Why Parents need to be involved in the college soccer recruiting process

Why Parents need to be involved in the college soccer recruiting process

The college soccer recruiting process requires focus, a lot of work, and most critical, help. Help is where parents come in. Parents are a pivotal part of the process, and we know that without our parents, we wouldnt have played college soccer. 


You might be saying to yourself,

Im completely new to this, just like my child.


I dont know much about soccer, how can I help?

Instinctually, you will be there to hear your childs problems, and will be a trustworthy person to bounce ideas off. But throughout the process, questions or concerns not directly related to soccer will arise, and having an adults perspective can help drastically.


Parents need to keep in the loop by asking questions and making sure you go through this together with your child. We encourage parents to learn as much about soccer, and the college recruiting process as they possibly can. This will help your child because you will be someone that has answers, and you will understand everything he or she is going through.


Another significant reason for parents to play a fundamental role throughout the recruiting process is to be a barrier between your child and college soccer coaches. If youre not actively participating, your child can begin to feel pressured by coaches into making decisions. Some coaches, (not all) will pressure players into making commitments, and will try to keep parents out of the relationship. You need to recognize this and set the standard and your boundaries early on in the process.

This is one of the 5 Crucial Keys To The College Soccer Recruiting Process

Actively participating in your childs recruiting process is one of many things you need to do to increase you childs chances of playing soccer collegiately dramatically. And understanding your role as a parent is only one small piece of the larger picture. Stay proactive and continue to learn all you can about the process. You can be an enormous factor in helping your child achieve their dreams!