Offense vs Defense | #QuincyTalks Ep.001

Quincy Amarikwa

11 Year MLS Cup Champion Quincy Amarikwa (@QuincyAmarikwa) presents #QuincyTalks - One off conversations that we feel are valuable and worth sharing.

In today’s episode: Quincy talks to Paul Guarino of PG Sports and the host of the Perfect Soccer Podcast to discuss Offense vs. Defense and we show you a behind the scenes on how we plan things out for the Perfect Soccer brand.

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Time Stamp

0:00 - 0:48 Intro

0:49 - 26:20 Offense vs Defense

26:21 - 51:40 Planning out the Perfect Soccer Podcast an Quincy Talks

51:41 - 52:03 Outro

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11 Year MLS Cup Champion Quincy Amarikwa’s (@QuincyAmarikwa) presents - Quincy Talks
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