Why Team Failure Is A Part of Achieving Your Goals

Soccer is the ultimate team sport. Eleven players are working together for a common goal. What we see happens though, is setbacks throughout the team's journey. Sometimes teams don't recover from the inevitable failures. We wanted to make this video because we know the mental part of the game is just as difficult as the physical demands. Today's blog will help you with how to get stronger through your team's failures!


1. Address The Failure

When things aren't going right, you have to address them immediately. Letting things fester will only hurt the team and prevent individuals and the group from achieving their goals. It's easy to point fingers and blame others; it's more challenging to look inward and take self-accountability. It's more challenging to be self-honest with yourself, but trust me when I say this is for the better. It takes self-discipline and a yearning to learn, get better, and be a winner if you want to get through this rut. Get it out in the open and move on

2. Put Action To Your Words

Now that the problem is addressed, it's now about action. If you arent playing well and not defending well, cool we know this, now what? What do you have to do to defend better? Do you need to work on more 11 v 11 tactical work? Does the backline need to work together? Do the defensive midfielders need to work with the backline? Does the team need to train more? Whatever it may be, your team has to try things to see what works and what doesn't.


3. Go Out There And Do It!

A lot of times, we overthink things. Do I want people to think in soccer, of course? Sometimes you have to go out there and execute. No more x's and o's, go out there and play. You have to dig deep and want it more than the player across from you. Remember, there are consequences for all your actions on the field. Whatever motivates you, use that whenever you are out on the ground. Failures are going to happen, but continue to learn, grow, and tweak your process; those are the signs of a truly great player.