What you shouldn’t do when making goals

What you shouldn’t do when making goals

The past two weeks, I've talked about goals, and how you should take certain specific steps in achieving your goals. Getting the foundation is essential, so if you haven’t read the last two weeks blogs, be sure to go back and read those. 


1. Setting too many goals at once

Setting too many goals at once

I see it all the time. Players want to get better at shooting, dribbling, passing, tackling, heading the ball, etc. This is all good, but this is too many goals at once. 2-3 goals are what you should strive for initially, so you can keep focus on a few skills we want to improve on. So, be sure to pick the ones you feel are most important are start there. Remember, the goals you set are not set in stone and can always be changed.

2. Setting goals that are too general

Setting goals that are too general

Saying you want to score goals or be a better defender are goals that are too general. You need to make goals as specific as possible because it will help in the goal-setting process. Everyone needs a plan as to how they're going to get to there goal. You can't go from A to Z with outgoing through the other 24 letters. Start with a general goal and dissect it into a specific goal that gives clarity and precise. 

3. Failure to adjust

If you never self-reflect on your goals, you will find yourself being frustrated. Self-reflection allows you the sense to adapt accordingly. If you aren't changing and being honest with yourself, you'll find self wasting a lot of time and not achieving your goals.

4. Setting only process goals

Process goals are great goals to create because it will give you the blueprint of what you feel you need to do to achieve a larger goal. What happens with setting too many of these is you become focused solely on this, instead of looking for outcome-based goals to see your growth and if you're setting the appropriate goals!

5. Setting only outcome goals

If you are obsessed with the outcome, what happens is you forget to see the great you've already done even if the result doesn't go your way. You aren't a failure if you don't score 15 goals, or get a shut out. Failure occurs when you stop trying. Continue to push and put the extra work in when it comes to achieving your goals!