How to Kill an Internet Troll I I #AskASoccerPro Mini-Blog

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Since we are here fighting back against depression, I want to talk about how to deal with people who bring negativity into your life. So, here is a mini-class on how to stop those internet trolls!

Step one, any time anyone says anything negative to you online, all you have to do is drop that ‘I’m in your head’ emoji, you know the one!

We are taking the negativity and hate and spinning it into positive energy that we can use to lift ourselves up to achieve our goals.

So, any time someone comes at you, just drop them that emoji and wait. One of two things is going to happen. One, they might not know what it means, and that’s just going to confuse them, which may mean they come at you with more hate. So, you’re going to drop that emoji again and again.

Eventually, they are going to get frustrated and ask you what it means. All you have to do is type, ‘I’m in your head. #MSL.’ Once that happens, you win. You are officially registered in their head. Don’t explain anything to them, make them do the research. They’re going to look it up and find out what it means.

If they ever come back, you’re already in their head. You’ve won. MSL baby, that’s how you kill the internet trolls!


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