Michael Salazar | Perfect Soccer Podcast Ep.039

Michael Salazar


In today’s episode: Paul interviewed forward MLS free agent Michael Salazar. Michael  discusses growing up in Belize, overcoming injuries, and playing in the MLS. 

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11 Year MLS Cup Champion Quincy Amarikwa’s (@QuincyAmarikwa) presents - The Perfect Soccer Podcast, Where your host Paul Guarino goes 1 on 1 to get to know your favorite professional soccer players, on and off the pitch.

Time Stamp

0:00 - 1:22 Intro

1:23 - 1:55 How did Mike get involved in soccer

1:56 - 2:30 Moving to the USA

2:32 - 4:14 Starting his college career

4:15 - 6:18 Changing colleges to chase dreams

6:20 - 7:23 First thoughts of going pro

7:25 - 8:32 The feeling of getting drafted to the MLS

8:33 - 9:10 Representing the national colors

9:12 - 10:24 Moving from Cali to cold Canada for the Montreal Impact

10:25 - 11:38 First MLS goal(s)

12:01 - 13:37 Playing for Houston vs. Montreal

13:38 - 15:03 Dealing with first major injury

15:06 - 19:32 Quincy’s 5 questions

19:33 - 22:13 Off the pitch questions

22:14 - 23:31 Outro

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