How To Hold Yourself Accountable For Your Goals

Success. Everyone wants success, but many struggle with what success will look like for them. Don’t worry, here at Perfect Soccer we are here to help you with that. We are firm believers in the idea of You being all you need to achieve your goals. Now,  We aren’t saying that you won’t receive help along the way, but it does take a disciplined, self-reflective individual actually to be successful. 

 So if you’ve struggled to figure out what it will take for you to be successful in soccer up to this point, we have made a great checklist that will guide you through your soccer journey.


Welcome To The Be Pro Weekly Checklist!

Utilize this resource to help keep yourself accountable throughout the process of working toward your goals.

Daily Goal Setting & Reflection
What do you want to get better at today?
How are you going to get better at that today?
When will you find time to focus on getting better at that?
What did you do well today? Why do you feel you did well?
What did you struggle with today?
How hard did you work today on a scale of 1-10?
Who did you talk to about your game?
Monday - Self Honesty
Did you start off the week on a good note? Why do you feel this way?
What do you need to work on to get you closer to your goals? Why?
Did you do everything in your power to move the needle closer to
achieving your goals?
What setbacks, if any, did you face today? If Yes, how did you overcome
Tuesday - Self Initiative
What can you take action with? Getting extra touches? Networking?
What can you do now that will put you in a better position a week from now? month? year?
What specifically did you do today that didn't require someone to ask you?
Wednesday - Self Accountability
Are you making excuses for why you can't train?
What distractions can you eliminate to free up time to train? Video games?
What did you do after you realized you were distracted?
Thursday - Growth Oriented
What's something you've learned or worked on this week?
Did you receive any feedback that first hurt, but after reflection, you
knew it would help you in the long run?
Friday - Teamwork
Have you recruited friends, family, teammates to train with you?
Who are you asking for guidance or to talk through ideas with?
Do you work well in a team? Do you feel you're improving when working
in groups?
Saturday - Attention To Details
How did you apply your training to the games?
Did you execute your role in training/games?
Did you learn from your mistakes and make sure to practice during
next weeks of training?
Sunday - Fun
Are you learning to enjoy the process?
What fun things do you do outside of soccer?