I have Soccer goals, Perfect Soccer, but I can’t seem to organize them. Help!!

Perfect Soccer Goals

Goals are what keep you getting out of bed every day with the desire and passion for achieving greatness. Goals are your WHY, and when you have a WHY, it is a powerful thing to process. In my soccer career, I always had a why, and I made sure to remind myself of it every time I stepped on the field. For some of you, you're trying to set goals and unlock your why which can be challenging. In today's videos, I'll give you the Do's that go along in the goal making process.


1. Outcome goals

An outcome goal is solely focusing on a specific consequence or result. Outcome goals are great and are an essential type of goal, but it can't be the only goal. Outcome goals can be dangerous because we become obsessed with the outcome, and if we don't get the result we are looking for, we find ourselves becoming negative and having a fixed mindset. For example, scoring 20 goals in a season can be seen as an outcome goal. The thing we as players have to ask ourselves is this, " If we don't score 20 goals are we a failure?" The answer is no because the journey and work that is put into the craft is far more critical than scoring 20 goals. 

2. Performance goals 

A performance goal is one that is focused on an individual or team's improvement relative to past performances. These are great goals because it will make you hold yourself and your teammates accountable. We at Perfect Soccer hold self-accountability in high regard. If you can be honest with yourself and be intentional with what steps you need to take to improve, you can find yourself in a good spot with developing as a player and achieving your goals. 

Performance goals

3. Process Goals

Is a goal mainly in the student's control. It is often the case when kids set challenging process goals, outcome goals will follow. The process is vital because, without it, you'll never be able to achieve outcome goals. If you're guessing and going into things blindly, you'll find yourself on the wrong side of goal achieving. We stress this with everything we do at perfect soccer, self-awareness. Being aware and coming up with a plan is what is needed to achieve your goals. If your goal is to be a better passer of the ball but haven't come up with exercises that will make you a better passer, you're going to struggle. If you want to be a better one v one defender, you better find a teammate that will be intentional and work on this skill with you. Extra reps are essential, and if you don't get them, you will struggle. 

Process Goals