Quincy is in Quincy’s head | Quincy Talks Ep.009

Quincy Talks

13 Year MLS Cup Champion Quincy Amarikwa’s (@QuincyAmarikwa) presents - Quincy Talks one off conversations that we feel are valuable to share

In today’s episode: Quincy went live an hour early before the Ask the Soccer Pro Show and didn’t realize it because he had been traveling and was in a different time zone. Quincy was in his own head but ran with it and made it a show.

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Time Stamp

0:00 - 1:03 Intro

1:05 - 5:05 Quincy welcoming fans and settling in for another #QuincyTalk

5:09 - 12:51 The journey of “waiting” on the guest begins!

13:32 - 17:38 Different points of view bring different experiences

18:12 - 21:02 How to pick the best strategy for YOUR recovery

24:20 - 31:33 The value of stability in life

33:53 - 35:03 Vital resources that every soccer player should have

35:44 - 45:25 Quincy’s mentality state during ups and downs in his career

49:58 - 57:27 Is 30 too old to hope for new soccer opportunities?

58:42 - 1:03:07 Enemies on the field, normal people and colleagues off it

1:03:15 - 1:05:52 Mistakes are the best teachers

1:05:53 - 1:06:16 Outro

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11 Year MLS Cup Champion Quincy Amarikwa’s (@QuincyAmarikwa) presents - Quincy Talks
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