Thank you again and congratulations on being accepted into our exclusive influencer network for

We’re excited to have you be a part of the Perfect Soccer/MSL/ & PRFCT LFE brands!

To get you up and running, this page will give you the lowdown on how to properly join our network. (What to do and what you get as you move up the ranks of our network) 🙌🏽

As well as, how to properly create and post content.

We've found that a lot of our followers and influencers are needing help with learning how to properly promote and grow their own social media followings, personal and business brands...

Which is why we created this influencer program to help show you how to do it and accomplish your individual goals.

Think of our network as an opportunity to get a crash course in the most up to date Social Media Marketing & Growth Strategies available, as well as access to a platform to promote a great message and earn free merch!

For those of you who truly apply and properly execute on what we teach and embody what we stand for, not only are you promoting a great message and earning free merch, but you also will unlock the ability to earn money from doing so; through our Ambassadors and Partners programs…

(We’ll share more on that and how to get to ambassador and partner later…)

Again, you’ve shown our team that you embody and represent the core values (The AMARIKWA Process) and philosophy (MSL - Mental Strength League) of the Perfect Soccer and PRFCT LFE brand.

We love that you feel our brand aligns with the message you’re looking to share with others, both online and offline, and we know that you will be a valuable and vocal representative of the brand.

How We Operate:

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We pride ourselves on Self HONESTY (The first of our 7 Core Values) and sharing our TRUTHS. We only share and teach what we know through our own personal experiences…

Never only what we think!

What follows, is clear step by step instructions on what you need to do when first joining our team to help make the “TEAMWORK” = DREAMWORK (The fifth of our 7 Core Values)

Please be sure to pay “ATTENTION TO DETAILS” (The sixth of our 7 Core Values) as we’ve taken the time to put this together in a way that will speed up your process and get you some dope content created for you, as fast as possible.

Again, we have built our network with much care and purpose, and you get out of it, what you put in.

Quality You Can Expect To Get From Us:

Examples of Influencer commercials/graphics/gifs we will make for you out of the quality content you provide us after joining our network 😄🙌🏽

Step by Step Instructions... 

Step 1. Watch Video Walking You Through Joining Our Network Below  

Step 2. Create a social media account on each of these platforms if you don't have one already.





Step 3.  Follow and subscribe to each account on each platform listed in the document link below: 

Step 4.  Go through the shot list below to create your Perfect Soccer Content.

( This is what we need to create your branded custom commercials, gifs and other marketing materials for you!)

Shot List Link:

Step 5.  Once you have completed all tasks outlined above, i.e. Followed everyone in the network on all platforms and then completed your content shot list...

Send an email directly to your current content and social media manager, Sirena at:  

In the Subject line of your email put: 

"PS Influencer Task's Completed"

In the body of the email, let Sirena know everything that you've completed and then let her know you're ready for next steps!

Once she receives your email, she'll verify everything has been done correctly and will then create a custom google drive folder for you to upload all of your content to, so we can get our team to start working on creating your marketing materials and promotional content.

Step 6.  That's it for now!

Once you've completed everything above and sent in your email we'll get to work on creating your custom content and Sirena will get over to you full details about our Ambassadors and Partners program so you can start learning how to make some money with the Perfect Soccer brand 😄🙌🏽


If you run in to any trouble or have any questions in the meantime or when getting set up with everything, shoot Sirena an email so she can get you over any further information or access you may be needing:  

Happy to have you on The Perfect Team, and looking forward to working with you!