Kevin DeBruyne is my favorite soccer player to is why



There are very talented players across the world and its always amazing to get to witness individual ability on display. I know we love Messi, Ronaldo, Salah, etc., but there is one player I think is in the same category as those I just mentioned. If you have been living under a rock, I'm talking about Kevin De Bruyne. This guy has been nothing less than extraordinary and he is single-handedly the best midfielders in the world, in my opinion. His technical and tactical ability is off the charts, and his willingness to be honest on the defensive side of the ball is also admirable.

1. His technical ability

Kevin DeBruyne is a magician with the ball. His ability to manipulate the ball is amazing and something I love to watch and pay attention to. You'll never see DeBruyne out of control during the game. His sense of calm is a product of years of working on his craft. I'd be a betting man and say he worked day in and day out on his game because he loved the game of soccer and wanted to be the best. When watching DeBruyne, pay attention to how he always knows where the ball needs to be. Pay attention to his first touch. Pay attention to his body position when he is receiving the ball. These attributes set him apart from the rest and are why he is one of the best.

2. Ability to find space

Finding space is difficult in soccer. because it is difficult to find space, the best players are thinking on a high level to solve this problem. DeBruyne knows when to move, and when not to move. He understands the flow of the game, which dictates his moves. Players who use their brains as much as their bodies can find success. Soccer is strategic. If you are not going to be strategic with your play, you can have difficulties unlocking your fullest potential.