Why I Love the World Cup

Why I Love the World Cup

Every 4 years a magical tournament comes around known as the world cup. This tournament features some of the best players in the world competing for the ultimate prize, world cup champions. I love soccer and I love this tournament, so here are the 4 main reasons why I love the world cup!



1. So many games the first two weeks

many games the first two weeks

The first reason why I love the world cup is that there is so much soccer on for a whole month. Every day in mid-June you know there will be two to three games on daily until the knockout stages, and that is something that I don’t take for granted. Seeing different nations compete is fun because you get to see how different countries styles of play match up against each other. One game that comes to mind when you think different styles of play would be the opening round match between Mexico and Germany. Germany played very slow and methodical, and Mexico played fast and on the counter. As a result, we saw the defending champs go down and have people talking about the first “ upset’ of the tournament. It's a time to watch times you might not otherwise watch during international friendlies, and I think it gives people a new found respect for other countries teams.


    2. It makes the transfer window more exciting.

      makes the transfer window more exciting

         The amount of money clubs pay for transfer fees is ridiculous, but makes for an entertaining offseason for fans. When we saw the money PSG paid for Neymar, or the money Man U forked out for Pogba, you think that is an absurd amount of money.  You have to assume some talent in this World Cup will be transferred for millions of dollars and maybe eclipse the most expensive transfer, which is Neymar 263 million dollars. James Rodriguez was at a big club in Monaco, but being able to be scouted at the World Cup and play well can get the eyes of even bigger clubs scouting you, In this case, Real Madrid. This tournament can change players lives and is always special to see during the world cup.

      3. There is always a team(s) that surprise the world.

      I love a team that goes out there and surprises the world by either getting to the knockout stages or playing better than anyone ever expected them too. The two teams that come to mind for me our Morocco and Iran. Both in a group with Portugal and Spain, people thought these two teams that were going to get run over and not be formidable opponents. What we saw was Iran tying Portugal in their last game, and were a goal away from knocking out Portugal and advancing, so close. We saw a Morrocco team that battled and were fearless against the Spaniards. They didn’t have a chance of advancing, but they played with pride and tied Spain 2-2 on the last day. These are the moments I live for in this tournament because it shows the world’s best that other countries are catching up and are putting a great product on the field.

      4. It unites people

        unites people

        Soccer is called the beautiful for so many reasons, and I admire the game because of the unity and the impact it has every 4 years. Countries shut down and gather to support their team because Soccer is cultural and means a lot to the people. Teams jerseys and flags are on full display and you get to see the gamut of emotions before, during, and after every match. Win, Lose or Draw, there is an unwavering sense of pride in the people who showed up to support their teams. There's an energy that is reverberated throughout the world that cannot be replicated and it is beautiful to see. Some of the polarizing moments that stick out for me is Toni Kroos’ goal against Sweden in stoppage time to give them the win was magical. Watching the fans back in the UK celebrate England's first goal was fun. Watching the children in Uruguay celebrate the game-winner against Egypt shows the excitement of all people, these moments are impactful and special. The best moment for me had to be Marcos Rojas game-winner against Nigeria that put them through to the knockout stage was truly beautiful and a moment that will be remembered in Argentinian history.


         The World Cup reminds you that this game is for all ages, genders, races, and religions, and that’s a beautiful thing. Inclusion, love, and compassion is what we need, and the World cup does a great job of that! The world's best talent on display all after one goal, to lift that trophy and to be claimed world cup champion! Truly a beautiful tournament that I will continue to watch and marvel at what is on display.