.

Confidence is key, no matter what it is you do in life. If you aren't confidence you wont be able to perform and your best. You want to stand at a be a presence on the field, and that can only be possible with you believing in yourself. Knowing in your heart that you have been in the intentional work day in and day out, and that no one will get in your way of achieving your goals.

Be confident