What Position is Best to Get Recruited for College Soccer?

Play the wrong position, and never get recruited

What Position is Best to Get Recruited for College Soccer

With anything we do, we want to make sure we are put in the best position to be successful. Same thing goes for soccer, and to do that we need to make sure we are playing in the position that best highlights what we are good at. The best position to get recruited is the one where you are at your best.


You do not want to make the mistake of playing in a position that hurts you, by not showcasing your best abilities.

I have friends that never got recruited, all because they were playing out of position. Do not let this happen to you, this is your future and only get one shot at this!

If youre a versatile player, and are comfortable playing multiple positions, thats not a bad thing. Versatility is something that is great, and is something you can share with the coach, but I recommend you do this AFTER he or she has a better feel for you at your strongest position.

You might ask, how do I know what position is best for me?

I dont think there is one answer for that, but there are certain things you can ask yourself to get a gauge of if youre playing in the right position.

First thing, ask yourself, what do you think you do the best in Soccer?

Do you pass well, do you have a right touch, are you a finisher, are you fast, are you tall for your age? These attributes can be used to get an understanding of where you can utilize your abilities.

I will use Quincy as an example of breaking down players attributes, and getting a sense of what position he should be playing.

We can see that Quincy is a great player. He is good on the ball, is a decent passer, has good movement on the ball, and has an eye for the goal.

With these types of attributes, we can see that Quincy is best suited to be a striker (Forward). He has what you look for in a player that can score your goals and be very effective.


This is just an example. I want to remind you, that this isnt set and stone. We know that Quincy is capable of playing other positions, because soccer isnt a science. But from a recruiting standpoint it would be best for Quincy to focus on showcasing himself at the striker position.

You can see that players come in all shapes and sizes, and play in positions that you wouldnt typically think would play those positions. But what were trying to do is give ourselves the greatest opportunity to get recruited.

Just make sure you play in the position that best utilizes your abilities, and that youre most comfortable with playing. It will still ultimately be up to college coachs to play you in the position they want you in, but to get to that point you must show yourself in the best light possible.