[PSW] Capturing Your Value, Dealing with Racism, Creating Long Term Success: Perfect Soccer Weekly 002

Hey, Perfect Soccer Family!
Our Perfect Soccer Team is back to the grind after taking last week off for Thanksgiving, and we're stoked to be once again turning around all your #AskASoccerPro content in 24 hours!
Once again, I'd like to give a huge shout out to Katie, Lead Project Manager, and Sirena, COO & Creative Director, for keeping the team on track this week so we could accomplish all of our goals!
Todor, Lead Video Editor, produced this week's #AskASoccerPro show and created all the great PS Clips you'll be seeing throughout the week.
Paul, General Managing Audio Engineer, has all of our latest #AskASoccerPro episodes uploaded to Perfect Soccer Radio, our Podcast station!
Many of you asked for it, so now you can take the MSL with you and listen wherever you go on your audio platform of choice :)

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Eric, Chief of Design, was back at it creating fantastic quote posts, featured images, and all the awesome visuals you see across all of our platforms. 
Sarah, General Managing Editor, worked on this week's #AskASoccerPro Show article, that you'll be able to find on our blog. Sarah and I are also working on something really special for Episode 50 of the show!
Ross, our Community Manager, is hard at work answering your questions every day on social media. Ross and Sarah are also hard at work revamping some of our YouTube shows for you so that they are better than ever!
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Please shoot us an email if you have any thoughts or feedback as to what we’ve been up to and ways you feel we can be better. 
We really appreciate your participation in our community!
Until next week,
Quincy (CEO & Mental Strength Coach), and the Perfect Soccer Team