Tesho Akindele | Perfect Soccer Podcast Ep.050

Tesho Akindele

In today’s episode: Paul interviewed Orlando City forward Tesho Akindele. Tesho discusses being born in Canada then moving to Colorado, being drafted into the MLS out of a D2 college, and what it means to him to play for Canada.

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11 Year MLS Cup Champion Quincy Amarikwa’s (@QuincyAmarikwa) presents - The Perfect Soccer Podcast, Where your host Paul Guarino goes 1 on 1 to get to know your favorite professional soccer players, on and off the pitch.

Time Stamp

0:00 - 1:12 Intro

1:14 - 2:12 Tesho Akindele’s earliest memories of playing soccer

2:14 - 3:59 Ten goals in three games in college to cement his future as a pro

4:01 - 5:35 Turning down an offer from the Rapids at 17 to focus on education

5:36 - 6:40 Tesho’s overall college experience

6:41 - 7:34 6th pick overall and highest from D2 was a great draft day for Tesho

7:35 - 8:56 First game in MLS and winning rookie of the year

8:58 - 11:01 Getting traded from Dallas to Orlando after 5 years

11:02 - 11:56  Playing in the finals at the Covid bubble of 2020

11:58 - 13:19 What does it mean to wear the national jersey to Tesho?

13:21 - 14:40 The relief of getting to a high level of education with a masters degree

15:04 - 21:25 Quincy’s 5 questions

21:27 - 23:31 Off the pitch questions

23:32 - 24:52 Outro

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