Lewandowski Scores Goals...Here is How

Lewandowski is one of the best in the game when it comes to scoring goals. He has an eye for the goal and has made himself a threat whenever he is near the goal. As a striker, you should want to score goals. Goals are the most challenging thing to do in soccer, so that's why players who put the ball in the back of the net make the big bucks. If you want to be that player that scores goals, this article is the answer for you. 

1. Ability on ball

He is a big guy who is your typical 9, but we have seen him be very skillful when the ball is at his feet. He scores with his left foot, right foot, his head, etc. He scores with all parts of his body because he has worked at it, and now is reaping the benefits. You have to get the reps. If you aren't dedicating time outside of team practice to work on your craft, you have no chance. If you need to work on finishing off of crosses, grab a teammate who is a winger and have he or she whip balls into the box. 

2. Willingness to get into the box/ Soccer IQ 

Sometimes as strikers, you'll get dragged out into wide areas, and that's ok occasionally, but the reality is you won't score goals out there. You want to be in positions to score goals, and that only can happen if you stay close to the goal. Checking into the midfield too often will also be a way in which you won't score as many goals as you'd like. Lewandowski knows when the ball goes wide, you need to put yourself in a position to score goals. You have to be a shark and smell blood when you're close to the goal. Opportunities to score goals don't come often, make the most of them.