What Do I Put in a Soccer Recruit Highlight Tape?

Highlight tapes for high school soccer players

Put in a Soccer Recruit Highlight Tape

What coaches want to see in a player is the ability to stand out from the rest. They look most for players that can be reliable and fit into their program and coaching philosophy. The only problem is coaches sometimes do not have a substantial amount of time to go watch every player individually. The best way around this problem is though watching players highlight tapes.

Highlight tapes are great and do exactly what the name says, they highlight.


Highlighting your abilities though the video is one way to go about generating interest from coaches. But, you have to make sure you put in the proper time and effort when building a highlight tape. Were here to teach you how to look professional, and not putting together the right highlight tape can hurt you in the eyes of coaches.

Here are the 3 most important things to have a great highlight tape:

  1. Make sure the film quality is high and you point out your athlete at the beginning of every play Make sure the camera is quality, and that coaches do not have to guess, or have a hard time knowing which player is you. A cursor or highlight during every clip of you is beneficial and will make your tape look great.
  2. Keep the highlight tape short Remember, coaches value their time, and they do not have much of it. Make sure your tape is between 2-4 minutes. Nothing longer than that, or you will see your tape not being watched. Also another tip: Its a highlight tape, so put your best stuff in the beginning, as that will be the time in which coaches will be most engaged.
  3. If you use music, DO NOT USE SONGS WITH PROFANITY Nothing is worse than a coach watching your highlight tape, and there are F-bombs being dropped every 10 seconds. For starters, it will distract, and second, its unprofessional. Pick an instrumental if you must have music to be safe, and have it be upbeat. (Funny that we even have to mention this, but you would be surprised with what we have seen and received in the past)

There are many different ways in which you can go about making a highlight tape for yourself. There is a lot of different easy to use software out there. (In another article well go into more detail on exactly how to do this for yourself)

You might ask, What if I cant do this, or dont want to do this on my own?

That is not a problem; there are plenty of companies that you can hire to put together a highlight tape for you. (Well add some resources below) Just make sure youre proactive in getting footage of your games, watching the games and taking down the times of great moments in the games to add to your tape.

In the end highlight, tapes are not necessary but are a massive plus to have. The more you are in potential coaches faces and marketing yourself in an upstanding way, you will not have a problem achieving your goals!

Highlight Tape Resources:

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