What Do I Ask a College Soccer Coach Over the Phone?

How To Impress College Soccer Coaches Over The Phone

What Do I Ask a College Soccer Coach Over the Phone

Something you will see that stands out during the recruiting process is that you have to be sure to utilize your time. Utilizing time is imperative, and can be the difference in playing in college, and not.

College soccer coaches are going to be busy, and when you finally get them on the phone, you have to be precise with what youre going to say. They get hundreds of calls, and making sure they remember you from the rest is KEY.

Phone calls are important in the recruiting process because this will be a way in which coaches can get to know you as a person. Soccer ability is critical, but coaches are looking for well-rounded individuals to represent their university!


We recommend you write these questions down, and have them handy while speaking with coaches. Remember, the more you know, and the most knowledgeable you come off, the more likely you are to separate yourself from the rest.

Coaches will take notice to those that did their homework. We want you to put your best foot forward, and show coaches that you will be a valuable player for their program!

Here are some of the questions you need to ask, and some of the information you need to research on each program and coach you wish to speak too.


1. Know the name and pronunciation of the coach. (An excellent way to potentially ruin your chance of being recruited is if youre calling a coach by the wrong name)
2. Know what conference and division the team plays in.
3. Know the results the team had in the past season. (Congratulate them if it was a good season)
4. Know the schools average test scores. (Are soccer players held to a higher standard?)


1. How many returning players does the team have to come back?
2. How long has the coaching staff been there?
3. What kind of players is the coach looking for?
4. What kind of grades do I need to play at your school?
5. What do you do when you miss class for sport?
6. What kind of practice and training is available in the off-season?
7. Does the coach allow his players to play for a club during the off-season?
8. Ask the coach a little about his or her background.

These are just a few things you need to know about.


Do your research find answers for these questions, any other issue you come up with during your research would be great questions to ask? Phone interviews are great ways to get to college soccer coaches to remember your name.

Do not be nervous about speaking to coaches, for the most part, college coaches will carry the conversation, but will be impressed by your ability to not be timid, and well versed!