The Top Three Skills to Go Pro I Mini-Blog #AskASoccerPro Show


The Top Three Skills to Go Pro

I’m sure it will come as no surprise, but the top item on my list to go pro is to master mentality. Second on my list is first touch and technical ability, and third would be soccer IQ. I believe if you master these three things, you’re going to be able to go pro. Even if you’re not athletic, fast, or particularly fit, you can get by with those three things.

A really great mentality, first touch and ball control, and soccer IQ, and tactical awareness will take you really far. I mean, the mentality piece alone would probably lead you to being someone who is fit and knows how to take care of themselves. Why I say mentality is number one on the list and the highest priority is that almost everything else will take care of itself if you develop the right habits.

I think an important thing to point out as well Is that just because there is always more to learn, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be confident in what you know and be scared to try something new. You shouldn’t make excuses or wait until things are perfect to take action, because waiting until something is perfect is just a different form of procrastination.

Remember, if you’re doing anything different, difficult, or that you simply haven’t done before, you’re not going to do it perfectly the first time. So, if you’re idea is always to be perfect, let it go, it’s not going to happen. We can always strive for perfection, but we can’t attain it.

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