#FreQuincy (Limited Edition 1 of 1's NFT Collection)

Project Details:

An innovative first of its kind project bringing the sports, agriculture, and business industries and real world assets to NFT’s. The limited edition #FreQuincy Collection is the first NFT project minted by a professional athlete.

Only 25 unique collectors images of this iconic jersey featured in this historic photoshoot will ever be minted in total. Once completed, each NFT will represent 1/25th of the full story behind the creation of the featured jersey. The number 25 being the jersey number Amarikwa wore entering the MLS, entering the USL and entering the Metaverse.

Through partnership with PerfectSoccerSkills.com and EvolveNFTs.com each NFT sold in this collection comes with physical products, unlockable rewards and opportunities which include:


Detailed Project Description:

Each of the remaining yet to be minted artworks in the collection represent a part of Quincy Amarikwa’s 2020 Black Out jersey story.

The complete limited edition collection of unique, artistic and iconic images from the historic Black Out Collection jersey photoshoot in 2020 on #AmarikwaAcres which announced the creation of and story behind this one-of-a-kind jersey.

2 of 25 total have been minted to date, currently held in the EvolveCollection.eth

A limited number of these exclusive 1 of 1's are available for sale.

There is only one jersey in existence featured in this iconic photoshoot. It’s the one and only USL jersey of 8 in total (7 MLS jerseys) from the entire BPC Limited Edition I - The Black Out Collection x Participation Trophy, originally announced at:  http://BlackPlayersForChange.org/LimitedEditioni #TogetherThereWillBeChange

About The Project Creator:

If you know Quincy, you know he loves to innovate, engage his community and find new ways to reward and have fun with his followers.

In the order of those who purchase #FreQuincy (#3 of 25), (#4 of 25), (#5 of 25) and so on will get to select from never before seen, unreleased photos from this iconic photoshoot, to have minted and transferred to the wallet address of their choice.

At which point in time we will also collect the shipping information for fulfillment and delivery of the physical products for your purchase. If you prefer to donate these products, we have a list of vetted organizations we can recommend for you to have the items sent.

Don’t miss out on your opportunity to show you're a titan of the industry, an elite of the elite. Owning this is owning a piece of U.S. and World Soccer History.

If you are interested in purchasing or have any questions, please reach out directly to Akeem Ward or our support team at Contact@PerfectSoccerSkills.com