Jeff Attinella | Perfect Soccer Podcast Ep.082

Jeff Attinella

In today’s episode: Paul interviewed former MLS goalie Jeff Attinella. Jeff discusses his college career, his MLS career, and the multiple businesses he has run since retiring. 

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14 Year Pro and MLS Cup Champion Quincy Amarikwa (@QuincyAmarikwa) presents - The Perfect Soccer Podcast, Where your host Paul Guarino goes 1 on 1 to get to know your favorite professional soccer players, on and off the pitch.

Time Stamp

0:00 - 1:12 Intro

1:13 - 3:18 First memory of playing soccer

3:19 - 5:04 Jeff’s college recruitment process

5:05 - 8:10 Earning the chance to go pro

8:12 - 15:34 A rollercoaster ride through the pro ranks

15:35 - 17:40 You never know when your chance will come

17:41 - 21:13 Is being a starter crucial for a goalkeeper?

21:14 - 24:51 Life after pro soccer

25:13 - 29:31 Jeff’s busy schedule after retiring

29:32 - 39:54  Quincy’s 5 questions

29:45 - What is the most important skill/quality that helped you become a successful pro?

30:24 - What is the biggest mistake pro players are making?

34:13 - What advice would you give to a young player trying to go pro?

36:05 - What is something that most people think is true, but you believe isn’t?

37:09 - What is something you’d move forward with, if you weren’t scared of a bad outcome?

39:55 - 42:47 Fun questions

42:48 - 44:13 Outro

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