Why you should always be looking to learn something new in Soccer

Why you should always be looking to learn something new in Soccer

You should always be in the mindset of wanting to learn. Those who are willing to soak up information and apply it to soccer and their everyday life will see progress and growth. The second you feel as though you have made it and don’t have to listen to anyone is the second you lose. You’ve lost because you’ve failed to realize that change is inevitable. When change occurs, you have to adapt, and if you don’t adapt, you die haha, not literally but figuratively! Let’s avoid this altogether and be on the path of improving every day to get you closer to your goals!

today's blog will give you my three tips on why you need to continue to learn! 



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1. The game is always changing

The game is always changing because people want to learn more. Coaches and players want to make sure that they're doing everything in their power to be at their best. Because the game is always changing, so should you! You should be open to all ideas thrown your way because some of them may be beneficial in your development. You never want to be dismissive and claim to know everything. The second you feel this way, is the same second you plateau and never improve as a player. Work at having an open mind, listen and apply new concepts you deem worthy.

2. Keeps you open to new possibilities

The reality of the situation is you don't know everything about soccer, and that's ok. If you did know everything, you'd be playing for Barcelona. Open-mindedness will always keep you around the information that is pertinent to becoming a great player.  You'll be surprised when you find yourself benefiting from an idea you initially thought was dumb, or useless. Stay focused and keep your eye on the prize!

Keeps you open to new possibilities

3. Knowledge is power. 

The more you know, the better off you'll be in soccer and life. UNderstanding how things work, and how to navigate accordingly is your lifeline. If you find yourself not wanting to keep up and thinking you've " made it " already, the journey will be painful, and you'll find it challenging to continue. Be respectful of the game, but also ask questions and be curious. Growth only happens when we are uncomfortable and put in unfamiliar situations. 

Knowledge is power