Is Racism A Problem In The MLS? I #AskASoccerPro Show Ep 076


11-year MLS veteran Quincy Amarikwa welcomes you to the 76th episode of the #AskASoccerPro Show where he breaks down racism in MLS, where to find soccer resources for underserved communities, and how to ditch your loser’s mindset for good!

Check out what Quincy covers:

00:00 – 03:48: Welcome To The #AskASoccerPro Show Ep. 076!

03:50 – 5:56: Black-Owned News Outlet Perfect Soccer Announces Black Players Coalition of MLS

5:56 - 7:48: What The MSL mentality Is

7:49 - 11:16: How To Support the Black Players Coalition Of MLS

11:17 - 16:11: How Do You Remain Calm During Practice And Games @steece6

16:12 – 20:36: Is Racism A Problem In The MLS? @george_bastili

20:37 – 24:22: Who’s Back To Training For The Beautiful Game?!

24:25 – 29:21: @GetOnThe Bus Provides Available Soccer Resources For Underserved Communities! @monymikelopez

29:35 – 36:06: Brains Vs. Heart, How Much Of Each Does A Good Player Need? @kristinapodnar

36:07 – 42:03:  How The MSL Helped @sammysloboda7 Level Up His Confidence 

42:04 – 45:22: ‘I’m In Your Head’ Is Going Viral 👉🏽😶👈🏽

45:24 – 50:13: Can Somebody Make A Song Out Of This?

50:16 – 55:55: How To Get Rid Of Your Loser’s Mindset! @MaTTISaNDERSON_

55:57 – 59:46: What’s Quincy’s Next Hairstyle?

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Quincy Amarikwa (00:00):

We're all here to ride the MSL wave. The Mental Strength League! I'd like to welcome you to another episode of the #AskASoccerPro Show! Connor Johnson. What's happening. Soccer joined in you guys. Let me know if you can hear me. Okay. All right. George H T O four and B football. Welcome. Welcome waffle. Welcome. UChristian Christian is best. Welcome to the live. I don't think I've seen you before the Luca. Welcome to the live Joe Jackson dropping in. Oh man. MSL fan page. I have not seen you in a couple of weeks. Ryan Masch, Be, Pro General Manager, joining him. [Inaudible] you guys know what it is,

Quincy Amarikwa (00:45):

You know what it is as you drive in and dropping those I'm in your head emojis.

Quincy Amarikwa (00:53):

Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Spam that heart button. If you guys are feeling froggy and dropping the mind in your head emojis, if you guys know what it is because it is a. Another episode of the #AskASoccerPro Show episode 76. Welcome to episode 76, everybody. I'm happy to see you. And I'm happy to be with you. If you're listening to the library, play here in the future. For those of you who are joining in for the very first time, I'd like to welcome you to the #AskASoccerPro Show episode 76. I am your host 11 year MLS pro and lifetime MSL pro Quincy America, and here on the #AskASoccerPro Show , we break down the M S L. That is the mental strength league.

Quincy Amarikwa (01:46):

The MSL is, is the mindset you need to accomplish your goals. George drop in the hashtag MSL in emojis in the comment section loving that everybody's spamming that heart button. George has given me the, I am in your head. Emojis T has given me the I'm in your head emojis. The Luke has given me the, I am in your head. Emojis. Zuri is giving me that I'm in your head. Emojis, Joe Jackson, George Reese. Oh man. Christian. Everyone gave me them. I'm in your head. Emojis. Yo, shout out. Katie joined Dan on the live chief cultural officer of perfect soccer, Serena America. My wife also joined in on the live. Love seeing everybody as always love seeing the I'm in your head. Emojis. I love seeing everybody's spamming that hard button and getting ready for today's episode. It should be a good one. Let's switch that up.

Quincy Amarikwa (02:40):

It should be a good one. So for those of you listening on the replay in the future, who are unaware as to what we do on the show, we break down the MSL, which is the mindset you need to accomplish your goals. And how do we do that, Quincy? Well, how do you accomplish your goals? Will you practice the MSL by joining us here? Every Thursday live at 6:00 PM, PST 9:00 PM EST, where we go over the AmeriCorps process, a seven step process that we as a community here practice regularly to accomplish your goals. And for those of you who know what's up drop the three S's down in the bottom of the chat. If you know, the first three steps of the American court process, which is the three S's of self awareness. If you guys have already checked that out and had, and have had it over, do you perfect soccer

Quincy Amarikwa (03:29):

And you are down with the three S's of self awareness and you practice the three S's of self awareness, the Throwdown three S's down in the chat there. Cause I'd love to see that too. Welcome Paul audio engineer of the perfect soccer podcast and the perfect soccer brand. John Hollinger is dropping the three S's Oh, today's going to be a good one. Everybody, everybody, everybody these last few weeks have been quite eventful as you guys hopefully have seen. We recently announced the coming out of the black players coalition of MLS. So 70 plus 70 plus black players in the MLS organized over these last several weeks to form the coalition and perfect soccer was the black owned news outlet that they chose to go with to announce that news. I am currently on the executive board, so I'm on the black executive board and my job was to help the organization organize, right?

Quincy Amarikwa (04:32):

A lot of stuff goes into bringing something like this together. And thank you. Thanks to the perfect soccer community and all the feedback and the consistent loyal follower followers and your guys' feedback over time and joining in on the live and sharing with me, what's working, what's not working your current issues and obstacles that has allowed me to gain the experience to be able to do something and pull off something like this. The coalition that is now a strong group of individuals who is who's meeting here pretty much daily, especially as of right now, cause we're a newly formed organization, but connecting with the player pool at large on a weekly basis. And we are on a mission to to, to greatly disrupt and change the soccer landscape here in America for the better. So for those of you who have eh, we're, we're aware and read the press or press release, spam that heart button so I can see it.

Quincy Amarikwa (05:33):

And let me know what you guys took away from at least the release or what you're excited for with regard to that. Cause I'd love to get you guys' feedback. Like I said, we've been working on a whole lot of things and there's been, I think last, last episode, I said there was some news that I wanted to definitely share with everybody. And that was, that was some of it. Now there's a lot more stuff. That's also in the works. That's going to be coming out here soon. So I know the quarantine is been going on and people have been locked up for a couple of months, but for those of you who have been with me through this whole quarantine and all the way back to episode one, you know, that the MSL is a mindset and mentality that we fully tap into when chaos is happening around us, when things are uncertain and we're not sure what will result.

Quincy Amarikwa (06:20):

We see that as opportunity, opportunity to look at ourselves and see how we can improve ourselves with the gift of time that we were given. And I'm, I'm, I'm happy to, I'm happy to share, not only the things that we've been able to accomplish during these uncertain times and the, the platform we are now having access to, to share our message and the things that we've learned. I'm, I'm just as excited to hear the success stories of the community. The Luca joined in last week on episode 75 he joined in on episode 74, got his questions answered, applied what he learned on episode 74 and ended up getting three three offers to come back with clubs at different levels. Yeah. There you go. Lucas dropping in the licky eyes, emojis. Yeah, so I'm excited for the success of the community.

Quincy Amarikwa (07:15):

So with having said all of that and kind of getting getting, getting, going into what's going on here, I as always, I want to open it up to questions from the audience so further. So those of you who have some questions follow up questions, these questions you're new to the new to the community. You can call in, you get a couple of minutes and we answer your question or you drop your questions in the comment box below. So the question is there. I also do my best to manage the community and get back to you on that. If someone could type in perfect soccer L M I'll pin that down to the bottom there, and I'd really appreciate it. But I like the quote up on the screen. It's easy to not do something you're a little bit afraid of. I believe that was a quote from that was I'm pretty sure I'm pretty sure that was a quote from who was that, that, that had to have been from Bradley Wright-Phillip's, Bradley Wright-Phillips said that I liked that it was a good quote from him. Yeah, if you're a little bit afraid, that's a good thing. That's a good thing.

Quincy Amarikwa (08:29):

Let's see what we got here. So we've got some questions coming in.

Quincy Amarikwa (08:37):

Let's see Jordan joined in what's going on. Okay. The Luca put in perfect soccer that is the black lives matter collection that the black player pool will be adding to over these coming weeks to raise money for the organization. So if you guys had a perfect soccer L M so black lives matter you'll see the, the black lives matter black players, coalition of MLS collab collection. And as the guys coming up, as the guys come up with ideas their messages and the things that they would like to share perfect. Soccer's happy to help facilitate that merge. You guys know we'd like, we'd like to come with the merge, but any sales of that collection will all the proceeds from the sale of that collection will go directly to the black players coalition of MLS.

Quincy Amarikwa (09:38):

So if you were if you're loving what the coalition is standing for and representing, and you're wanting to be an active participant in that, and you're looking for a place to directly contribute those dollars as you guys know an investment in perfect soccer is an investment in yourself. And that collection is an investment in your future and our future. And and to fight systemic racism and discriminatory practices and just make sure the beautiful game is accessible to everybody, regardless of your race sexual orientation religion, or or others. So if you guys haven't checked out the collection, we just dropped that and we'll be adding to it more here. You can do that at the link below. Let's see what we got. Oh, I'll put this up on the screen. So you guys can see some of the stuff that we got there.

Quincy Amarikwa (10:33):

Let's see, I'll switch that up so you guys can see, so it's over on the site. So we got some questions rolling in and yeah, John Hollinger said wise words from B WP. That is correct. That was a good episode. You guys should definitely go and read, listen to that one, if you haven't already. I think the title of that was all on instinct is interesting to get an understanding of how how he thinks about the game. And now that I think about it more we'll, I'll definitely start now that now that we we've launched the organization and a lot, that's where a lot of my focus and mental energy had been these last couple of weeks, I'll get back back focused in, on getting some more guests here on the show so we can do some classic mental breakdowns.

Quincy Amarikwa (11:16):

But until then, first question that is coming in is S T E C E six asks, how do you remain calm during practice and games and to just play in the game smoothly without anxiety or nerves the best way to go about doing that. So let's say the opposite of anxiety and and nervousness would be confidence, right? So just for the sake of argument, let's say the opposite of that is confidence. So how do you maintain confidence or how do you gain confidence and what most people don't understand? The confidence is a skill set. One that is developed over time. So think of confidence, like a muscle. And most people don't know how to develop their confidence muscle because, because they're only flexing it when they need confidence, instead of doing things to practice, making that muscle strong so that when they need the confidence, they have it, but they also have the endurance of confidence.

Quincy Amarikwa (12:20):

Yeah, I'm liking where I'm going with this one. So this is good. This is a good question. So everyone, most people have muscles, right? But not everybody's working out their muscles. So if you need confidence in a moment and you can flex your muscle, okay, maybe you get away with it that one time, but if you have to flex that muscle twice and you don't have the endurance for that, that muscle, does you no good. And that's where that anxiety and fear comes in. So we want to be practicing, building our confidence muscle over time. So we have a confidence in Durance confidence, stamina, right? And the way that we do that, one is joining in here every Thursday, 6:00 PM, PST 9:00 PM EST to break down the MSL and get your questions answered. But so we can discuss these types of things, but just showing up is a practice in building your confidence endurance, right?

Quincy Amarikwa (13:10):

We're on episode 76, every single week, we do this. I've been without a team for seven or eight months. And when I was with the team and I was in DC United, and we had a, we had our second son and I'm on a pay cut. And I don't know where I'm going to be at the end of the year. And I'm moving all the way across the country. I'm moving from out of the country, back into the country, halfway across the country. We're still showing up 6:00 PM, PST 9:00 PM EST, to have the show. And in doing that and, and orienting yourself around something that you know, that no matter what you're going to show up, you're going to be there. And you're going to, you're going to see it through. It might not be the best day might not be the best episode.

Quincy Amarikwa (13:48):

I might have a shocker might have a stinker, but I'm going to show up and doing that over time, builds confidence because as I make mistakes, and we talked about this a lot, making mistakes is a good thing, making a mistakes means you're trying something you're, you're making progress. What we're trying to do is not repeat the same mistakes over and over, but the only way you're going to do that is by being consistent over time and doing that consistent, doing things consistently over time builds, builds stamina. And as you're building stamina, you have you build confidence. You're building confidence in yourself because you've been here before. You've done this before. The problem that you're running into, if you're running, you're running into anxiety and fear on the, on the field is you're not doing enough practice when you're not on the field. You're not, you're not spending enough time at home doing work.

Quincy Amarikwa (14:36):

You're not, you're not doing it consistently enough, and you're not asking your coaches enough questions. You're not asking yourself enough questions and you're just not putting in enough work. It's pretty much as simple as that. Most people are. Don't, don't correlate anxiety and fear to lack of preparation. A lot of people think the anxiety and fears, because because they're nervous about what they're going to you, but you're, you're concerned that you didn't prepare enough for what you're going into. That's really what it is, at least for me. And if you want to overcome that one, let's go back to it. Cause I think this is, this is great. Cause we're tying it all together. One realizing it's not easy to do something you're a little bit afraid of. So one, if you're a little bit afraid, that's letting you know, okay, Hey, okay, I'm here.

Quincy Amarikwa (15:26):

This is real. Let's do this. That's that, that, that should, that should kind of lean you into, this is something I should try. This is something I should be doing to be better, to get better. And you can, you know, the difference between things you should be doing and not be doing. So I don't want to get into the whole rabbit hole of all of that. I think we've talked about right. Versus easy. If you go listen to a, I forgot what episode it was, but you can search on the website why it's hard, why it's so hard to do what's right. Versus what's easy. That would be the episode. I'd say, go and listen to that. So you can, you can understand a full, full picture of that, but that was a, that's a good question. I hope that was I hope that was helpful.

Quincy Amarikwa (16:11):

Let's see what else we've got here. George G E O R G E underscore B a T T I S E L L. I asked, do you think there is a racism problem currently in the MLS? I think there's a, I think there's a discriminatory problem in the MLS. I think it's there because the MLS needed certain mechanisms, mechanisms in place, so it could get to the level it's at right now. But I think those, those, those mechanisms are outdated and antiquated and I believe it is time to self reflect and understand why the systems were in place, but realize we're we're past those and they aren't necessary anymore. And I know that that is scary to a lot of people who are used to things being a certain way. But changes, changes necessary changes in this city situation and circumstance.

Quincy Amarikwa (17:18):

I believe progress trending in a positive direction though. It may be scary because it's unfamiliar territory for a lot of people. I think it's necessary because what the experience has been from a large percentage of individuals, and even if it hasn't been a large percentage of small percentages of individuals has been, has been one where their voice hasn't been heard, where they haven't been fairly represented. And and because that was the case for so long those who've been in positions of power and higher decision making processes in the system as it currently stands, got too detached from reality. I think I had talked about it back in back in December in the #AskASoccerPro Show episode, when I forgot who had asked me, but they had said do you believe MLS is growing too fast? And I, I, I kind of broke it down.

Quincy Amarikwa (18:14):

In the context of the housing market back in 2008 and the MLS is growth model was deeply in, in my opinion, right? It was deeply dependent on expansion expansion was how they were justifying their valuations. And that's that's that's one source of income. That's one means of growth, but it's not sustainable because there is a cap to how far you can expand. And, and I believe there are, there are other ways in which the league could do much better to diversify its outreach, diversify its business model. But it also is re that also relies on the market at large, that that relies on many of the individuals like yourself who are joining in tuning, into shows like this, watching it regularly purchasing soccer equipment, purchasing soccer products playing the game talking about it with your friends, sharing it with others.

Quincy Amarikwa (19:10):

The lead can only grow and the league can only change if it has the funding to do so. So if people feel strongly enough about something they'll pay for it, if they're passionate enough about it, they'll pay for it. And not everybody can afford something, which is why here at perfect soccer, we have a model that disrupts the pay to play system. Every single resource that we have is available for free. But in exchange for putting some work in yourself, investing yourself, doing some research I think what's, what's important is nothing is free in life. Because even if it's free, you're going to spend some of your time or you're going to invest some of your time in exchange for that free item. So even if like I give everybody access free access to their perfect soccer team membership account, and you can create your team membership and get access to our books, tools, and resources.

Quincy Amarikwa (19:59):

You're still gonna spend your time to go get access to it. You're still going to invest your time in reading our tools and resources. So I'm free in the sense of monetary, but not free in the sense of time. And as you guys know, we talk about it. I'll talk about it till the end of my time. That time is your most valuable asset because you do not know how much of it you have, and because of that, it's priceless. So you want to be as strategic with your time as possible. You want to invest it in things that will hopefully maximize your time in the future. But great question, George. I appreciate that. Let's see what we got here as J D dot C for just joined in what's going on. Welcome. Welcome. Welcome everybody. How are you feeling? I've I've heard that many players Ryan had, let me know that many of his players are getting back to the fields. And you guys are starting back up with your training who is back to training and what is it that you have missed most about the beautiful game. I want to see how you guys are feeling down here in the bottom. Kendall, Kendall, Cox soccer, just joined in. Welcome Kendall. Good to see you. And I'm looking over here on this side. Got my setup now. Ooh, wee. Right. So as you guys ask me questions, like current events, what's going on, I'm trying to, trying to, you know, bring it all together, everybody let's see.

Quincy Amarikwa (21:41):

Yeah. Oh yeah. I saw this as well to you as shout up layer, Missy, bro. I was going through old photos for when I was with DC United last year. This is when we were playing is training isn't training. He gets critical free kick goal and we won. So it was a good time. But yeah I'm working with my, the ads team and I'm going through the old photos and I was going through that. I'd I'd sent him a message cause I came across this photo. This one was funny is he's a funny dude. Like I tell you guys all the time, there's this stupid characters all over, all over the place and Oh, and then I also came across as you guys are letting me know what you missed about the game. I also came across, Oh man. I hope I can find it. Let me see if I find it. Cause it's going to call out Earl. Can he call out Earl? Oh man. Earl Earl. You're lucky, bro. If I can't find this, I'm going to, I'm going to get it and show it for next next week though. Let's see. Joe said not back to training two more weeks. Oh, heart wrenching.

Quincy Amarikwa (22:59):

Let's see the Lucas said I'm back. I'm back to training. Matea said I've got training tonight. That's awesome. Man, I was trying to find it. You're lucky, Earl. You're lucky Earl. I can't find it, but what I can find is what toad or that was good. One from toad or [inaudible] love that. How how I play how I, how I think I play versus how I actually play. I'm getting look at that. I'm getting another, I forgot what episode I had. I got a zit, but look at that one. Oh gosh, that one's coming in. Good. Ooh.

Quincy Amarikwa (24:10):


Quincy Amarikwa (24:11):

Who spotted that? Did anybody spot that earlier? I'm just seeing that right now. I kept rubbing. I was like, what the heck? And then I'm going, Oh, I see that money. Mike Lopez said, how you doing Boss? Doing well. Let's see. Okay. Moni.

Quincy Amarikwa (24:25):

Okay. Hello? Hello.

Michael Lopez (24:34):

What's up?

Quincy Amarikwa (24:37):

What's going on brother?

Michael Lopez (24:39):

Coding right here at the house, which is here, you know, resting. Nice.

Quincy Amarikwa (24:46):

You want to let let us know, let us know your name. You're @ handle on Instagram. And where are you calling?

Michael Lopez (24:54):

My name is Michael Lopez. I'm from Phoenix, Arizona. I'm 20 years old. You hear me? Good.

Quincy Amarikwa (25:08):

And yeah, now I can. What's your, what's your Instagram name?

Michael Lopez (25:12):

Mike Lopez money. Mike? Yes. Money. Mike Lopez.

Quincy Amarikwa (25:18):

Alright, brother. What, what is your, what's your name?

Michael Lopez (25:21):

I organize a soccer channel and bro, let me take this thing up. I organized the soccer championships. I resolved for the kids for youth. This is going to be my third year. Organizing the tournament. I have a Facebook page too. For 20 soccer tournament, kids emails, a man. They had more than a 200 soccer teams with kids and stuff. And I'm just trying to look into you know,

Michael Lopez (25:48):

A sponsor uniforms, you know, or stuff like that you can have about the kids, the community and stuff like that. You know, I still, since I was five years old right now, I'm telling you I'm 20 years old. So I've been pretty much playing soccer since 15. So now I know how, how everything goes on over again and Phoenix, Arizona and stuff. So I should be here. Kids making soccer fraternity can afford kids who can afford them equipment, pay fees or stuff like that. You know? I have a friend that.

Quincy Amarikwa (26:17):

I love that I love that. Well. did you see, did you see my article? My article I posted on LinkedIn. I think Sirina just helped me to get my previous newsletters up on my website,, but the newsletter called get on the bus. The Ryersons do a program called get on the bus and I think it would be perfect for where you're at the they've got they've got a program to help individuals like yourself who are putting together soccer tournaments and they in underserved areas.

Quincy Amarikwa (26:55):

So I would, I would recommend reading that and getting in contact with them and just let them know that I sent you and they should be able to help you get possibly some grants or figure out how to apply for, for soccer grants. Say that again by so I'm sorry. I think it's the BS. The, the, the BSI podcast is joined in. Welcome. Good to see you guys. I said, you'll want to go onto my onto my site. I wrote on my old newsletter is called. The title is get on the bus. The Ryersons, the Ryersons started that program. We we partnered with them and help them do an event in the Epic coaches convention this year. They, they are perfect for what it is that you're wanting to do. They'll be able to get you either. The problem there'll be able to get you some type of funding for the program that you're talking about, or they'll put, they'll be able to get you in contact with how you can get funding specifically for what you're doing with the kids.

Michael Lopez (27:50):

I appreciate it boss, and I'm appreciate everything and yeah, I'm gonna get in contact and stuff like that.

Quincy Amarikwa (27:57):

Awesome, brother, there you go. Thank you very much. I appreciate the call.

Michael Lopez (28:02):

Take care boss.God bless you.

Quincy Amarikwa (28:07):

No, that's it. Thanks for calling in man. That was a good reminder. I, I need to try to see, I want to get the live stuff hooked up so I can hook it up to my computer. So then I can do a screen share onto the screen for you guys. So I could show, show you what it is that I'm talking about. But well, I go back and look at what you guys were saying about that. Has any, did anybody read my newsletter on the good on the bus newsletter? I think that's set out a couple months ago. George said, George said you must be scoring on Earl. Yes, I am scoring on Earl is a PK at training one day, a very high level, special Pete penalty kick technique that I don't think anybody has ever seen before, but I'm going to release a release it here on the account after the show's done, I'll upload it to this story and I'll tag him just so he can see it.

Quincy Amarikwa (29:03):

But yeah, if you guys have read that newsletter, you know what I'm talking about, drop a, drop a comment below and if not, then you plan on doing so let me know if you're going to do it. Let's see. We had Rahim joined in what's going on. Braheem good to see you.

Quincy Amarikwa (29:25):


Quincy Amarikwa (29:35):

Okay. So I was looking to see Some

Quincy Amarikwa (29:42):

R E M I L S O N or my new zero in said self-talk. And how you feel about yourself? Yeah. Yes. Okay. Kristin ponder ponder K R I S T I N a P O D N a R. Kristen, I feel like I've seen, I feel like I've seen it, something that you're doing. I'm not sure if you were, you're doing man. Like I'll see stuff really briefly. So you're testing my memory. I feel like I've seen you before you might be doing, what were you doing? What I saw? I think you're doing workshops talking to businesses about, I'm not sure if you're still on drop below what it was that you're doing, but I feel like I've, I've seen that before. But she had asked a brains versus heart. How much of each does a good player need brains versus heart?

Quincy Amarikwa (30:43):

How much of each one? So when we're breaking stuff down, as we do here in the MSL we want to get down to the absolute foundation and make it binary. So computer talk, right? Ones and zeros on off. Yes, no, I think that's a very difficult because there's gray mostly live in the group and that's where most things fall. Most things fall in the gray, but no matter how gray and area is at the extremes, it's on or off it's yes or no, it's binary and the Amarikwa mindset. We, we do the best we can to get to those extremes. And then we make a decision at that point in time, based on the information we currently have available to us. And then we make a decision, we take action. We move forward. So with that framework set, when you're saying, if it's brains versus heart, which one's most valuable, and I'll have to say though, it pains me to say it because I'm a guy who's a big on playing with heart. Brains is most important because you can have the biggest heart. You can have the most joy, the most love, the most passion, but you had the most loved the most. You have the most passion and you're compared to the, the most brains, the most sophisticated, the most forward thinking

Quincy Amarikwa (32:10):

In that, in that head to head reigns, theoretically right. Should win because the brain should be able to out-think the heart. Just, just philosophically. If we're saying at a maximum, even if it's 50.0012, the 49.999999. On that, that point. When you say, when it's house money who wins, I think brain's wins. If you're on the absolutes. Now, if you're in the grid, if you're in the gray, I'm going heart all day because heart can overcome brains because heart, Heart can dig into something deeper than the brain can.

Quincy Amarikwa (32:57):

So, so at the extremes, I'm going brains, but in the gray, I'm going heart because heart can give you enough motivation to develop enough. It means you might not be the smartest. You might not be the brightest, but your heart can make you do the work to get smarter, to, to go farther. If you're, if you're naturally smart, but you're not the smartest of the smartest, the smart you can rest on just being smart enough, which means you're vulnerable to those who have a lot of heart who won't let their lack of understanding their lack of knowledge in this current moment, beat you in the long run. So brains can work. Brains works in the, in the short term, for sure heart works in the long run in the gray area, but on the extremes, if you're the smartest person ever versus the person with the most hard ever in that matchup, brains wins. But that's a, that's a good question. I like that one. And I like how I had to break that down.

Quincy Amarikwa (34:03):

Luis Philippe just joined in everyone. We knew you guys know. We love to see Luis Philippe, old teammate with the San Jose earthquakes. Yo Philippe. I know you're if you're still in here, bro, give me a thumbs up. I want to call you in. Cause I know you're down at in Orlando, already with San Jose, right? You were the first, you guys were the first team to get out there. Christina does digital policy. There you go. That's what I was. That's why I think it stood out to me. Cause a lot of organizations do not understand the need for that. And that's, I think I saw it just briefly. Maybe it's on LinkedIn or something. But yeah, that is true. So I did. That was who I did see, did see you, but good question. Let's see, we got here.

Quincy Amarikwa (34:50):

I'm loving you guys. I'm loving seeing you guys communicate in the comment section as well to you giving each other advice, talking through your issues and figuring out solutions to stuff. Rezi 21 had said, you have to always look up when you have the ball and survey the pitch, clear your mind. And most importantly, what position do you play? So I love that. I love that you guys, that's what this community has meant for collaboration. Teamwork makes the dream work. John Hollinger knows what I'm talking about with that. John, how has the financial literacy teachings going man? L I a L I T O S three 27. Joined in with the thumbs up. I believe you were on the 50 50 podcasts, correct? For those you guys who didn't know I was, I was on the 50, 50 podcast a couple of weeks ago. They released that episode. It was a good talk and conversation. Yeah. I'd have to go back back too far to do that. Sammy asked if he could join. Let's see Sammy. Yup. I'll call you in. And we got two minutes for you to get your call in giving everybody a heads up. We've got 20 minutes left in the lives of you got questions, drop them in the comment section. What's going on, Sammy?

Sammy (36:08):

How are you doing?

Quincy Amarikwa (36:10):

How are you doing? Can you let us know? I'm well, man, I'm well, can you let us know your name

Quincy Amarikwa (36:16):


Sammy (36:21):

Sorry. You just cut out. Could you repeat that please?

Quincy Amarikwa (36:24):

I think you're cutting out there.

Quincy Amarikwa (36:28):

Yeah. Yeah. I said let us know your name your handle, your Instagram handle and where you're calling from.

Sammy (36:37):

Okay. On Sammy handle. And I'm calling you from Vancouver, Canada.

Quincy Amarikwa (36:45):


Quincy Amarikwa (36:48):

Oh, there we go, Canada. And how old are you? Yeah, 15. Alright, Sammy, what's going on, man? What can I, how can I help?

Sammy (37:00):

Well, I just want to say like about maybe a year, I was like a lot of confidence, rock bottom, but I've learned MSL and everything like that. And like, so last season I was on my team. I was good on my mindset with all wrong. I had talent, but all my mind was wrong. If you were to tell me, got you last season that I wouldn't be on next season, I would think I would get demoted. Right. But it turns out academies want me up academies want me? Cause I just changed my mind, mind shift. That's all it was.

Sammy (37:46):

And my thought helped me with that.

Quincy Amarikwa (37:47):

Love that man. So what, okay. I love that, man. You know, I love to hear that. All right. So how did you discover, how did you, how'd you find out about the MSL mindset?

Sammy (37:59):

I think, I don't know. I have no idea. Just probably scrolling through Instagram or something like that. I always joined logs though. I was always on lives always on the podcast.

Quincy Amarikwa (38:13):

Okay. And how, how long after listening did you feel like it, it started, you started applying what you were learning from, from the lives?

Sammy (38:23):

Well, right away I was asking question, like what I'm, when I'm dealing with. And then I would just try to practice it as much as I can and now my confidence and everything.

Quincy Amarikwa (38:35):

I love that

Quincy Amarikwa (38:36):

Sirena. I love that man. Higher level thinking Sirena said Sammy way to the level of your mindset. That's awesome, brother. A,uso, okay, well now that, okay, this is a good, this is good. Cause being competent is good and being, and believing in yourself as good. But we also, we, we want to ride the wave. We don't want to ride too high on the wave and we don't want to ride too low per night. So what are you, what are you where,uwhat do you, what are you struggling with right now? What do you feel is something that,uyou're, you're wanting to be more focused on and why?

Sammy (39:24):

One thing I'm struggling with, honestly, I don't know. I'm feeling better than ever. I can't really think of anything. I know that thumping probably, but I can't. That's all I can think of it right now.

Quincy Amarikwa (39:37):

That's a no that's okay. No need to think about that. Okay. Oh no, that's really good, man. Yeah, maintaining a solid, yeah. Maintaining a solid mental mental space now is the goal and you're there, man. So I love hearing that. Do you have any advice for our followers? Do you have any advice for anybody who's listening in for the first time to me, I said, do you have any advice for the followers or anybody who's listening in for the first time?

Sammy (40:12):

Well I struggled with a bunch of confidence, but now all you have to do it. It's easy and hard. You just have to work everyone. And that's what I did. And lion attitude.

Quincy Amarikwa (40:30):

I love that, man. I love the cofidence. All right. Hey Sammy. Well, thank you very much for calling in brother. I appreciate it. I hope to see you in the, in the comment section here in the future, brother,

Sammy (40:40):

You'll see me. You'll see me playing it. We're on everything. You'll see me playing professional, top dog. I swear to God.

Quincy Amarikwa (40:50):

I know. Well, you said, you said it here first, so,

Sammy (40:55):

So we'll look back at this live.

Sammy (40:58):


Quincy Amarikwa (41:01):

Yeah. I'm looking forward to chop in this clip in like five years. I'm looking forward to it, bro. When we have the perfect soccer, when we have the perfect soccer agency and you need some representation and we're building your marketing campaign because you're signing with the Vancouver Whitecaps, we're going to take this clip and put it in your, in your social media posts, bro. It's going to be great. You see even got a, he, you got Heath Pearson here said, Oh boy on everything. Awesome, man. Well Sammy, thanks for calling in brother. Yeah. Good luck with all your training and we'll see you here. We'll see you soon.

Sammy (41:39):

Thank you. Bye bye.

Quincy Amarikwa (41:45):

I don't think that. I think he was getting a little bit shoddy with the with the internet there. G R I E Z. I underscore 21 said you got this, bro. Keep said, get it Sammy. Zuri say claim it. I love that everyone's out here claiming that mental space. I don't know if everybody, if anybody has noticed, but I'm pretty sure. The higher level organizations are starting to, to tune into the MSL because I've seen a lot of people sending me in screenshots and messages of people shouting out that they're in people's heads and they're living there. Rent free. Yeah. Christina jobs. I'm in your head. Emojis. Everybody is understanding. Just claiming that mental, not mental space. You guys know what it is. Hashtag rent's still free. I heard some people, I heard some people might've forgot, but it's okay. The MSL were remind them increased fruit ball said MSL X, V I L L a dropping the I'm in your head a Mo jeez. And everybody's spamming that heart button. Let's see what we got here and

Quincy Amarikwa (43:01):

Let's see.

Quincy Amarikwa (43:06):

Okay. Yeah. So Christina had asked the, the brains versus heart question and Oh, okay. That's what was going on? What was going on? It was lagging there. So let's see what we got here. Brain versus heart, a greasy 21 drop the cat. I mean you had Mo Moji, Reese puppy dropped in the almond, your head and Moogie's who told her, you know, I don't know if you guys saw the post production. So Todor is our lead lead video editor for the brand. And we're just upleveling all of our internal systems and processes guys, but Todor takes all the clips, breaks them down to our PS clips and make some really fun commercial content and stuff out of it. I think last week I'd asked him to, I asked him to put a laser shooting out of my eyes. So I'm going to ask him to do it again. Cause I don't know how long it took each other, but I thought it was super dope.

Quincy Amarikwa (44:15):

Nope, that was for, that was for Todor in the post production. So let me know. Joe Jackson said, yeah, I've been noticing that a lot in people that I've never heard it from before on the internet. They ju they're just saying I'm living rent free in your head. Yeah. Yeah. You guys, when we got a solid message, that's based in truth, you keep the message consistent over enough time and it starts just getting into the consciousness of everybody, right? The MSL mindset, the perfect soccer community, the teamwork makes the dream work. This doesn't happen without you guys. This doesn't happen without you guys pushing that message. Make letting everybody know everybody's is learning about the free rent because the rent still free. The hashtag the rent is free. Hashtag the rent still free. Hashtag the rent's always been free. Hashtag the right will always remain free. That's what we do here.

Quincy Amarikwa (45:17):


Quincy Amarikwa (45:17):

In your head. We're we're in your head.

Quincy Amarikwa (45:22):


Quincy Amarikwa (45:24):

Great. You said you're so energetic. Let's see what we got here. Okay. John's been going through the financial literacy course. Oh, I didn't even announce this. We've been doing so many updates and changes. Well, not changes. We've just been doing so many updates and adding these programs and beta programs that we've been in testing mode for like the last, like two or three years that we're just upgrading the whole system with a bunch of baller value. And I'm not even letting you guys know about it. Cause there's just too much value. If that could even be a thing, but you guys already know our purpose is to over deliver value, leave every exchange haven't given more than we received. We choose short term suffering over longterm pain because that is what our community is all about. Delayed gratification. That's what we practice. And we practice what we preach.

Quincy Amarikwa (46:14):


Quincy Amarikwa (46:19):

The good word. Every Thursday, 6:00 PM. PST 9:00 PM EST [inaudible] what'd you guys are seeing today is the result of work that happened years ago. So the work we're doing today, you will not see For a few years from now. So think about that. If what you're looking at right now is amazing and full of value and just blow in your mind. Imagine, imagine what's coming. Cause it's 20, 20 vision,

Quincy Amarikwa (46:54):

2020 vision.

Quincy Amarikwa (46:59):

If any of you are like music artists and you can make music and beats and stuff and you can make something out of this.

Speaker 2 (47:07):


Quincy Amarikwa (47:16):

Yeah. There's some attitude in that, splice it up and make something decent. And we'll be sharing that on the platform. That'd be dope. John had said, as he got smashed in that heart button John had said financial literacy courses going good. Also just started training today with Loudon, yo congratulations on training, getting back to training. And before I got up on my 2020 rant, I was talking about, and that's probably what ends up happening. I don't even tell you guys about all the dope stuff we're adding. Cause I just started having too much fun, too much fun because the PM perfect soccer stands for passion and passion is what you do when you're having fun. And that's what we do out here.

Quincy Amarikwa (48:09):

Yeah. So the financial literacy course, I added that to the perfect soccer team membership center. So for those of you who already have your perfect soccer team membership set up go in there and upload or like refresh it. And you'll notice there's a new tab that says financial literacy and we'll get you access to the financial literacy course, as well as access to the real estate investment course. That's kind of next level, higher level stuff. For those of you who go through that course, the course is free. It's what I use to get started in my financial literacy journey and my journey. And it's where I add additional tools and resources. Additionally the individuals who joined most early get access to me to answer their specific questions. So John sends in some of his questions, he types them out.

Quincy Amarikwa (48:56):

I get them via email. I respond via voice memo. He organizes that. That's how this value exchange works. You guys organize your questions. You send them in. I answered them via voice member when I get an opportunity, even break down my answers. And then I add those answers as Q and a to the training center. So those of you who come along later can look at those questions and get your answers. And having said that I'm not a financial advisor, this is all for educational purposes only. Cause I don't know what I'm talking about. I'm just a professional soccer player sharing with you guys. What I've learned over the course of my career and how I set out on this journey to shut downs, Lacan cause hashtag MSL is greater than MLS and given out free rent ever since, you know ha ha ha Jordan said he definitely sings in the sh in the shower. You know, what's funny. I don't, I sing on the show. The show is the only place I sing. Yeah. I'm thinking about it. Yeah. The show is literally the only place that I seen. Maybe we'll need to need to change that.

Quincy Amarikwa (50:16):


Quincy Amarikwa (50:16):

Okay. Let's see what we've got here. Mateus Anderson, M a T T I S a N D E R S O N underscore said I often get worried seeing youth player succeeding and doing well. And it makes me worried that I won't make it. I'm sure you'd added more, but that is a loser's mindset Mathias. And we're here to develop that longterm winner's mindset, LTW, em, trademarked, woo w M longterm winners mindset in order to develop a longterm winner's mindset. We have to be able to recognize it. Notice when we're having a losers mindset. And it doesn't mean that nobody can have a losers mindset and it doesn't mean that you're a terrible person. If you have negative thoughts, that is part of the process, what we're doing here. And what I'm talking about here is we have to acknowledge the problem before we can decide if we're going to implement a solution to it.

Quincy Amarikwa (51:15):

So, first and foremost, we've got to practice the three S's of self awareness and you are self aware enough to know that you're worried about other youth players succeeding and doing well, but have you taken yourself awareness to the next level in breaking down your, in your mentality, your belief system, as to why you are concerned and worried about them, when you should only be worried about yourself. And that's the difference between a winner's mindset and loses mindset, the losers focus on everyone else, but winners focus on themselves and they're not focused on themselves in the sense where they're telling everybody how amazing they are and what they're doing though. That can be very fun, right? That can be a lot of fun. I love talking about how amazing I am, right? But you want to only talk about how amazing you are when you know it's true.

Quincy Amarikwa (52:02):

Cause you know, in our MSL sayings, it says it isn't bragging. If it's true, the problem is most people are bragging because what they're saying, isn't true. But if what you're saying is true, it's not bragging. And there's people who don't like what you're saying will say you're being cocky or you're bragging is because they don't like hearing the truth. And if someone doesn't like hearing the truth, that's their problem. Not your problem, but it can be your problem. So we changed that problem into a temporary obstacle and we figure out how to navigate around that problem. That's what the MSL mindset is. We take that negativity and slap it in a, we slap it and we turn it into positivity. Okay? So it's negative. That mindset is negative because you are outward facing. You're worried about others. They're worried they're running away from you.

Quincy Amarikwa (52:47):

They're doing more, they're doing this. And so saying, what are they doing to be come better than me as time goes on? And how can I implement that myself in my game? And how can I do more with less to get farther? You want them focused on you trying to catch you. And if you recognize and know that they're there ahead of you, then you should be looking to them as for inspiration, for creative ideas, for for experience. And sometimes they won't give it to you. And sometimes they don't want to share it because they know something you don't know. And that's why they're ahead of you. So it's your job to figure it out and then do the work simple as that. If you're doing the work, you might not get there as fast as you'd like, but you'll get there. If you remain committed and do the work over long enough, it's the same thing with the I'm in your head mindset, mentality, MSL mentality. I think when we started out, anyone was following you think when we started out, anyone was paying attention. You think when I started out, anyone thought we could do this or thought I was anything? No, everyone sees something happen overnight, but it's overnight. Success takes 10 years, right?

Quincy Amarikwa (53:58):

I've been a pro for 11 years. This would be my 12th year or this will be my 12th year when I signed a contract. But people see you today. See what you've got today. And they assume that this just happened yesterday. And we tell them, you know, this, this started when I was three and I started playing soccer for the first time. Right. And joined my first a YSO team. I think it's six or seven. And that's what I'm, I'm trying to get you guys to understand and fully, fully get on board with so that you can recalibrate your mind to really start being to have the right perspective, right? Like a year is not that long. But when you're young, you think it's a long time, five years, isn't that long. But when you're young, you think that's a really long time, 10 years.

Quincy Amarikwa (54:44):

Okay. But it's really not that long. Right? It's not that long when you compare it to how long some people have been working at their craft and maybe you just started a week ago, six months ago, a year ago. And you think you've been doing it a long time and that's the problem. That's the problem. Because if you think that that's a long time, you're setting yourself up for failure because it's going to take, I think I forgot what episode we talked about. I said, whatever it is that I'm thinking about, I want to do. If I think it's however long, I think immediately that it's going to take me. Let's say, I think it's going to take me one month. Just like off the top of my head. I don't know anything about it. I think it's going to take me a month. I multiplied by six and I go, okay, I'll decide if it's worth continuing to pursue or to quit.

Quincy Amarikwa (55:29):

I'll decide if it's worth quitting six months from now. So I have to go six months longer than I think it will take me to do before I can decide to quit. And at that point in time, I probably put in six months and I go, okay, I didn't know what I was signing up for when I started, but now I at least have a real idea of it. And I've already spent this much time in it. So now I can make an informed decision whether or not I should continue to pursue it, or if it's the right time to move on to something else, people are thinking too short term when it comes to stuff. But we got two minutes here before.

Quincy Amarikwa (55:59):


Quincy Amarikwa (56:00):

Excuse me. Instagram kicks me off. I wanted to shout out a couple of things. One a D Bab, don't be a baby Earl's brand. Just came with the black lives matter collection. The first, the first the first drop perfect cyber Make sure you guys head over there, purchase some merch. All the, all the, all the proceeds are going to the black players, coalition of MLS, something I'm very proud of and passionate about. And I'd love to see the support of the, of the MSL perfect soccer community. And then the last two minutes here, I see a Paul P PCG seven S what's Quincy's next hairstyle. I don't know, man. I, I love the man Ben, cause it is the lowest maintenance hairstyle I've ever had. So if you guys go search my name on Google and look at all the many different hairstyles had over the course of my career, it's probably been like 30 plus hairstyles. This one is definitely the easiest. And I don't know if I'm changing it anytime soon, but you know, I can change my mind

Quincy Amarikwa (57:05):


Quincy Amarikwa (57:05):

Any quick questions, fun questions, silly questions. Yes. Subsets. I have to wait another week. Sad face. Ah, yes, you, you are going to have to wait another week. I'm sorry about that, but I appreciate you joining in. And since I saw that, I'll be quick to see your question next week, when you join in Jay pro skills dropped in towards the end of live, what's up welcome. And Matea said, I'm going to hop in on the video next week. A G R I E Z. I underscore 21 said, where's Ross. That's a great question. You guys need to hit up this man Ross to see what he's up to. I know he got a job at a local school. I don't know if he was a principal or I forget what his role or position was, but then the quarantine happened and he also had a second child.

Quincy Amarikwa (57:53):

So a lot has been going on in his world, but you'll be seeing him in the, in the ads, the Facebook ads here soon. Cause we're getting that whole division up and running. We've been in kind of beta for a little while, but Joe Jackson said amazing live Quincy. Thank you very much. Thank you, Joe. I appreciate that. You guys, let me see the mom and your head emojis with the last minute here on the live, if you were enjoying it. And if you got something of value out of today's episode, how does today's episode?

Quincy Amarikwa (58:27):

Let me know. Yeah. Matt dropped in the I'm in your head emojis. What time and when is the next come on? You know, you should know when the next live is next lives. Next Thursday, 6:00 PM. PST 9:00 PM EST. You guys make sure you head into the perfect soccer train team membership area and download your free week of the be pro program. Courtesy of Ryan mash. John Hollinger dropped in the I'm in your head. Emojis dropped in, I'm in the right emojis. And Joe, let him know when the next episode is. I'm seeing everybody spamming that heart button. I'm loving that. I also saw the draw string. Let's see the drawstring bag was dope done in your head bag, but like I said, you guys I'd very much appreciate it. If you, if you share the link purpose after L M go ahead and copy yourself. Some stuff there. The proceeds are going to great causes and I'm, I'm, I'm proud of the organization that I'm happy to be, be working with. These guys increased football, said 20, 20 vision loving that. Seeing everybody here, spamming that heart button has always, I appreciate all of you guys in the community for joining in and rocking with me. I will see everybody here next week, same time. And as always,

Quincy Amarikwa (59:43):

I mean, you had let you guys okay.