How To Choose The Best Rated Size 5 Soccer Ball Brand

Be on Top of your Game with the perfect soccer ball size 5

This Youth soccer ball is highly DURABLE and perfect for soccer training and professionals at Amazon and other e-commerce websites like Shopify e.t.c.

Crafted to capture the power from the boot nicely and projects that with an expected trajectory 

And is machined-stitched to ensure a soft touch and high sustainability for you to feel at the top of your game!

I just got this ball over the mail and I'm very impressed by the quality for a $25 ball.

As someone who's been playing soccer all my life.

Including college and competitive leagues in different countries, 

I have tried countless soccer balls from all major brands over the years. 

If you're familiar with soccer balls.

I would say this is in line with just about any top training ball out there. 

But at a very competitive price point.

If you are now looking toward coaching.

This would be an excellent option to stock up at this price point.

It is understood that this is a limited time offer,

but as long as it doesn't go over $30-$35 it will still be hard to beat

At $30 you will find some of the perfect soccer size 5 Balls,

Which I find to be the best option for that price range.

The perfect soccer ball size 5 can be used in standard matches.

This ball can be used by anyone aged 12 and up, 

And it’s the main-sized ball that you’ll come across when you’re around a soccer pitch.

Because they weigh in at between 410 - 450 grams, 

Be careful not to use these balls with younger age groups. 

Younger players will have a lot of trouble controlling the ball, kicking, and passing due to the size of the ball.

Why Soccer Ball Sizes and Weights Are Important.

It’s important that players feel comfortable and confident with the ball they’re using.

Obviously, players won’t be skilled until they’ve spent a lot of time practicing, 

But they should feel like they’re using a ball they’ll be capable of kicking and controlling.

If a ball is too large or too small, it’s very hard to improve or have fun.

While adults will generally always end up using the correct sized ball (size 5), 

It’s all too common to see young children using comically oversized soccer balls which will have a negative impact on their development.

It’s much harder to develop touch, technique, and ball skills.

If the soccer ball isn’t appropriate for the child’s age group.

This is why coaches need to pay special attention to the group of players they’re coaching and make sure they’re practicing with the correct-sized ball.

How to choose a good Soccer Ball

Choosing the right size and weight of a soccer ball is very important.

Doing so will make a significant difference in effective development and will also result in the player having more fun.

With many different options - from size 1 (kids) to size 5 (adults).

There’s an appropriate-sized ball for every player and every age group.

I would recommend Perfect soccer ball size 5 if you are looking to go pro for ages 12 and over. 

Or Perfect soccer ball size 1 if you are more into buying one for kids younger than 12 years.