Kenny Cooper Jr. | Perfect Soccer Podcast Ep.096

Kenny Cooper Jr.

Show Summary:

In today’s episode:  Paul Guarino interviews retired MLS player Kenny Cooper Jr. Kenny discusses starting his career at Manchester United, his experience in the MLS, and his current role as an ambassador for FC Dallas.

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Time Stamp

0:00 - Intro

1:12 - Growing up with pro athlete parents

3:35 - Unreal career start at Man United

5:35 - Believe in your dreams!

7:05 - Valuable early experiences around Europe

9:40 - Coming back to the US

11:30 - Kenny Kooper’s experience in the MLS

13:00 - The amazing growth of the MLS in recent years

14:24 - “My biggest moments came after my biggest challenges”

16:35 - The honor of representing your country

18:46 - How to stay in the game after retirement

20:12 - Quincy’s 5 questions

20:18 - What is the most important skill/quality that helped you become successful?

21:30 - What is the biggest mistake pro players are making?

23:06 - What advice would you give to a young player trying to go pro?

26:22 - Why are you passionate about soccer?

28:30 - What is something most people think it’s true, but you believe isn’t?

31:00 - Fun Questions: Football or Soccer? Messi or Ronaldo? 

35:30 - Outro

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