How to be an attacking threat as an outside back.

how to be an attacking soccer player

In the modern game, teams want those outside backs/wingbacks to get up the field. The reason being is they want to throw more numbers forward and put the opposition under pressure. Pressuring the other team can lead to turnovers and more chances to score goals.



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It's all about attacking and being a threat if you an outside back. In the modern game this is a must, and in this article I'll give you my three tips on what you can do today, to be an outside back that can attack and help your team.

1. Have technical skill like a midfielder.

Because outside backs touch the ball often, coaches want this player to be comfortable on the ball. Players who often are comfortable on the ball are midfielders so for the outside backs out there, you need to start working more on your technical ability. If you're not getting to practice early and staying late, you're doing something wrong and have to ask yourself if you're being honest with yourself. Keep working at this because it won't happen overnight, it will require consistency over a long period of time, don't give up, keep pushing to try and get to closer to your goals every day!


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2. Take chances and get in advanced positions.

Soccer is like chess in that you have to see moves before they happen. Being an outside back who wants to get up the field has to be thinking moves ahead. One of the moves that has to be top of mind is making midfielders defend. A lot of times, outside backs are passive and stay home, because they're fearful of the ball turning over and being out of position. As I said, it's like chess, you need to be on the front foot and make the opposing midfielder have to defend you with the fear of being out of position. This takes a lot of concentration and you becoming a student of the game every day.

3. 1 v 1 attacking and crossing.

Wide position are great positions to give service to the goal scorers because of the angle. Strikers need service in order to do their job, your job is to get them the ball. Crossing and 1 v 1 attacking is about reps and building the muscle mermory. Once the muscle memory is built up, you'll find yourself able to be more comfortable with this technique, and making your strikers happy.


1 v 1 attacking and crossing

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