How to Get More Assists in Soccer

How to Get More Assists in Soccer

It used to be that goalscorers got all of the accolades, but that’s just not true anymore. Soccer fans now know how essential it is to have great passers on the team to set up the goalscorers. Unsurprisingly, more and more players want to learn how to get more assists because they realize how important that stat can be both for themselves and for their teams.

Below you will find some of the best ways to get more assists in soccer.

Power and Accuracy

If you want to create plenty of goals for your team, then you need to work on everything having to do with passing. That means that you need to put as much focus on power as you do accuracy. When you put those two things together, you will be well on your way to being a top passer.

Regardless of what type of drill you are working on in practice, be sure that you get your passes into your teammates’ running lanes. You will want to do this as accurately and as quickly as you possibly can. Start out by working on your accuracy, but eventually you will want to be able to put enough power behind the ball to ensure that it gets to your teammate before the opponents can intercept it or deflect it away.

Master Your Dribbling Skills

Dribbling Skills

There are plenty of ways that you can improve your dibbling skills, and you should definitely do so if you want to improve your assist numbers. You don’t necessarily have to be an elite dribbler to have great assist numbers, but you should have enough dribbling skills to be able to create more chances for your teammates.

Often you will find that you need to just get a step away from an opponent to open yourself up to making a key pass. Start out by working on quick dribbling moves to give you those passing opportunities, and then slowly build up the rest of your dribbling skills.

Work on Your Speed

Believe it or not, speed is almost as important to passing as actually passing the ball. Increasing your soccer speed will give you more options when you are moving towards the opponents’ goal since you will be able to create more space for yourself. It also keeps the defense moving, which will give your teammates more places to move creatively.

There are plenty of passes that you can make from a standing position, but you need to make every type of pass if you want to get more assists. Take some time in practice and on your own time to work on increasing your speed.

Develop Chemistry with Your Teammates

Chemistry with Your Teammates

One of the most underrated aspects of a great soccer team is its team chemistry. When you have great chemistry with your teammates, you will be able to know when they will make runs and will have a much higher chance of connecting on your passes. Team chemistry is all about getting to know each other so well that you don’t even have to look around to know where everyone is.

If you take the time to develop that chemistry with everyone on your team, you will find that making any type of pass becomes that much easier.

Watch the Best Playmakers

Watch the Best Playmakers

All of your hard work will be done on the practice field, but there is plenty to gain from watching the best playmakers in the world ply their trade. There are also plenty of ways to watch those players. As often as you can, take a look at highlight videos or, better yet, watch these players live so you can see how they move without the ball and how they time their passes.

All in all, you want to do everything that you can to get more assists for your team. If you put in the right amount of effort, you should see your assist numbers improve in no time.