Perfect Soccer Training Ball (Size 5)
Perfect Soccer Training Ball (Size 5)
Perfect Soccer Training Ball (Size 5)
Perfect Soccer Training Ball (Size 5)

Perfect Soccer Training Ball (Size 5)

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Nico Perea USMNT Beach Soccer - "Dude you've made a premium product! Just being honest. 🙌"

 I’ve had a full week now with the “Perfect Soccer” ball (pun intended). Overall, I’m extremely impressed by the premium quality of this ball: the material, the grooves, the weight of the ball, EVERYTHING about it is top level! I was able to play on 3 different surfaces (hard, grass and sand) and the ball out performed my expectations. Mind you, I only say that because for $25 I would’ve never thought I’d be getting this kind of quality. If you were to slap a “big brand” logo on it you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference (but your pockets would!). I tried to capture as much detail as I could in the video. Towards the end of the video, while my friends are juggling, you can even hear them say how much they like the ball!


The Perfect Soccer Training Ball 

  • The Perfect Soccer Ball is for coaches, parents, players and fans who have a curiosity, love or passion for the game and want others to share, feel and experience it for themselves.

  • Looks, feels and plays like a top flight match soccer ball.

  • High quality, hand stitched leather ball is Highly durable and created to enhance and accelerate your individual player(s) development to get you to the top of your love for the game.

  • USSF A-Senior Licensed Coach Chris Malenab says "I rate this ball an 8 out of 10. I think they are excellent training balls and match balls for youth soccer on down. They seem to be pretty durable as I have used them on both grass and artificial turf."

  • The pattern and design of the Perfect Soccer Ball has been engineered over the last 10 years by our network of 1000+ professional soccer coaches and players using our 9 Keys To Soccer Success method.

  • The Perfect Soccer Ball and your Perfect Soccer Team Membership that comes along with your ball purchase is built for longevity and consistent performance, resulting in a greater return on your investment.

  • "Since building a relationship with Perfect Soccer, I have enjoyed working with a team who has the same goals in mind, being part of the process in developing the soccer player and more importantly the human being. -Chris Malenab"

  • The Perfect Soccer Ball is backed by the Perfect Soccer Team with a registered warranty provided by our customer support in case it ever doesn't meet your expectations, resulting in extra peace of mind for you.

  • The Perfect Soccer Ball comes deflated to reduce excess shipping waste and environmental impact, so it will need a pump to inflate once received.

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