In Their Heads I Mini-Blog #AskASoccerPro Show


In Their Heads

Someone’s reaction and response will let you know if you’re in their head. If someone is trying to tell you that you’re not in their head… you’re in their head. And if they don’t believe it’s true, then you’re two levels deep in their head.

Now if they still don’t acknowledge that you’re in their head, but you can visibly see that they are angry and can’t articulate it or are choosing not to… then you are like four levels deep in their head.

Getting into somebody’s head is a matter of trapping them mentally in a game they can’t think their way out of. People typically get frustrated when they can’t figure something out. They can’t solve a problem and most people tend to get angry when they can’t solve a problem. 

The anger that someone has when they can’t solve a problem usually manifests in some type of physical outburst, yelling, name-calling, whatever, and as soon as they’re doing that it’s just feedback to you that you’re in control, not them.

So, it comes back to control, right? If the troll on the internet makes you mad, who is in control? If the troll makes you laugh and smile, you control the troll.

The longer the troll pays attention to you, the more of their mental capacity, mental space, mental rent, and their mental assets are being deposited into your name and bank account. We are here being investors of time, so, the more time others invest in you, the more valuable they make you over time. Now, this is the one thing that your haters and trolls either don’t believe because they don’t want to, or they don’t think it’s true, which is fine. 

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