3 Tips For Soccer Success - How To Set And Achieve Your Soccer Goals

3 Tips For Soccer Success

Quincy and I are always getting emails from you and majority of them sound something like this, “ I will do anything to be a pro soccer player” “What does it take to become a professional soccer player” “How do I become a College Soccer Player?” 

These are excellent starting points, and Quincy and I are here to give you all the most honest information you’d ever need to reach your soccer goals, BUT it’s ultimately up to YOU to decide if you’ll TAKE ACTION on the information we provide. I say this to segway into what today's segment is going to focus on, and that is developing your Focus. The focus is necessary to achieve any of your soccer goals (as well as life goals).


Developing laser beam focus is what will allow you to block out the noise and things that don't matter and do the things necessary to develop yourself as quickly as possible. Many of your emails and YouTube comments tell me you want to one day become a top-level soccer player. Whether your goal is to make your club team, go to college, play professionally or just become a better player than you are now...

Here are three tips you can implement right away to begin developing your focus.


Tip one: DEFINE your goals

Visualize and DEFINE what goals in soccer you’re saying you want to achieve. Visualization is something that all the sports greats do. You hear of stories of LeBron James visualizing scoring the game-winning shot and being the MVP, or Cristiano Ronaldo visualizing scoring the game-winning goal in the Champions League Final and being a Ballon d'Or winner.  This technique helps because it will start to give you an idea of what your goals and aspirations look like. So for me, I always visualized what a great game would look like for me. I was a center defensive mid, so for me I always envisioned winning my duals and tackles, winning aerial battles, connecting my passes, and being an excellent communicator on the field! Visualization for a holdup striker would be something like linking with the midfielders, making good runs between center backs, creating two good scoring chances a game and scoring one and making good runs in the box. So depending on what position you’re playing, decide what a great game looks like for you and get crystal clear on it in your mind.  

DEFINE your goals

Tip Two:  Write down what you’ve visualized or defined as your goals and break them down into things you need to do to take action on them.

In the first step, you’ve visualized and defined what it would look like to achieve what you’ve set as your goals! Next step is to write down those goals and break down what things you need to do every day to get closer to achieving them. So for me, becoming a top player in tackling and winning duels was one aspect of the game I visualized wanting to become great at. So I wrote that on a piece of paper and then underneath that I would write the action’s I needed to take on a daily basis to reach my goal. For me, that was keeping track of and making sure I won a majority of duals in practice and got one of my attacking midfielders to do 1 v 1’s with me after practice. Matt Sheldon over at becoming Elite did a great video below on how he breaks down his goals of becoming a Pro Soccer Player.I think he does a great job of showing you how to break everything down. The key to accomplishing any goal is to be as detailed as possible and have a plan for the actions you will take to reach your goal. But it isn’t enough to visualize or have an idea; you need one more thing...


ImplementationTip Three: Implementation. Or also known as TAKING ACTION!

Ok, so up to this point we have visualized what our soccer goals look like, we have written them down, and we have also broken down what steps and things we need to put in place to reach our goals. Again, watch the become elite video I’ve added in the description below if you need help seeing how to write and break everything down step by step. Now it is time to implement. Implementation has to happen in practices and EXTRA training ON YOUR OWN TIME. If not, you can never expect to see any improvements in your game. So, for example, I told you how I wrote down that I wanted to win my duals and tackles in practice and that I was going to work with my teammate and do extra defending and tackling after training. I had to dedicate the time, energy then and focus on doing additional work if I ever wanted to have a chance to improve my game. Ok, so I know this sounds like a lot. But that’s because it is, and if someone tries to tell you it’s not going to take a lot of work and be hard to achieve your goals, they’re lying. It might be difficult for you to stick to your plan initially, but if you stay consistent and persistent in taking actions on the things you know you need to improve. You’ll develop the right habits, and you’ll then start to see results over time. You have to be willing, to be honest with yourself, put in the work and have patience.

mindsetOk, guys so there you have it, three tips to develop your focus so you can achieve soccer success. This is what Quincy and I adopted in our ways at a young age, and it helped us much (and still does) in our Soccer careers. Remember, this isn’t something that’s going to happen overnight. It’s going to take patience, honesty, hard work, and commitment on your part to develop your Focus. But doing so will be the catalyst of a mindset that will serve you well on your journey to becoming a better player and person.