How to email college soccer coaches the RIGHT way.

Emailing is another great way of getting into contact with college coaches. We think the best communication is calling them directly, but email can still be an effective way of getting their attention.

 email college soccer coaches the RIGHT way


One of the biggest misconceptions of the recruiting process is that parents and youth players think college coaches will actively seek them out, without any effort on their end.

This is so far from the truth!

Im still amazed that people continue to think this way, but they do. (And you can ultimately use this to your advantage.) But thinking in this manner is sure fire way to lead yourself to a dead end.

A huge positive to emailing is the mere fact that theyre instant. No waiting, no uncertainty of arriving, the message and what you need to say gets to them in less than a second.During my recruiting process, I emailed a lot. I wanted to make sure I was giving the coaches all the information about me I felt they needed at all times.

Remember, coaches have something you want. (A spot on their team!) Theyre not going to hunt you down initially. Its your job to make them notice you.

 particular college coach

Emailing is a platform you can leverage to aid your recruiting process. But something you shouldnt use until after youve established some baseline with that particular college coach.

What I mainly used emailing for was letting coaches know where/when I was going to be playing over the weekend. Just in case they were going to be at that particular tournament.

This was my way of getting a lot of coaches to make even a quick appearance to see me play all throughout high school.

Yes, coaches usually tend to watch juniors play. Mainly because that is a pivotal year in the process and the time a majority of players are committing. (Also during this time coaches can respond back to emails directly. **July 1st of your Sr. Year coaches can contact you**).

Though this is usually the case, why not shoot emails to coaches when youre a freshman and sophomore (and in some cases even earlier usually womens soccer) telling them what tournaments youll be playing at.

If youve been proactive (sending physical letters, resumes, etc.) this coach will say,

Hey, I remember this kid, they sent me a letter, resume and even called me. I have some time; Ill check them out.


By being proactive, beforehand, you will be able to leverage email in the correct way and have put yourself in an excellent position to be seen by many coaches.

You never know who is watching, and the more coaches you can get to see you, the greater you chances of playing soccer in college.

(Quincy is a perfect example of this. Long story short, Quincy got recruited, because a coach was recruiting another kid. Quincy played so well that this coachs interest was reverted, and Quincy was the benefactor of receiving a Soccer scholarship!)

Establish a baseline with coaches, send emails and let them know where you are playing. This helps them, but more importantly this helps you!

To get your hands on our free mock email template that you can use to make initial contact with prospective college soccer coaches click here to download now