Questions to Ask During the Recruiting Process

Important Questions to Ask When Going Through the Recruiting Process

 Going Through the Recruiting Process

The college soccer recruiting process can seem overwhelming; but with the right information, and being able to work efficiently, the process will eventually become fun, and enjoyable.

Theres a lot of bad information out there, we want to make sure youre getting the right information, and not wasting your time.

Having said that, you need to understand that getting recruited to play college soccer is going to be a process. Success will not happen overnight, and you have to be willing to put in the work to have your dreams become reality.

Parents always ask us, What would you say are the most important questions to ask yourself during the recruiting process?

We believe that you have to get an understanding of what it is your son or daughter wants to accomplish in school and sport.

Your child is a student athlete, and academics will be just as important (more important) as the soccer. Researching about potential schools will be crucial, as this will give you a baseline of what exactly you want, and need in a University.

Here are a few questions we strongly encourage student-athletes to ask themselves during the recruiting process, to build a list of potential schools.

  1. Geographically, are there schools that do not interest you?
  2. What Division Soccer Program do you want to play at?
  3. Does the school size play a role in where you attend school?
  4. What majors interest you, and does that school offer that major?
  5. What are average test scores, of incoming freshman?

Prospective Student-Athletes need to ask these types of questions, for every school theyre interested in.

Being organized, and proactive in the college recruiting process will eliminate time wasting. Youll be able to spend your time speaking only to coaches who fit what you require in a school.

Youll be able to do this because you will have answered these questions and done your research on the potential college beforehand and this information will be readily available to you at all times.

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