Perfect Soccer Team


Katie Niday

Chief Cultural Officer


sirena amarikwa

Sirena Amairkwa

Director of Brand Marketing

Haley amarikwa

Haley Amarikwa

Manufacturing Operations Manager

Quincy Amarikwa

Head of Marketing & Sponsorships

Ross LaBauex

Content Creation Manager

Marc Pelosi

Director of Lifestyle

Ryan Masch

BE Pro General Manager

Keya Monica

Lead Social Media Manager

Mukta Atar

Lead Community Growth

Eric Weber

Chief of Design

Todor Todorvski

Lead Editing Director

Paul Guarino

General Managing Audio Engineer

Sarah Kallassy

General Managing Editor

Connor Johnson

Intern/ BE Pro Mentee

Earl Edwards Jr.

Perfect Soccer Gamer GM / BE Pro Mentee

Kristen Amarikwa

Intern/ BE Pro Mentee

 How We're So Good: