What Soccer Skills Should I Work on to Play College Soccer

The 3 Things You MUST Focus On Improving In Your Soccer Game

 Work on to Play College Soccer

Student does come first in Student Athlete, and we do want everyone to understand the importance of education, but we need to make sure youre no slouch on the field too. We want to teach you to be well rounded, and have success both on, and off the field.


First Touch and Ball Control.

Just like we dont want you to waste time on the non-soccer aspects of the recruiting process, the same applies for the soccer part. We want you to be a great player, and not waste time practicing things that wont help you improve.

Here are the top 3 soccer skills you need to be practicing daily, that will improve your technique and make you very appealing to college soccer coaches when they come and watch you play.

1. First Touch and Ball Control.

Ball control is vital and is necessary to play soccer at a high level. Without having a good first touch, and sound control, coaches will not want your services.

There are a lot of drills that will help you improve your ball control, (we give you a lot of them in Skills Academy) but there is no better teacher than the game, so playing a lot of games will always improve your first touch, and your control of the ball.

2. Long and Short Passing.

Long and Short PassingPassing is another by-product of being a complete soccer player. Passing is the way that that the ball is circulated throughout the field; it is also the way you get the ball to the goal scorers.

Distance in which you can pass will also be recorded. College coaches will want to see what your range of passing is. Having the ability to have great short and long passing will be something coaches will love, and be keen to recruit.


3. Shooting and Finishing.

This may not seem as important if you play defense, but is still a useful skill to develop. (And could be something that edges you out over your competition)

As for our forwards, this is something that needs to be evident when coaches watch you play. Scoring goals is what they recruit you for, so being able to develop good striker technique will have every college coach knocking at your door!

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