How To Get In The Game

So, are you in the game? 

It’s a simple question... 

Do you even know what the game is?

Here’s a secret, if you’re not even aware that a game is being played right in front of your face, if you haven’t learned from someone who has played the game… 

You are a pawn in this game, and you’re getting played. 

It doesn’t matter if you don’t want to play. 

Others have made the decision for you and are using you in their game, to their own end.

And as of now, you’re the one who is here to be the loser.

The question now becomes... 

Are you ready to stop getting played and to learn the rules of the game? 

So What Is The Game You Keep Losing? 

You know the game, the one where people are continually taking your ideas; 

“They are stealing your credit.”

“They are taking all your value.”

“They are holding you back.”

Their actions make you feel awful about them, yourself, humanity as a whole. 

But why does it keep happening to you? 

Yes, you.


Is it racism?



Is it because the world is unfair?

Maybe it’s all of them, none of them, some of them, or more.

Who really knows?

But the one thing that is true no matter what the reason, is that it keeps happening because you have yet to learn how to capture and keep your value. 

That’s why. 

Everyone else seems to know how to capture and take the value from you, but you don’t know how to capture your own value and keep it for yourself.

Your biggest problem is that you’ll never be able to escape this fact.

And it will only become worse and more apparent to you as time goes on...

Because you were flawed from the start.

You walked in with a loser’s mentality.

And this alone, is the real reason why you’re always losing the game. 

And why you’ll continue to lose the game to those who understand the rules much better than you do.

But if you walked in with a loser’s mentality, and you’re just now acknowledging it.

Or worse, still denying that it’s a losers mentality in the first place.

You most certainly don’t know how to build a winner’s mentality, either. 

Because if you did, you would already have done it.

Or maybe not?

To build a winner’s mindset, you first have to be aware that you’re even playing a game.

And to do that, someone who has played the game needs to have taught you the rules, unless you’ve figured them out for yourself. 

Have you?

Figured out the rules to the game that is?

If so, are you teaching others how to play and win the game?

Or are you learning the game and keeping it to yourself, so you can take from others?

Because that would be a loser’s mindset.

You’re here to learn to win, and how to do so for the long term.

So, now that you’re here…

Do you know anyone who has taught you how to build a winner’s mentality for yourself? 


Well, the one thing you now know for sure is that you keep losing, but now, you have come to the understanding of why you keep losing.

Welcome To The Game!

Are you ready and willing to learn how to stop losing the game?

Most say they are ready to stop losing.

Almost none are ready AND willing to learn how to stop losing.

To win, it requires that you build a winner’s mentality, but if you have no one to teach you, what do you do?

Where do you start?

You start by asking and honestly answering a simple question...

Do I Want To Continue To Be The Victim?

If the answer to that question is no, now that you are aware of the game, think back. 

How were you being played in the past? 

What was your role in it?

What didn’t you know then that you know now?

Now that you have that in your mind’s eye. 

Are you still choosing to blame the other party, or outside circumstances for where you are right now? 

Have you taken any personal responsibility for the role you may have played?

What about the role you plan to play moving forward?

Even if you believe that where you are now is someone else’s fault, and it very well may be.

Think about it this way… 

If your current situation is 99.9% someone else’s fault, there is still the potential for you to claim .01% of the responsibility. 

What is that .01%? 

How can you mentally claim that .01%?

We are going to start here.

You are going to get so good at focusing on and improving on that .01% you messed up in the past, that you will never lose that part of the game ever again in the future.

Congratulations, you now have the power to change your future, the power to win.

But just knowing you have the power is not enough.

You will now carry this little win to build the momentum to keep pushing forward to the next level of the game.

As you push forward, self reflect, and make progress, you may discover that you were, in fact, 10% at fault for your situation. 

Maybe you were responsible for more than 10% of your situation…

Don’t become discouraged by this realization.

That would be the losers mentality.

The one you will break. 

You’re building a winner’s mentality, you choose to embrace your role and responsibility for your past failures.  

You realize the more blame you can take, the more powerful you become.

The more weight you can bear.

You choose to take ownership of your mistakes.

Not only that, you now welcome them.

They encourage you.

They motivate you.

They’re proof of the work you have done to get to where you are and where you plan to go.

Because the more responsibility you can take for a situation, the more power you have over it.

The more responsible you are for your situation, the more power you have to make a change. 

If you choose to believe your situation is in no way your fault, there is nothing you can do to change it. 

You are powerless.

You are stuck. 

In this case, you are a victim. 

And you choose not to play the role of the victim anymore. 

Welcome To The MSL 

How Do We Change The Game?

Now that we are in the game, we realize and understand the game was/is unfair, and we plan to change it for the better. 

How do we do that? 

After all, we don’t want decent people being forced into a game they are both unaware of and can’t win.

First, we need to learn to survive long enough to beat the game.

To do that, we must learn the rules of the game, create our action plan, and have a clear vision.

We can’t change the game until we know how it works completely and then have beaten it for ourselves.

But doing so alone is extremely difficult, nearly impossible and can take years (decades or more)

A faster way to learn and beat the game, so you have the power to change the game, is to learn from others who have played the game before us.

And what we have learned as a result of our many past mistakes is a philosophy and process for accomplishing our goals. 

The AMARIKWA Process.

The core principles of the MSL (Mental Strength League)

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