Why It’s Important to Recognize Your Weaknesses in Soccer

If you want to be the best soccer player that you possibly can be, you simply have to look at all of your weaknesses. You might be the best player on your team, but that certainly doesn’t mean that you are without faults.


Being a great soccer player means that you are always willing to get better. Taking a look at the worst parts of your game will give you a plan going forward. Every spare minute that you have on the field should be spent working on those weaknesses.

Below you will find just some of the many reasons why recognizing your weaknesses is a great way to become a better soccer player.

You’ll Strengthen the Other Parts of Your Game

Let’s say that you’re a central defender and have very good defensive attributes. You could be content with those skills, but it’s best to work on any of the skills that could potentially let you down in a game. For example, you could get the most out of your practices by working on your outlet passes so you don’t get stuck with the ball at your feet or kick it out to an opponent.

When you recognize your weaknesses, you will be taking the first steps towards being a more complete player. Attackers need to do more than just attack, just like defenders need to do more than just defend. A team full of players who are willing to strengthen every part of their game has a great chance of being successful during the season.

You Can Play in More Positions

Coaches want players who they can move around the field. If a central midfielder can move back to defense when injuries or other issues come up, those losses won’t hurt the team as much.

Versatile players also stay on the field more since there are more places that coaches can plug them in. Some strikers can only play up front, while those who are willing to work on the weaker parts of their game can move outside to winger or even step back into the midfield when needed.

Your Teammates Will Take Notice

Hard work is contagious, so if you are willing to work on your weaknesses, chances are other player will follow your lead. Obviously, this will also teach you how to be a better team leader since you will be the type of player who is willing to learn for the betterment of your team.

If you take a look at some of the better players and teams in the world, you will see that they are usually getting better every season even if they seemed to be at their best in past seasons. That’s because they recognize their weaknesses, work on them, and everyone else follows suit.

You’ll Continue to Improve

Summing everything up, you will become a better soccer player if you are willing to recognize and work on your weaknesses. Whether you're looking for a new position to play or you simply want to get better, there are always things that you can do to get better.


Don’t get stuck in the “fine tune my best skills” trap. Yes, you do want to master your best skills, but you will want to put just as much time into recognizing and working on the worst parts of your game. If you do that, the sky is the limit for how good you can become at soccer.